129+ Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Losing a pure soul is hurting, even more, losing a lovely daughter indeed is heart-wrenching. A daughter holds a very special place in a parent’s heart, even though your daughter is no more with you but the thoughts of your beloved daughter are still very much memorable and fresh in your heart. Therefore, just do not bother yourself searching for heart-melting words to put together to wish your lovely late daughter a Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven in remembrance of her.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

There is joy and peace in your heart knowing that your beloved daughter is blessed and at rest at the bosom of Almighty God in heaven. It should not only be the remembrance of the death day at which she died that should come to mind but also the remembrance of the birthday on which she came to life. The hurting thought of the daughter in the heart is fresh till now, without any type of sorrow anymore. Writing the Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven for her being the remembrance of the birthday she was brought to this world is a good job to do.

I can’t describe in words how much I’m missing you today, my daughter. If I could, I would never let you go. Happy birthday in heaven sister.


We’re wishing that you could come back to us. If we send your cake and presents on a balloon high into the sky, would they make it to you in Heaven? And could you come flying by? I know what we will do without you here. Happy Birthday in Heaven.


Sometimes I feel jealous because you sit in paradise and enjoy the company of God while I live in the memories of us and miss you a lot. But today I’m happy because it’s your birthday! Happy birthday daughter in heaven!


Rejoice! Someone is celebrating a birthday in heaven and that person is so dear to me. The angels are certainly rejoicing in heaven now, just as her entire family is here on earth, happy birthday in heaven, my dear daughter!


You are not with me today to blow the candles on your cake, but I want you to know that the beautiful memories of you shall forever bring me something special to cherish. Happy birthday to my daughter in Heaven!


My dearest daughter, on the day that you were born, earth received such an amazing gift, and on the day that you died, heaven received a very special angel. Happy birthday in heaven, may you have the best birthday ever!


I must say how tough it has been ever since you left us. Although our lives have never been the same, we are joyful to celebrate your Big Day today, Happy birthday in heaven my daughter..


I’ve spent the whole day looking through photos of us during happier times. I’ve laughed, cried, gone numb and felt the pain of losing you all over again. Happy birthday, sweet daughter. It’s not the same here without you.


We might be in different realms of life today, but I’m confident you are still looking out for me like you always did when you were here by my side. Never will there be anyone as wonderful as you in my life. Happy birthday in heaven my daughter..


Celebrate your special day with the heavenly angels, knowing that no one can ever replace you in my heart. I miss you so much. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven


I miss you my lovely daughter. The way you used to bring joy to our life can never be done by anyone else. Have a great Birthday in heaven.


Best birthday in heaven to someone who is so dear to me… I hope that all of the angles are now singing happy birthday to you my dearest daughter.


If tears can build a stairway and the memories a lane, then I will walk right up to you in heaven and take you back home again. Happy birthday in heaven daughter!!


In my heart, you shall forever remain despite the fact that you are not with me any longer. Wishing a Happy birthday in heaven daughter!!


It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that I have a connection to the One Who has drawn you back to Him again: the Lord. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven


I will miss you through the years, sweet daughter. We shared a bond that others can’t understand, two hearts beating in unison. In my heart, you will stay forever. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


Today is your birthday in heaven above. I am sending my blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today but every day hereof, I think of you always, Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


It doesn’t feel right to celebrate this day. But I’m going to do it anyway, for you and in your memory, because it’s what you would have wanted. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven! I love you dearly.


Today a very special event is taking place in heaven and that is because it’s my daughter’s birthday! And even though she’s no longer here, we sure will celebrate this day with lots of fun, Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


I celebrate you today and every other day because you have been the sweetest part of my life and the memories of you shall forever dwell in my mind. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


To me, you were always the light of paradise that made my life shine bright. Today, you are not here, but your flare is still with me. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


We were not together for long, but the times spent with you left an indelible mark of true love on the walls of my heart. Wishing you nothing but total bliss as you celebrate your birthday in heaven!


