105+ Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter

Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter

Your beloved daughter should come house with joy, after a long work of the stressful day, knowing that the tensions of work have now ended for the day. Some jobs are not just easy, and one wants all the lovely push they can get. Your beloved daughter works during the whole day and has never complained about her work, you should make sure to watch her every night. If you are not available, not every night, you can just do it once in a while, so she knows how much you love her. Just go through these Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter and choose the one of the best for your daughter.

Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter

Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter

Beloved daughters are just a great blessing to every parent, and we must also be the duplicate to them. Some of them go through like so much than we can see them. They can carry on with every little thing like they do not face any risky opportunity. To be honest, they do this in life so they do not have to make us unhappy or feel sad, and this is nice on our part. Some lovely things as little as some Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter could get your beloved daughter’s mind off whatever mishap that she experienced that happened during the day.

Cute Good Night Messages For Daughter

Cute Good Night Messages For Daughter

This would calm her progressive mind and make her have a beautiful sleep. Parents are the persons who want her from God even before her existence in this world. They always appreciate little single moments of their daughter, like when she starts to crawl when she puts his first steps when she smiles or laughs when she runs, and plays, in simple words, they have appreciated everything she did from her childhood to an adult girl.

My darling daughter, no matter how much you’ve grown, you will always be my sweet little angel. I see how hard you work, and I’m so proud of all your achievements. Do not let anything distract you, as you are destined for greatness. How was your day? Do make sure to have a good night.

. You took after me in so many things. Your kind heart is one of the things I admire most about you. You make me so proud that sometimes, I feel you’re doing too much for a woman. May God crown your efforts with beautiful success. Good night, my darling daughter.

. Lord knows I am super proud of you. What kind of woman works so hard like a man. You keep making this family proud, at every given opportunity that you get. It’s so good to see that you will never disappoint us, whether dead or alive. Keep being a trailblazer. Good night, dear.

. It’s so good to see that your siblings have an older one who leads by example. With you, I can travel anywhere in the world, without the fear of what’s going to happen to you guys. You proudly take up my responsibility whenever I am away. I’m very sure you will make a good wife and mother. Keep up the good work, daughter. Have a good night.

No one has ever complained about you to me. You seem to be the best daughter ever. You do what you deem fit, without the fear of who might be watching. I love how unapologetic you are, darling. I want you to keep working hard, so you get to start doing things for yourself. Good night.

. Of all the mothers in the world, I am proud to be the best. You make me feel like the best. You make me proud and happy. There has never been a time I regretted ever bringing you into this world. I know that this is just the beginning of greater things to happen to you. Good night, my daughter.

. You look so much like me, and I guess that settles why you took after me a lot. I see the younger version of me in you, every time. I’m very sure you’re going to be more than me. I will give you the necessary push you need to make this happen. Good night, my love.

. Wherever I go, I can always vouch for you. Everyone knows that you’re a very good and hardworking lady. A lot of people like you because you’re like a role model to them. Your life passes too many great messages across. I’m proud of you, my darling. Make sure you have a good sleep. Love you.

I think it’s high time I told you how amazing you are. I know I don’t get to always say that to you, but I appreciate how helpful you’ve been to me, ever since you came of age. Thank you for choosing to weather the storm of life with me. I know there are better days ahead of you. Good night, my love.

. I know you just got this job and you don’t like how it’s treating you, but I want you to know that there’s something greater for you. Just make sure you’re coping with all this job brings. You will be fine at the end of the day because I go nowhere. Good night, baby.

. If only you know how strong and amazing you are. You’ve been the only one right beside me, ever since the demise of your father. You give me your shoulders to lean on and you wipe my tears as they come. Thank you for being the best. I will always root for you. Good night, love.

. You’re so beautiful and sweet, yet hardworking. I have never seen anyone so beautiful and hardworking at the same time. I mean, how do you keep up with your beauty routine? You must be a magician, though. I love what I see, baby. Keep making me proud. Have a goodnight.

