112+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

When your hubby with whom you cherished now enjoys his birthday in Heaven, it leaves you feeling alone here. This is accessible, and you aren’t alone in your pure passions of grief. Thankfully, there are still methods for you to wish your hubby a happy birthday in Heaven with Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven, and methods to courteously reiterate it.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

When our loved ones depart from this world, their pleasurable and sweet recollections live in the bottom of our hearts ever. When a special event like a birthday arrives, we miss them very much and supplicate only about the solace and peace of the soul of the departed one. Though your doom’s bones can not hear you from heaven there, wishing them a happy birthday will make peace and soothing vibes in your life. Still, the various question then the way to write postmortem birthday wishes.

Dear husband, if only you were alive, today would’ve been a day of celebration in this family. I miss you every day, but I am sure of the fact that you are in a better place. Your children won’t stop asking about you. Keep smiling down on us. Happy birthday, hubby.

. Life with you was perfect. At the snap of a finger, I had everything I wanted. If I hadn’t met you at all, it would’ve been a different story. Now that you are gone, everything doesn’t seem to make sense anymore. I miss you, baby and I hope you are resting well. Happy birthday to you.

. My darling husband, ever since you left this sinful world, I keep finding reasons not to go into marriage with any man. We knew how we were; no man can give me the amount of love and respect you did. I am so sorry you had to go this early. Happy birthday, my love.

. I know you feel incomplete without me, even though you are with the Lord. I feel so too, but I can’t stop consoling myself because I know that you are in a better place. I really wish you were here, but since I can only wish, here’s wishing you a happy birthday.

. You were a very nice man and a wonderful husband. Everyone loved to be around you because you make them happy. You were indeed a man of the people. Ever since you left us, we haven’t stopped talking about you, because you were a huge part of our lives. Happy birthday, my husband.

. I am convinced that you are at the right-hand side of the Almighty because when you were alive, you served Him in truth and in spirit. I have a conviction that you are being celebrated at the moment. I hope you have a great celebration with the angels. Happy birthday.

. I have been struggling with moving on, ever since you left. I have been trying to do things alone but they always turn out bad. Baby, we did everything single thing together when you were alive. I just hope I can gather the courage and strength to move on, for the sake of the kids. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

. Nothing is the same without you, my love. You were the sweetest man ever, and even till now, no man can meet up with your standards. Thank you for living a purposeful life. Thank you for helping my dreams come true. I will continue to love and respect you even in death. Happy birthday.

. My darling husband, the whole house is full today because it’s your birthday. It’s hard not to feel your absence. You were everything and more to every one of us. I am glad our paths crossed, and I believe you will continue to smile down on us. Happy birthday, boo.

. You loved and trusted me till your last breath. You never hid anything from me. Even when you were being ridiculed because you showed me too much love, you never cared about outsiders. My love, I will continue to love and miss you because you live forever in my heart. Happy birthday.

. After your death, I cried for months. I couldn’t sleep alone, I had to call my mom to come over. For many months, I was literally useless, I couldn’t do anything with my life. Today on your birthday, I have decided to move on, because I know that’s what will make you happy. Keep resting, my love.

. So many people tried to get in-between us, but we never allowed it. Our love was the talk of the town; it was too real and genuine. I never knew you would leave me so early. It’s your birthday, and I choose to celebrate rather than mourn you. Happy birthday to you.

. It’s very hard to move on, especially when there are kids who keep asking of their dad. Sometimes, I just lock myself up so I don’t have to answer their questions. Baby, when will all these stops? I really wish you were still here with us. I hope you have a great celebration in heaven. Happy birthday.

. It could’ve been a happy birthday, if only you were here. Today, we can’t stop crying and remembering our beloved, because it’s your birthday. You left a vacuum no one would ever fill in my heart. Thank you for the years you spent loving me. Happy birthday to you.

. I really don’t know exactly how I feel today. It’s been very hard to move on. We literally did everything together when you were alive. We were even business partners, so we were always together. There’s nothing I can do without you. I just hope I can move past this trying phase. Happy birthday, my love.