I’m sitting here trying to come up with a way to tell you happy birthday when there’s really no way to physically do so. It’s breaking my heart, but I’ll say it anyway: Happy Birthday To My Daughter In Heaven!


Every year, I think of you while shedding so many tears. It just feels like yesterday even though it has been so many years. I know you are in a better place right now. Happy Birthday To My Daughter In Heaven!!


As you celebrate your Birthday with all those beautiful angels of heaven, know that your place in my heart is fixed and unalterable forever. Happy Birthday to my daughter in heaven!


Even though you’ve been taken from my sight, I still know that you can feel the love I have for you as we celebrate your special birthday each year. Happy birthday in heaven daughter!!


My dearest daughter, it’s your birthday today and although you are not here, I want to wish you a wonderful bday there in heaven.


Being without you anymore causes my heart to ache, but I derive great comfort and joy knowing that you made it to Heaven and that you are happy up there. Wishing you a smiley birthday, dear!


We were not together for long, but the times spent with you left an indelible mark of true love on the walls of my heart. Wishing you nothing but total bliss as you celebrate your birthday in heaven!


I certainly miss you on this birthday of yours, my dear. Your photo has not moved from my bedside. Your memories never die, but they just came to an abrupt end. There is just so much more I know I should have said. Happy birthday in heaven daughter!!


Happy Birthday in heaven, dear daughter. I miss every single detail about you. I hope you are making everyone happy in heavens too.


Your birthday is here, but it’s sad to know that you are no longer here. I want to send you a gift, but I know I can’t, so I will just make a wish upon a star that you carry my love wherever you are right now. Happy birthday in heaven daughter!!


I wish you congratulations on your birthday, dear daughter. You have been gone for too long, but I know that you will always be with me and guide me. Happy birthday baby daughter! God bless you.


How can I wish you a happy nearly Birthday and not see you or give you a gift. I cannot even remember how old you are, and yet, I know in my heart that the day of your celebration…I never forget to celebrate this special day. I love you, baby girl.


. Even though you have left me and gone on to a better place, I will never forget the love that I feel for you. I just want my baby daughter to know how much I love her and that the hole in my heart has healed with time. May you rest in heaven someday because you deserve only the best.


. Darling, you are my first child and I miss you so much. I hope that someday we get to hug again and fight over toys. On your birthday, I pray for a better world for your children. The world is such a better place because you are in it. Thank you for choosing me as your mother and for giving me this chance to be here for you. Love always, Mom


. When the bedside I walk down, and the morning sunshine a light on the flowers that we have planted there. I know in my heart she’s watching us here, and remembering the day she went to heaven!


. I wish you could come and see me. I know that you are gone but looking at all the memories we have created together makes my day better. I hope you are in a better place where there are no tears or pain. I love you and miss you. Day by day I get to cope with my loss and try to be strong for daddy. My love for you grows every day and when I go to bed at night, it is never far from my mind that one day as surely as


. Even though we could celebrate your birthday by throwing a party, you would never be there to be a part of the fun. I want you to know that I will always love you, and carry you in my heart.


. This birthday only comes once a year and will never come again. Once again, celebrate life with your friends and family. I hope you are enjoying your day with the sounds of laughter, games, and songs.


. Dear daddy far away from here, from my home. Although people told me that our separation was for good, I always thought in my heart of a day when we can be back together again. BUT GOD had another plan for us. I saw your face again on the day when I gave birth to a baby girl and everybody said “It’s your daughter!”Because of my carelessness at that time, she died but don’t blame me because as her mother, who would not do anything to protect


. You came into my life and made it magical. You were always at the center of my world, the girl I had to bring up in a silent and smooth way so that no one would take you away from me. After all these years, I have learned that love is just an ephemeral moment but the ones like you give us, remain with us forever.


. Today is a special day for you! You have made a long journey, yet you are still on the way. I wish you all the best that this universe can offer. Happy birthday!


. Happy birthday, baby daughter in heaven poems make me realize that even though you are not here physically neither am I, I have your spirit which is the most important to me.