. Of all my friends, I’m the only one who has the best daughter. You’re so amazing and kind. My friends can also say this about you, but unfortunately, I can’t say the same for their daughters. Thank you for not giving this family a bad name. I will forever be a good mom to you. Good night, sweetness.

. As your father, when you were young, I didn’t want you to grow beyond being a little girl. I don’t mean this literally, but I just loved how you followed me everywhere. You were so cute, that people will greet you and not even look at me. Now you’ve grown into a boss lady. I love to see it, dear. Have a good night.

. After a very long day at work, you need to rest. Honestly, I don’t know how you do it. Even as a man, I give myself the needed rest every time. You don’t have to wait till you break down. Start testing now. I hope you had a good day, at least. Now, have a good night. I love you.

. Even before you were given birth to, I have always loved you. I have always practised how I would feel when I eventually have a child. You came and filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. I owe you so much, and I’m going to be the best father to you. Good night, daughter.

. I’m so in love with you, my baby. In fact, I have never fallen out of love with you, ever since I had you. Every time I look at you, you still look like that little girl that always went everywhere with me. Thank God for grace. I thank God for this stage of your life. Keep making us proud. Good night, my love.

Whether you’re around or not, the perfect image of you will always be imprinted on my heart. It has always been like it, and I hope it stays that way forever. You’re my best gift from God, and I treasure you a lot. Please, do make sure you have a sound sleep. Good night, my lovely daughter.

. The best daughter in the world has to be pampered by her mother. Hence, this message. I want you to feel my love for you every day of your life. I want to love and support you with every fibre of my being. I never want you to go through good and bad times alone. I got you forever, my daughter. Good night.

. Trust me, even after so many years, I still can’t get enough of you. You will continue to be my sweet little angel, anyways. Even if you get married today, that will not stop me from being the best mother. It will only make me be the best grandmother and mother-in-law. I love you, dear daughter. Have a good night.

. I hope your future husband is ready for whatever is coming for him, though. You are a high-class babe, and you deserve a man who will adore and worship you. Make sure you don’t rush into anything, so you don’t rush out. If you ever need guidance, I will be here. For now, have a good night.

. I have never seen a more amazing daughter. You’re literally an angel because no one person can do the things you do. Out of your busy schedules, you make sure to check on family and friends; including the ones who don’t care. I’m proud of you, and I see you going places. Good night, my darling.

. An apple doesn’t fall far from its tree; no wonder you took after me in everything. God has really helped me in being the best I can be. I just hope you never disappoint me. If you ever need anything, you know what to do. How was your day? You clearly need to rest. Good night, dear.

. I’m glad that you’re my daughter. In fact, nothing makes me happier. You’re doing very well in all areas of life. You’re a married woman with a great husband, sweet children and a sustainable career. What more can I ask for? I want you to always be the best you can be. May God continue to help you. Goodnight, daughter.

. I’m so happy that you’re the mother of my amazing grandchildren. What more can make me a prouder grandmother? You have never stopped being the best daughter. Even after marriage, you still come to spend time with me. May your children never neglect you. Good night, my love.

. I want you to know that you deserve every good thing happening to you. You’re the best daughter any woman can get anywhere. You have no idea the power you possess as a good daughter. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for staying with me through thick and thin. May you keep enjoying life. Good night.

. You promised to be the best daughter, and you’ve been fulfilling this promise, ever since. I’m not even the best mother. I have numerous flaws, but yet, you keep doing the best you can. Thank you for not leaving me. Nothing will make me stop believing in you. You have my support forever. Good night, my daughter.

. I don’t care what the world thinks, as long as you keep making me happy, everything will be fine. You may have grown up from being a cute little girl to a beautiful young woman, but you will forever be the loving daughter that you’ve always been. I love you so much. Good night, my daughter.

. It’s so amazing to see how much you’ve grown, over the years. I did a little work on you, but you’ve single-handedly worked on developing yourself, all your life. You have made me so proud, my daughter. From henceforth, I promise to always be there for you. I go nowhere! Good night, sweetness.