Dear husband, I know you are in heaven smiling down on me. I know you are proud of everything I am doing. This message is to let you know that I miss you every day and I will continue to make you proud. Happy birthday to you.

. Our love got so many people jealous. We were always together, and this made us the topic on everyone’s lips. It was so refreshing doing life with you, I never knew you would never grow old with me. Happy birthday, baby. Even after so many years, I still find it difficult to move on.

. My parents keep asking me to remarry, but I don’t blame them, because they never knew how much we were in love. They never knew how hard it was to spend a day apart from each other. I need my life and sanity back. I will always love you. Happy birthday to you.

. Even in death, I will keep talking about how much love we had for each other. The only thing I am happy about is that we were able to pass this love on to our children. I am happy your children knew you before you left. It’s your birthday, and it’s all smiles and fun. Happy birthday, love.

. There was no love greater than ours; ours was greater than that of our parents. We were so good at doing everything in love and harmony. It’s very hard for me, but I keep trying not to remember some things. I hope you’re holding up over there. Happy birthday to you.

. There’s no birthday without you. I can’t forget our happy we always were whenever it’s the birthday of anyone of us. Today, instead of being happy, I am really down in sadness. I can’t stop thinking about my husband. I hope it’s all joy over there. Happy birthday, my love.

. I trust God to throw a big party for you over there because you kept all His commandments when you were here on earth. You were so close to God and served Him till you had your last breath. Trust me to throw a party for the kids too. We are having so much fun, at the moment. Happy birthday, my husband.

. You never promised to go away from me. Instead, you promised to grow old with me. I still don’t know why you promised to love me forever, but still chose to leave me all alone. I loved you, and I still love you in death. Please, keep praying for me. Happy birthday to you.

. My love for you was out of this world. You were the air I breathe. You were literally everything to me. Up till now, I can’t stop thinking about our moments together, because they were always fruitful. Thank you for the years you were with me. Happy birthday to you.

. I won’t stop feeling like life is unfair to me, because it took my husband away. We promised to love and be there for each other till death do us part, but you left so quick. I have carried on from where you stopped, and I hope you are proud of me. Happy birthday, baby.

. All I have always wanted to do is make you happy, proud and comfortable. Even though I did my bit before you left, I keep feeling I didn’t do enough. My husband, nothing has been easy since your death. I just hope God gives me the strength to carry on. Happy birthday.

. If only you were here, I would never have had to deal with all these responsibilities alone. You were a sweet man; you gave your all to humanity without holding anything back. Thank you for everything you did for me, our families, and the society at large. Happy birthday.

. My husband, even though it wasn’t really easy when you were alive, I still prefer it to being alone. Nothing makes sense without you. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about you. If you were alive, the whole place will be lit by now. I need strength to go through this. Happy birthday, all the same.

. You were the happiest man ever. You spread love everywhere you went. You were never biased in your judgement. You were respectful to everyone, not minding their nationality, tribe or colour. You were indeed a great man, and I’m happy you were celebrated like a champ. Even now, we are celebrating you. Happy birthday to you.

. Your death still seems like a dream to me. You weren’t sick. You were always with your supplements. I made sure I gave you peace and love, but still, you left me alone with two kids. Things are not easy without you, babe. I hope you are proud of your wife. Happy birthday to you.

. Everything I own today is as a result of a supportive husband like you. You were a real one. You stood by me through thick and thin. Even when the ridicule was too much, you were still with me. I already had hopes for a future with you, I never knew you would leave so early. Happy birthday to you.

This could’ve been a proper birthday greeting if only you were alive. It’s so sad that I have to mourn you very early. Happy birthday, my husband. I’m sure heaven gained an angel the day you left this world.

. Dear husband, it’s your birthday and we have everyone here. Almost everyone has given their speech, but I am yet to find any who contained bad things about you. None, my love! You were a good man who looked out for people. I’m so happy you are being celebrated even in death. Keep resting in peace, my love.