. Hi, Baby Daughter in heaven! That you would be so young when you left us and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. My heart still believes that you are with us and will always take care of us until we meet again one day. I still remember that day as if it happened yesterday. You were surrounded by your loved ones: mom, dad, and all your friends who have bid you a sad farewell. I know they must have felt the same way as I did, but time heals


. Happy birthday, my baby daughter! I miss you very much but I know heaven is a better place and God is taking care of you. May your new year be full of happiness. God bless and love you.


. You have taught me to be strong and not to break down in front of the world. Although I miss you more than anyone in this world, you will always be with me. Some days are better than others, but I know it is best that you are in heaven watching over us. I love you so much and wish you a happy birthday!


. Sweetie, every time I look at the moon and stars, I can see your smiling face. Every day I remember of you brings me joy. You are my daughter and my best friend that I’ve never met.


. This year I have decided to spend your birthday with you….in heaven! I know it’s a little late but I can still be grateful that we had these wonderful years together. I miss you but I always will remember the promise you made me on your last birthday! Happy Birthday!


. Dear dad, you are always in my prayers. I know that there is nothing that can heal the pain one feels after losing a child. Having a daughter who was taken away too soon is something no parent should ever have to endure. Father, I think of you every morning and night, at moments both happy and sad. I try and remember all the wonderful memories of my childhood. I express my love for you- a love that is stronger than words can say. Have a restful birthday.


. You looked so cute the day you were born, my heart melted and was whole again. I was so impressed with your smile and dimples, you look exactly like me when I was a baby. Your mother made me promise to take care of you until the end of time and to make sure you grow up happy and healthy. With every breath of yours, I keep that promise in my heart. Love Daddy!


. It’s been eight months since you left us, but I know you must be smiling looking down on us now with joy that we are doing great. It has been a tough journey for all of us, but we have not let anyone or anything come between. You are in our hearts forever! Happy Birthday!


. Today is a big day for my baby girl. On the last day, she used to be here in my lap, saying no to everything but yes to her funny moments. You were my first child and the one I waited for the longest time. Though you died in my arms that fateful morning, I have come to terms with it and accepted that one day you will grace this world sooner or later. Here’s wishing you safe passage on your way back home,


. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Mommy! You are the best daughter a mother can ask for! May the love of God be with you on your birthday, and in all your days. Enjoy this special day and know that you will always and forever be loved by all.


. I am so excited to have you as my daughter. You are my best friend even though we have not had a chance to hang out much. I wish you were here with me as a part of our world- traveling, working, shopping, and eating out. I wish I could get away from the reality for a few more minutes and once more hug you, hold your hands and kiss you on your cheeks.


. Dear ___, it has been months without you. You left us on the th of April. We do miss you so much. Every second we think of you. I know that you are no longer in pain and that your spirit is at peace. Mommy will always love you my baby daughter in heaven poems_ Come back to me, in my dream last night I saw you smiling As if you come back to life…they say that a mother always knows when her child is not present

She is not here with you to receive whatever hugs, gifts, and pure love from you, but I have faith you can wish her your lovely and warm happy birthday message. I have put a wonderful and rich compilation of Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven here for you. Go through these lovely collections of Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven and wish that lovely daughter although the late beloved daughter of yours a Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven on the remembrance of the day she was born which is her birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

It is never easy to lose some person whom you love, but it is especially very hard when you lose your beloved daughter. No one can ever expect to outlive their beloved daughter, so the heart-breaking shock of losing a beloved daughter makes the grief even worse. Throughout the whole year, special occasions for the dead, like birthdays and deathdays can make you think about your beloved daughter even more than you already do on normal days.

My Dear Baby Daughter, I hope that on your first birthday in heaven you are basking in the glory of God and celebrating with all your angelic friends. All day long we miss you, knowing that you are safe and happy. What a joy it was to hold you for so short a time. You have a Daddy over the rainbow who is in awe of what an incredible daughter he has. We both love you, precious daughter, and we will see you again!