. When you started this job, I thought you weren’t going to be serious because your boss is my friend. But then, your boss keeps telling me how useful you’ve been. He hasn’t stopped saying good things about you. I just want you to know that you’ve made me proud beyond my imagination. I can’t wait to start celebrating your wins. Good night, love.

. Everywhere you go, people keep calling you “daddy’s girl.” In case you didn’t know, it has always been like this, and I have always enjoyed it. You’re old enough now, but I still see you like my little angel. May God bless you for being the best daughter. I love you with all of me. Good night, darling.

I never thought a female could be celebrated across the globe like this. I never even thought someone like you could be in my family, not to talk of being my daughter. Honestly, you have brought me so much joy than my heart can contain. Now, I just want to keep being a better father. I want to have the best father title. Good night, babe.

. We are the closest. People find this weird, but we don’t even care. I have always known you to be the most intelligent girl ever. You still haven’t stopped being that girl, even after so many years. You’re beautiful, yet resourceful. I love and respect you a lot, and nothing will change that. Good night.

. The fact that I can talk to you about anything, is one of the things I admire about you. You’re young, yet wise. You dish out advice like you’re an old woman. You must have been working on yourself. I love what I see, and I hope you keep being better. Thank you for the business strategies, amongst others. I love you.

. With you, I’m very sure my businesses will not suffer, even after I am dead. You have put your sweat, blood and tears into these businesses, just to see them do great. It’s so great to know that you’re the same person I will be leaving all these for. I hope you keep being the best, as you always have. Good night, my love.

A thought just flashed through my head; to send a lovely quote to the most beautiful daughter in the world. You make me so proud, and I’m happy to witness all that’s happening to you. Your win is my win, daughter. Make sure your night is as beautiful as you. Good night.

. Your mom always feels that I give more attention to you. Whereas, that’s not the case. I just love spending time with you, because you talk me out of whatever is bothering me. You’re always ready to take a walk with me. What’s not to love about you? Thank you for filling my life with priceless moments. I adore you. Have a good night.

. I have always worked very hard because I don’t want to have my kids in poverty. I’m thankful that God made my dreams come true, by making me a successful man before having kids. It’s safe to say my hard work paid off too. Baby, I know you’re a lady, but I want you to work hard as well, so you won’t have to ask a man for anything. Good night.

. Your mom and I always have things to say about you, but the best is that you’re the best daughter. What matter of daughter makes her parents proud every single time? Our home is full of awards, because of you. People now label us the best parents. Daughter, you don’t know what you’ve done. We love you. Have a good night.

. We only instilled the values and morals that we believed were best to us, in you. You accepted all of them without leaving anything behind. Today, it’s paid off. Look how you’re being celebrated everywhere. How would’ve thought? Thank you for bringing this family the happiest times. We love you. Good night.

. It’s night again, and I’m sure you’re tired from the traffic jam on your way back home. I’m also sure that work was hectic today. I want you to know that you’re only doing all of these, so you can have enough time to enjoy in the future. I hope you don’t stop now. I’m so sorry about the traffic. Have a good night.

. Every early every day, you wake up and go to work. Very late at night, you come back home. I want you to know that you’re not a fool for doing that. You’re just doing what needs to be done, so you don’t have financial problems in the future. Whatever is bothering you will be solved. Good night, dear.

. With joy in my heart, I’m writing this to the best daughter in the world. I have always prayed for moments like this. Now, I thank God it’s here. I don’t have much to say, tonight. I just want you to know that I see all your moves, and I’m proud of how you’re going about them. You will have the last laugh. Good night.

. If anyone says you’re not the best daughter, then let them present who the best daughter is. This way, the world can judge. Honestly, you are the best daughter ever. Your friends even know you’re the best friend anyone could ever have. You make us all happy, and we are proud to be associated with you. Do have a good night.

. I know it’s not your birthday, but I just feel like telling you how much you mean to me. Even though I don’t have enough, you still regard me as the best mother. I still don’t know what I have done to deserve such an amazing daughter like you. It’s a privilege to be your daughter. Good night, dear.