. Today, we all (family and friends) have chosen to celebrate your life. You lived a fulfilled life. You made sure you helped as many as possible people reach their goals in life. Sadly, you couldn’t wait to take credits for your good works. I hope God will be fair to you. Happy birthday.

. I don’t need anyone to tell me, I know you are at the right hand of the Almighty. Till you exited this world, you loved God with all of you. You reached out to so many people and made them give their lives to Christ. You were too good for this world, and I’m glad you are where you deserve to be. Happy birthday.

. I can’t forget how birthdays are in this family. You always made sure there was a big party. You loved your family and friends till death. You were superhuman. Your contributions to the growth of your people will never be forgotten. Happy birthday, love. Rest on.

. I can’t forget our special moments together; moments when it’s just you and I talking about our future and everything we planned. Throughout these moments, you never made mention of leaving me alone. I miss you every day, baby. Happy birthday to you.

. I have been finding it difficult to sleep alone, ever since you left. I can’t do anything on my own without thinking about you. People feel I am doing too much, but they don’t know how much love existed between us. I wish I could see you one last time. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

. You taught me every single thing about love and confidence. When I thought I wasn’t good enough, you sat me down and told me I was much more than I thought. I am a successful woman today, just because you were my husband. I can’t get my head off the memories we shared. Happy birthday.

. You were my best friend and confidant. There was nothing I didn’t tell you about me, same with you. We were so open to each other. If anyone had told me I’d be a widow at such a young age, I wouldn’t have believed. Happy birthday, dear. I hope you enjoy yourself today.

. I know you think about me as much as I do. You loved me more than I did, and it was so obvious. I feel so bad because I thought I could’ve shown you a little more love. You deserved everything you achieved before you left. I will make sure you are never forgotten. Happy birthday.

. Only God knows what happened on that fateful day. I wish I were there with you; it’s either I saved you or we die together. It would’ve been better off being alone. Anyways, I am happy you lived in peace with everyone when you were here. I’m sure things are better in heaven. Happy birthday to you.

. Dear husband, even though you are in heaven, I still feel your presence. I know you still sleep and wake up beside me every night and morning. I still can’t believe you are gone, and I never will. I hope you get back soon. Happy birthday to you.

. Life was easier with you. I was serious with my life because you were a serious man. You never took anything with levity. You made sure you get the job done every time. You were always ready for your tasks. I doubt I will ever be as happy as I was with you. Keep resting, my love. Happy birthday.

Writing birthday wishes for someone alive is flawless but wishing someone who is departed is a different thing. To aid you with the delicate way of jotting happy birthday wishes in heaven, we bring you a novelettish collection of Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In heaven dispatches, quotations, and birthday wishes in heaven that is exemplary to wish your cherished souls and dooms.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

The most loving memory of our cherished bones remains refreshes in our hearts and thus the newness explodes again when special occasions like their anniversaries, birthdays, or commodity that connects them to a particular day come across our minds or just happens to pass by again in life. For a woman who had lost her man or husband, there have been various moments you both participated while he was alive with you and occasionally you ask to relive those memories again and one of those is generally his birthday.

. Everything was perfect between us until death decided to take you away from me. Whenever I look at your photos, I can’t stop crying. We were best friends. I still feel like a part of me is gone forever. I miss you every day, and I wish you can just reappear on your birthday. Happy birthday, babe.

. Life is meaningless without you. Your love for God and everything He created was superb. A good man like you didn’t deserve to die just like that. I have promised to continue from where you stopped, and I hope to have your blessings. Happy birthday, sweets.

Dear husband in heaven, it’s so sad and painful that this birthday quote contains past tenses. I always said I can’t imagine my life without you, but now I have no choice but to live without you. Happy birthday.

. I am very sure you would’ve escaped from heaven if you had your way. You were everything to us, and we hope you never had to leave. It’s your birthday today, and it’s a situation of happiness mixed with sorrow. In all, I hope you find peace with God. Happy birthday to you.

. I am sure God was pleased with everything you did when you were alive. You made sure to put God first in all you did. You were particularly after heaven than anything else. I can boldly say that you are in heaven. Happy birthday to you.