. To my sweetest daughter! Happy birthday to you! Today is the day that reminds us all of your short little life. Whether I’m with people or when I’m alone, you’re always on my mind. Your daddy, who is working hard to make your wishes come true, hopes that you’re in heaven watching and smiling. So happy birthday baby girl, your mommy, and daddy love you very much.

. Happy birthday darling daughter, I am so glad that you have come into my life and have transformed it to become beautiful. I miss you so much but know that you will always be in my heart. Your darling mother.

. I miss you so much my darling daughter, There aren’t words to describe how I feel. You were taken from us too soon And left us behind feeling so blue. The pain is unbearable, Words can’t describe the grief and sorrow. We will never forget you and love you forever, And carry your spirit in our hearts always.

. Mom, today is your birthday and you deserve the best. Happy Birthday. You have all that you need, including the love of your family. I pray that you are surrounded by angels on this day so that you can enjoy yourself more. My love caresses your soul to let you know prayers are being said for you up above. All our love to one another.

. My sweet baby daughter, you came into this world to bring joy and happiness not just to me but to the whole world. You brought so much joy to my life; you brightened the whole room with your smile and laughter. However, I am sorry to tell you that God prepared a more beautiful place for you than here. I wish you had stayed longer because this world needs more of your love, but unfortunately, I will never see you again in person.

. Dear daddy, though you are away, your love is always here with me. I am sending this message up to you as a gift that no one can take away from you. I miss you so much and wish you were here. After all, you have done for me, I know that mommy is watching over us and we’ll be together again someday. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday!

. On my birthday I want to thank God for helping me create a wonderful daughter like you.

. Though we are far apart, please know that I am with you in my heart on your birthday! May God bless you with all his love and happiness on this day.

. The candle lights are twinkling in the sky, blowing with the breeze and dancing with the stars. This setting reminds me of our first date. Every year, when we celebrated your birthday, you were just like this day; full of life, full of laughter and fun. I hope heaven is blazing with as much light and beauty as this night, and that mommy has also managed to join you tonight in celebration.

. From heaven to earth, I have a special present for you today. Although you are lost, you are never gone. In my heart, you will forever be!

. Even though I miss you, I know you are in a peaceful place. You are with God, an atmosphere I couldn’t give you or make better for you. I would like to thank God for making an opportunity for us to spend years with you and watch you grow up into a beautiful young lady. Happy Birthday Baby Daughter in Heaven!

. Darling, you are very lovely and I could not ask for a better daughter in heaven than you. I will love you till the end of time, every day I will thank God that gave you to me. Today is your special day and I pray that God will bless my life. You have touched my heart and left a special place there. I love you lots.

. Daughter, even when we were apart, you were still in my heart. My little angel is turning two today and I can’t imagine how long it has been since the day I held you. I wish every father could have you hold their hand as they watch over you with pride as you grow into a beautiful young lady.

. Dear daughter, how I wish it were you celebrating your birthday! My heart aches because you were taken away from me in an unexpected manner. I cannot wish you a happy birthday as you are not with me to celebrate. May your soul rest in perfect peace and may the Almighty bless you. Today, my darling daughter stands before God, a gift for which I am eternally grateful.

. Mommy, it’s my birthday today! I’d love to celebrate it with you! I know you are with me in spirit, so make sure your mum doesn’t forget that I love her dearly. Your family misses you each day. Love you always and forever, just like yesterday.

. This is a very special time in your life as you are going to officially turn into an adult. I hope that you find happiness and I also hope that you grow up to be a wonderful person. You are my child, so I can say this, I hope that you will achieve big things in your life and continue to make me proud of you. Happy birthday! Holding back your tears has been the hardest thing for me these years. You were the best daughter one can ask for. Always smiling

. Count your birthday among the days when you are one year older than the previous day. You are so special to me. I love you dear and I wish you be as beautiful as ever on this day.

. A smile has always been a simple yet powerful way to win your loved ones’ hearts. I am glad that I have never failed to make you smile on your special days. Hopefully, I would be able to fulfill this duty of mine in the year to come. Wishing you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!