They love their daughter’s journey from a baby to an adult girl. Parents know everything in nature of their daughter whether it is her anger, her happiness, her comfort, her joy, or her humor. Creating a perfectly good night message can be slightly stressful especially because you may have to do it every day, like daily the night. The repetition of the Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter sometimes makes us very tired but with the extreme collection of the beautiful and Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter and loved ones I have here for you, you are covered.

Lovely Good Night Messages For Daughter

Lovely Good Night Messages For Daughter

So, if you have a beloved daughter, to make her happy, just before she goes to sleep in the peaceful night, these Sweet Good Night Messages For Daughter, and the perfect quotes are the daily routine required doses of love for beloved ones. You could send it to your daughter and give her that nice end to the beautiful day. Tell your daughter that she is the joy in your life, the one that makes you feel accomplished as a parent and that you hope she’ll keep her jolly spirit all the way.

You can also make fun of how much she talks, her infinite energy, or how much she loves to prank and irritate you, all on a funny note. Show your daughter how amazing your life has been since she joined your family all those years ago. From mud pies and imagination-filled games to high school and video games, your daughter will always hold a special place in your heart. Everyone knows that little girls are made of slime and snails and puppy dogs’ tails.

My beautiful daughter, I have always wished you the best, and you haven’t stopped doing well. I’m very sure you will do anything to make me proud. Whatever your choices and decisions are, I will always be here to go through them with you. I hope you have a good night. Always remember that I love you.

. Honestly, being a mother isn’t a child’s play, but it is still the best experience for me. The fact that I have a child to call my own gives me so much joy. I’m glad that nothing has been so difficult, ever since I had you. I know the future holds much more, so I am here. Good night, my darling.

. Whenever you get back from work, I’m always moved to tears. My daughter, you work so damn hard with little or nothing to show for it. You don’t deserve what you’re going through, but I’m sure that God will come through. This will soon be a thing of the past, I am sure. Just believe in God. Good night.

. I love how much you believe in yourself. You might not know this, but you make me believe in myself, as well. You have this zeal and optimistic attitude towards everything. You never seem to see that anything bad can happen. Keep being positive, my darling. Things will be better. Have a good night.

. You’re just so supportive of me. Even when you’re much younger, you make sure to help in doing the chores and running errands. I just thank God you’re a girl because most boys don’t care. I can’t wait to see how successful you will turn out. If you ever need anything, I will be here. Have a good night, my love.

. When you were growing up, my business trips will never be complete without you. You always followed me everywhere. Now that you’re a big girl, you don’t seem to have my time anymore, because you’re now busy fixing your own life. My business partners won’t stop asking about you, though. How was your day? Do have a peaceful night.

. It feels so good to see how beautiful you are. You are the hottest babe ever. Anyone would be lucky to have you, whether as a daughter, girlfriend or sibling. You’re just so amazing. My dear, never let your guard down. Keep your head up high, because a greater future is the goal. Do have a good night.

. It feels so good to be your father. Whoever I go, I don’t ever stop talking about you. People now see me as the best father, because my daughter keeps making me proud. I know I haven’t even done half of what the best father would do, but I promise to keep trying. Good night, my sweetheart.

You’re my daughter, and nothing will ever stop making me pleased with you. You go overboard at times, but you know I love you always. I could’ve dropped a beautiful gift in your room, but this quote is what I can afford, for now. I hope you like it. Good night, my daughter.

. Dear daughter, you are my greatest investment ever and I have no regrets investing my time, money and resources in training you. You’re undoubtedly the most celebrated woman alive. How do you think that makes me feel? Honestly, I wish I could be your father, over and over again. Good night, my princess.

. No one will ever take your place in my life, because you have the largest place. I could watch you smile and talk from morning till night. That’s one reason I enjoy spending time with you. How about you check on me this weekend? I love you, baby. Do have a good night rest.

. Until you fulfil your purpose, I will never rest. My darling, I don’t ever want you to relent. I know that there are some obstacles, but you will overcome them. I will never allow you to go through any phase alone. We are in this together, and you shall have the last laugh. Just believe. Make sure you sleep well.