. It was never your intention to leave me; I know that because you were so in love with me. You were always rooting for me. You contributed hugely to my growth, and it’s so sad that you are not here when I am making it. You will live forever in my heart. Happy birthday to you.

. Our kids won’t stop asking where their father is. To be honest, I am tired of telling them you travelled, because they keep asking when you will be back. My husband, will you ever be back? I miss you so much. Happy birthday to you.

. It’s your birthday and the house is supposed to be full of beautiful people celebrating you, but it’s the other way round; we are mourning instead. It’s been months of living alone in this big house. Even though I am sure you are watching over me, I still wish I could see you again. Happy birthday.

. I want to thank you for the opportunity of living with an angel for years. I kept telling you how better off you would be without this world because the world doesn’t deserve you. I never knew God was planning to take you home. Today, we rejoice and celebrate you. Happy birthday.

. No one tells me the truth as you did. Even though it was always very hard to accept, I loved to hear it from you. Thank you for standing by the truth in all your years on earth. I have chosen to live just like you did, so God can be pleased with me. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

. Today, I choose not to mourn you. I choose to glorify God instead because He knows the best, and that’s what He did, in your case. I am grateful for the privilege to have lived with an angel. Your effect on my life was and is still evident. Happy birthday, my hero.

. You preferred to go hungry than see any of us starve. You were always there for us, even when you were faring away. You loved your family till you took your last breath. Today, your family is mourning and celebrating you, because you live forever in our hearts. Happy birthday.

. We were the envy of so many people; both singles and married. Everything was right with our love. We couldn’t do without each other. Importantly, we lived a life of purpose while helping each other up. Even if I later think of remarrying, I doubt it would ever be as sweet as we were. Happy birthday, baby.

. My love, you were all I had always wanted. God blessed me with you, and you decided to leave me all alone. Without you, my dreams are not valid. We had plans together, but you left me. Now, who do I start planning with? Happy birthday to you. I wish I could see you just one last time.

. Throughout our lives together, I never stopped thanking God for making our paths cross, because I never knew I would find love in my lifetime. At least, we gave the world a good show and made people understand true love existed. Happy birthday, my partner forever.

. I will never think of marrying anyone else, ever! You were everything to me, and thinking of settling with another person will only wreck me the more. Thank you for giving me my greatest blessings – our kids. Happy birthday to you.

. My life is incomplete without you. I only thought fairytales existed in movies, but you gave me my own fairytale. You gave me the most beautiful marriage. I can’t thank you enough. It’s your birthday, and I hope it marks the beginning of my healing. Happy birthday.

I am sure the angels are singing in heavenly language on your birthday. Heaven gained another angel the day you left this world. Thank you for the time you spent with me. Best wishes, my husband.

. People keep accusing me of not moving on, but they will never know why. My husband, this is a way of telling you how I feel about your absence in my life. While I deal with the people accusing me of not moving on, I really wish you were still here with me. Happy birthday, all the same.

. This could’ve been a lovely birthday greeting to my one and only husband, but then it’s so sad because I have to address you with past tenses. The years we spent together will remain the best years of my life. I promise to keep making you proud. Happy birthday to you.

. One of our plans was to raise our kids in the way of the Lord. At first, I doubted if I would be able to do that alone, but then I have to be strong for you, so you can be proud and happy. Please, don’t stop giving us your blessings. Happy birthday, daddy and husband.

. I sincerely wish that you didn’t have to go like that. Staying apart wasn’t one of our plans. We had too many beautiful plans together, but we could only execute a little. I hope I can do it all in my lifetime. Happy birthday, my husband. It’s a full house because it’s your birthday.

. It’s been months without you, baby. The struggle to get my mind off you keeps getting hard and unbearable. I have done so many things like keeping your photos far from me, but I still find myself thinking about you. I can’t wait to be myself again. Happy birthday.

. People keep complaining about how unkempt I look, but they don’t know what I have to deal with every day of my life. Your death remains a rude shock to me, I can’t seem to get my mind off it. I just hope God helps me to get my life back together. Happy birthday to you.