. All my life, I have never been known to be a happy man, but immediately after we had you, I became so happy. Ever since I have never fallen short of happiness; I get it renewed on a daily. Thank you for coming with so much happiness and love. I hope to spend forever being your father and best friend. God bless you, daughter. Have a good night.

. I have had so many regrets in life, but having you was definitely not one of them. Instead, your birth has been a blessing to me and this family. You’re so hardworking and versatile. I honestly hope you eventually end up with a man that deserves you. I love you, daughter. Good night.

. Good things don’t come easy, I guess that’s why we had to wait for long years before we eventually had you. Looking back, I realize that it was worth the wait. You’re really a wonderful daughter. I hope that things continue to align your way. You will continue to make the world proud with your talents and morals. Good night, my love.

. You are my favourite child. You understand me better than everyone else. You always want to be with me no matter the circumstances. I also enjoy spending time with you, and I hope your future husband doesn’t end up taking you away from me. How was work today? You need to sleep now. Good night.

. I don’t know what others think of their children, and I honestly don’t care. I think you’re an amazing woman with a bright future. I want you to do all you can, so you can become a force to reckon with. Your mom and I will always be ready to support you. You sure need some rest after a long day at work. Do have a wonderful night, daughter.

. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have the best daughter in my life. This alone cures any form of depression. The happiest times of my life were the ones spent with you. I hope to spend more, as your father, if God blesses me with more years. How are you coping with life? I trust you had a good day. Good night, my love.

. My love for you will always remain real and true. I have no reason not to love my only daughter. If God helps me, I want to give you the world. I want to provide everything you will ever need. As a daddy’s girl, I hope you don’t ever feel too shy to let me know whatever is happening in your life. I love you, girl. Good night.

. I know I was very strict with you when you were growing up, but I also want you to know that all I need was out of pure love for you. I will never mean to hurt you. I just wanted you to have a good life. With the way you turned out, u hope you see that everything worked as I planned. Always be a good person. Good night, love.

. Your future husband will be so lucky, and I honestly can’t wait to meet him. You’re a complete package; beautiful, strong, versatile, call, respectful and what have you. I’m glad to be your parent. I hope that you keep bringing me proud moments. I promise to keep making you proud as well. Good night, my dearest daughter.

. You were very stubborn while growing up; I still don’t understand how you grew up to be a very calm and reserved person. Well, I’m so proud of the new you. It shows you’re evolving and mature. I just hope that you don’t stop being the good person you’ve always been. You’re blessed, dear daughter. Have a goodnight.

. Nothing makes me prouder than looking at your awards hanged everywhere in the sitting room. You even have more awards than your mom and me. My darling, how did you do it? You must have been working on yourself. It’s so amazing to see how much you’ve developed. I’m thankful for your growth. You still haven’t much more ahead of you. Be focused. Good night, dear.

. I have always promised to be the best I can be, as long as you keep being the best daughter. As it stands, you have never stopped being the best daughter. You keep giving me reasons to keep doing more. I don’t regret ever being your mother, and I’m sure it’s the same with you. Always be the best you can be to everyone. May God help you. Good night.

. We all won’t be here forever, but we should strive to be the best we can be. I’m glad that you keep heeding to simple instructions, as old as you are. Some people your age will never listen to their parents because they’ve come of age. But you trust our judgment. Thank you for being an obedient daughter. We love you. Hope you had a productive day.

. There’s nothing I won’t do for you; I don’t care how old you are. You will always top the list of important people in my life. In fact, you come first before anyone else. Thank you for making me feel like an actual father. I hope you’re comfortable with the best I’m doing. Good night, my darling.

I’m not sending you this because you send me too many sweet messages. Rather, I just thought to ask about how your day went because I care. I hope you didn’t have too much to do at the office. Well, it’s all over for today. Have a good night, daughter.

. It’s never enough to bring a child into this world; the same way it will never be enough being just a child without a purpose of making your parents proud. I’m glad that God has blessed your mom and me with the necessary things to make you turn out well. We hope that you also deem it necessary. Good night, our baby.

. I have never seen you being violent towards anyone. You maintain your lane, every time. You don’t go poke-nosing into what’s not your business. That is one of the things that will never make me deny you’re my daughter. You have started well, my darling. You will end your race with ease. Have a good night.

. I doubt you know that just watching you smile makes me very happy. It also makes me realize how beautiful and amazing my life has turned out, ever since I had you. You’re my greatest blessing, and I intend to keep it so forever. How was your day? Tell me about it, before you sleep. I love you.

. You’re the only reason I consider myself the best father. The bond between us shows that a man can actually be his daughter’s best friend. It doesn’t have to be a man and his son, all the time. I’m glad to be a good example to other men out there. I hope they start doing better. How are you, my love? Good night.

. To my supportive daughter who always holds down daddy’s businesses, I am super proud of you. You’re the only one I am comfortable sharing my business secrets with because I know you love and want the best for me. Thank you for always doing the most. I am always here for you. Have a good night.

. You will always have my support, no matter what. You’ve always been a good girl. You always look out for your mom and me, whenever you’re not around. Honestly, we love having you around. I hope your job isn’t giving you too much stress. Don’t worry, you will soon be over it. Good night, darling.

. I never grew up with this kind of love, but I’m thankful to have a child who I nurtured with so much love and affection. God has been really kind to you. You’re a very successful lady with the most adorable family. I can’t be prouder, my darling. I know you had a long day, but I just thought to end the day with this. Now, you can go to bed.

. You’re my greatest blessing ever. So many bad things happened to me in the past, but I never knew I was going to recover them. God did that! He began to do it when your mom gave birth to you. Your birth was the beginning of our breakthrough. We are grateful for this stage of our lives. You’re too good for this world. Good night.

. The fact that you still come here whenever I want you to, is so amazing. Despite being a married woman, you never allowed that get into our relationship. I actually thought you will do lesser when you get married, but you’ve proven me wrong. I love you, my baby. How was work today? Good night.

. Everyone knows how close we are, and they knew I don’t joke with you. You’re my princess, and I will do anything for you. No matter where you go in life or who you grow up to be, I will always be right here beside you, encouraging you to be the best you can be. Good night, my darling.

. I still don’t know how you’ve managed to understand me more than your father. You know exactly what’s wrong with me even without talking because you pay attention to details. You’re the smartest lady ever, and I’m excited to see how smart you work. I hope your day went well. Good night, daughter.

. My life’s history will be meaningless without you. My whole world revolves around you. You always stand by me in good and bad times. Your love for me is what keeps me going. I want you to know that nothing will ever replace you in my life. You will always be my pretty little thing. Good night, my hardworking daughter.

. The world will judge you, but never let it get to you. The world will want to pull you down, but never let your guard down. It’s so hard to see anyone who the bad people of this world wouldn’t love to pull down. One just has to keep focusing on their dreams without paying attention to what’s unnecessary. I hope you maintain this attitude forever. Good night, dear.

. If there isn’t anything great in you, the world won’t have your time. You have greatness in you, that’s why it seems like the world is against you. People only hate what they can’t have. I suggest you keep focusing on achieving your goals. I will keep standing behind you. Good night.

. I will keep encouraging you to live your dreams. The world doesn’t want that, but I guess that’s one of the prices you have to pay, for wanting to be successful. Make sure you achieve success, at all costs. Don’t worry about the process; I will be right there with you. I love you, daughter. Have a goodnight.

. Isn’t it amazing that the one people once cast out is now the chief cornerstone? People never believed you will make it this far. It got to a point, I wanted to join them in thinking the same, but I just knew there was something special about you. Thank God you disappointed them all. Cheers to more greatness. Good night, dear.

If only wishes were horses, my wishes for you would’ve come to pass. Anyways, God knows best. I hope you’re doing pretty good tonight. I served your food, already. Make sure you have a good quantity before you sleep. Good night, daughter.

. As your father, I keep thinking about the day I will hold your hand and hand you over to another man. While I wish you could stay with me forever, I would also love to see you get married, have kids and stay happy. This will be your reality, very soon. Good night, daughter.