I never wanted my life to be a barren land without you. I still love you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

Husband, is a companion for a lifetime, but I lost my companion forever. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

You were not only my support system but the reason for my happiness. I miss you a lot, dear husband. Enjoy your birthday in heaven. Happy birthday!

Dear husband, there is a lot I want to say, but you are not in front, and I will not say anything. It’s just that I miss you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, the husband!

Dear husband, I know I always collect your towel from bed, and I am ready to collect it again just come back. I miss you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I love you, and I miss you a lot. I cannot even think of spending my life without You. Please come back if possible. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

I may not be the perfect wife, but together we will be a perfect couple. But you are not here anymore, and perfection do not hold any part of me. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

I will not annoy you anymore. Just come back because I need you with every single breath I take. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

You are not only my husband but a support system for my life and the shoulder where I can lean on whenever required. Now you are not here. Nothing exists for me. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I believe God might have some good plans for you that’s why he snatched you away from me. I miss you. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

Dear husband, you might be feeling superior because you got heaven to celebrate your birthday. But on Earth, I am craving for you every second, and the inferiority complex is there. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I sometimes wonder whether you will like heaven more than me. I miss you. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

The day we got married, my life but completely changed for the better. But the day you left me, it got changed for the worst. I miss you a lot, hubby. Enjoy your birthday in heaven this year without me!

So, these Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven for my departed hubby were written with you in mind. With very weak feelings, what to write for his birthday which wants for a late hubby may come delicate but I have answered that for you then as in this collection, you are left with various options of beautiful dispatches to enjoy the loving memories of your late husband. Let us aid you with the simplest Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Losing your husband may be a loss that can’t be recovered at any time. On your husband’s birthday, you would conceivably be remembering the beautiful times you spent with him when he was here with you. To recognize him and enjoy his birth anniversary we have then a collection of dispatches to wish him Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven. So, enjoy his birthday and supplicate for his soul.

Happy birthday to one of the best souls I have ever met. I miss you a lot. Enjoy your birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

You are not only a perfect husband but a perfect human being who is always ready to help others. I miss you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

I am short of words this day because I miss you a lot. Celebrating your birthday without you is one of the toughest things to do. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

In our wedding vows, “till death do us apart” was the one I never wanted to take. But unfortunately, this came true. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

Today is the 7th birthday I am celebrating without you and each day I miss you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I have never imagined spending even a single day without you. But unfortunately, now I have to spend the rest of my life without you. Happy birthday in heaven, Dear husband I miss you!

Dear husband, I was not a perfect wife, but I am pretty sure I was not less than perfect. But still, you left me, and I am angry with you for it. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

Each and every memory we made is still in my heart and will always be till my last breath. Enjoy your birthday in heaven, my dear husband. Happy birthday!

Dear husband, I must say you are not only a perfect son but a perfect father and husband too. I miss you, dear hubby. Happy birthday in heaven!

I am thankful to God that he let me spend some time with you but angry because he snatched away from me very soon. Happy birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I assure you I will get ready in 5 minutes and will not let you wait unnecessarily again. Just come back, and I want to celebrate your but they together. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

I know during your last breath you have suffered a lot now I don’t want you to suffer anymore. That’s why I have accepted your departure. Happy birthday in heaven, dear hubby!

When you were here, I love to get ready, but now you are not here these things do not exist for me. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

The moment you left me was the moment when my soul got ready for a colorless life. I miss you a lot, your husband. Happy birthday in heaven!

Heaven is so lucky because it has you. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

You are a perfect example of patience and comfort. Now I don’t see any example around me because you are not here. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

I still remember the first time when you saw me and tell me that I am the most beautiful girl you have ever met. I just want to hear the same on my last day from you. But unfortunately, I can’t. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

You have no idea what you mean to me still. Now you are not here, I don’t feel like expressing it. I miss you. Happy birthday in heaven, dear husband!

My dear husband, I know I annoy you a lot, but you were the only one on whom I have that many rights. Without you, I am incomplete. I miss you a lot. Happy birthday in heaven!