. I’m glad I didn’t raise you badly. You had a very wonderful upbringing; all thanks to your mom. You’ve always made us proud by making the right decisions and choices. We don’t even dictate to you, yet, you know what’s best for yourself. That’s something to be proud of. How did your day go? Good night.

. Being your mom is a blessing and more. Sometimes, I wish every woman can have a taste of how it feels to have a sweet daughter like you. Well, since it’s not possible, I will gladly keep you to myself forever. How is it with your new job? I hope you’re coping. Keep managing till you find a better one. Good night, dear.

. Whenever I think about you, I feel like disappearing to wherever you are. Of everything in the world, I enjoy being your mother; it gives me so much joy. I know today is not your birthday, but I just want you to know how much you mean to me. I hope you’ve had a shower already. Have a good night, sweetie.

. People told me a lot about motherhood, but I guess that forgot to tell me how beautiful it is. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I have a sweet daughter, even after so many years. You’re literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I care so much about you, and I hope you have a good night.

. You’re just one daughter, but you perform the responsibilities of five daughters. How do you do it? You always make sure things are okay with your mom and me. Even when you’re not around, you send people to check on us. You’re the best, and it’s so amazing to have you. Good night, daughter.

. As you good father, it’s my prayer that all my children end up having much more than I have. You guys mean so much to me; especially you. Ever since you started this new job, you haven’t stopped helping in your own little way. We are thankful to you for being thoughtful. We wish you the best. Have a good night.

. This family is so blessed to have someone like you. Our lives have really changed from how they were before. Everyone is now happier than we always have. You’re a blessing to us, and we pray that the devil will not cut your life short. How was your day? Make sure you have a good sleep tonight. I love you.

. It’s been years since we’ve been blessed with you, and the feeling still remains the same. Does it mean you didn’t change at all? You’re still the same sweet girl with the innocent look. We are proud of the woman you’ve become, and I hope that this is just the beginning. Good night, our sweet daughter.

. Being your mother taught me so many things and made me the woman that I am today. I have always wanted to help you become whatever it is you want. I’m glad I could help, and you’re in somewhere better, now. I thank God for your life, my darling. I hope work was good. Good night, baby. I love you.

. You are my life’s purpose; I can never do anything without you. Being your mother has been an honour. It has brought me more glory than shame. I can’t wait to have more experience as your mother. Do you care to tell me how work went? Good night, my dear. Always know that I love you.

. No matter how big and impossible your requests seem to be, I will never say no to any of them. I will continue to have your back. I will support you till my last breath. I hope that you continue to excel in all your endeavours. Shine on, dear daughter. Have a good night. I love you.

. You always motivate me to be a great dad. So many people now look up to me as their role model. I’m glad to be known and famous for someone so amazing. Just so you know, you are one of the reasons I keep pushing. I know there are better days ahead. How was your day, my baby? Good night.

. You have and will always be my baby girl. I have loved you from pregnancy and I will love you till death. How is life treating you, my dear? Whatever is happening won’t last forever; it’s just for a while. The storm is about to be over. I’m sure you had a hectic day. Now, go to bed. Good night, dear.

. I have always wanted to have a female child, mainly because of companionship. I enjoyed playing with my neighbours’ daughters so much that, I had to stop begging for a female child. Thank God you came through. My life has never been boring with you. I hope you’re good, though. Good night.

. My life feels incomplete without you. When I don’t see you, it always seems like the world is about to end. How I love spending time with you. No matter what happens, I will always be beside you. I hope you’re finding your new job easy? You will be fine, love. Good night.

Best Good Night Messages For Daughter

Best Good Night Messages For Daughter

Your daughter has been a bundle of energy, fun, and exasperation since she was old enough to walk and talk. While she has brought equal amounts of laughter and stress, there’s no one else you would rather claim as your child. Every night, take the opportunity to show your daughter how proud you are of her. Share your favorite memories and proudest memories from her life so far. Celebrate the years you’ve shared every night you spend with your daughter.