So finally you have got the chance to celebrate your birthday with all the beauties in heaven without me. You might be feeling happy right because right now, I am not here to annoy you. Enjoy your birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

I know I was a possessive wife and never let anyone stay with you, and still, I don’t want Angels and birds to be a part. Just come back as possible. Happy Birthday in heaven, my dear husband!

Oh my, my darling! How will I ever thank you for loving me, for sheltering me and for giving me a life full of luxury and security? Ok I’ve got an idea. I’m going to make you safe, because you can live longer. So no cake for today’s birthday party and no champagne! Nice birthday!

My dear husband, you are amazing. No not the way that you might imagine. It’s amazing that you even believe you’re young because you’re too mature. Nice birthday!

Your birthday is here, so it’s hard to know you’re not here anymore. I want to give you a present, but I know I can’t, so I’m just going to make a wish for a star to deliver my love to you wherever you are now.

So you think I got you married because of your good looks and your charisma! Let me tell you the truth: because you’re tall, I married you, and you’re going to give me a lifetime of being able to wear heels. The secret to a happy marriage is integrity. Oh, husband, happy birthday!

I am missing you every day since you left away, but I am missing you even more today since it is your special day. Though you are not here, I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

I want you to know that even though you’re no longer here, I think about you every single day. There are just so many lessons that you have taught me. I miss your smile, your laughter and your sense of humor. I guess, heaven is just so lucky to have an angel as funny as you, best birthday!

It’s sad that you were taken from us too soon. I still wish you a very happy birthday even if I feel like I am talking to the moon.

We lit a birthday candle on your grave today. We miss you terribly, the same when you first went away. The angels are truly blessed for you are with them now, happy birthday!

Every year, I think of you while shedding so many tears. It just feels like yesterday even though it has been so many years. I know you are in a better place right now. May you have a blast there… Wonderful Bday!

I terribly miss you today, my daddy and my best friend. You are in heaven now and on this birthday of yours, I feel so sad. I love you daddy and I really miss you, wonderful bday!

On your birthday, we are all gathered here around sharing wonderful memories. It’s definitely not easy, even if you have been gone for several years now. No one can ever take your place and I want you to know that. But I know you do not want to see me cry, so I will stop my tears from falling, best birthday!

Here’s sending you a very special birthday wish to heaven. May all of your heavenly wishes come true! We miss you so much, happy bday!

On this birthday of yours, may all of the angels in heaven gather together to sing you a very happy bday. Always remember that we love you so much and we always think of you.

May you have a blast in heaven while celebrating your birthday today… So go ahead, have fun, but keep your halo on and never do anything I would not do, happy birthday!

Inviting grief comes to your heart when the date comes of your late hubby’s happy birthday.
We all know that a woman misses her late hubby every second of her life. We want to enjoy the happy birthday of our husband in heaven in veritably nice ways but our feelings of missing him stop us from everything. Nothing in this world can take place of our hubby in our lives and hearts. He is the only one with pure feelings, care, and love.

We can not find a better person in our life than our husband who is now in heaven. One of the saddest moments in your life is when you lose your husband veritably dear to your heart. But you’ve got to face the reality that they won’t be with you anymore. But why not decide to continue to enjoy his birthday, as a means of commemorating the sweet memories of once times you participated with them on their birthdays.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband In Heaven

Use these unique Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband in Heaven wishes to recognize your loved hubby extraordinarily. Losing a beloved one are often heartbreaking. While you imagine that you will heal with time, it will not happens. The memories of the time which you have spent together loiter ever. Then are some birthday quotes for late husbands to aid you, wishing them an honest bone in heaven.

His love is pure and unconditional. He completes us and needs to form us happy always. We always think that at which moment will my husband see me from heaven but it is just a thought. He’s gone from our world forever and can not come to us ever again.

We purely miss our husbands in heaven once we are happy, formerly we are sad or formerly we face some variations in our life. He was the one who makes everything possible for us to ascertain our natural smiling faces. When it is the birthday of our dead husband, at his birthday we miss him. We wish that he might be with us and celebrate every moment full of amorously.