. I want to wish you a happy birthday, mom. Just like a couple of roses in the arrangement on your birthday card, you are the flowers of motherly love scattered across the world. I love you like the true sunshine that lights up my life. Have a blessed birthday!

. People say life is short. They say that every living thing has a lifespan, but what if none of this was true? There’s something I’ve always believed to be true: that everyone can live as long as they want. You have taught me what it is to live your life to its fullest and have tears of joy when you turn or or even if you wanted to! Happy birthday and may your life be full of laughter, hugs, and love.

. You were the best daughter in the world, but now you are in a better place. I still miss you every day and wish that somehow, I could hold you again! Happy Birthday, Baby Daughter!

. Birthdays come and go, but the feelings of love for my children will never diminish. I miss you, my baby girl! May your soul rest in peace and I hope you are rejoicing with God in heaven.

. From the day you were born, it was amazing to watch you grow up. I never thought you’d be gone in a blink of an eye, and now here I am alone wishing for your presence. Your life was not much but loved by many. Happy birthday baby girl! Your Mommy.

. My dearest daughter, you are always in my heart. No distance or time can separate us. Thinking about you and missing you on this special day gives me the courage to smile, even though the pain is unbearable. May your spirit be with me always and bring me grace and peace. I love you forever.

. Mommy, you are the most wonderful mom I could ever have been blessed with! Thank you for bringing me into this world and showing me the light of life. No matter what my troubles were, you were always there to wipe my tears away and make me feel better. I will never forget all the birthday cakes and presents that you gave to me! Take care of yourself on this special day, mommy!

. To my dearest daughter who has left a mark in my life like no other, I know that our paths on earth were short, but I promise you they will cross again. Today is your day and I would love to wish you a wonderful unending birthday!

. You were always a dear daughter to me, and I will always remember you smiling. You taught me the meaning of happiness and now, wherever you go, I am there with you.

. I know, words can never express just how much I miss you. I think of you every day, but today on your birthday I want to say how much of a great daughter you were and that I love you. Love Always, Mommy

. The days are getting colder and the leaves are changing colors but my love for you is stronger than ever. You have been missing from my and daddy’s lives for a long time, but that does not mean that we do not think about you every day. Every time I look at the stars in the night sky, I wonder what you are doing there. Are you listening to Zoltan Kodaly while floating with the clouds in heaven, looking over us?

. Thank you for everything, daddy. I wish you a very happy birthday! You have been the best father any girl could ever ask for. I am sure you will one-day touch heaven with your talent. I love you so much and hope that my gift can immortalize our love!

. I wish you could be here to share this day with me, but I know you look down on me smiling down with love and compassion. You are in my heart always and forever with me to guide me through this journey of life. I miss you so much, but I am thankful for the memories we shared together. I will love you always and forever!

. Dear Mom and Dad, you are all I have ever wanted in my life. Having a daughter like you, who aptly knows what love means, is a rare blessing indeed. Today is your birthday. I cannot imagine life without you now that you have become an integral part of my life! Happy birthday!

. Wishing you a very happy birthday in heaven. I miss you, baby girl. You are always in our hearts and we will always love you.

. Your baby girl journey started in heaven but you have grown so much on earth. You have spread love to many with your laughter. Dear Daughter, I wish you a very happy birthday and thank you for choosing us as your wonderful parents!

. My angel daughter, my heart has been broken since the day you left us. You were the light that brightened up my world. I remember rushing to the hospital when I received the shock of my life, but with all the love in my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday as there is no gift greater than your cherished presence.

These Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven are methods to honor your beloved daughter’s memory and to wish her well on his happy birthday. When your beloved daughter looks down on you, she will see these Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven and know that you are thinking about her. Your beloved daughter indeed is the daughter whose death will never be as though she went for a long walk because she is too lovely to be gone.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Notwithstanding she still lives in everyone’s heart here. Despite his death, properly enjoying her on the day she was born, which is her birthday, is something that can ease you from the pain of her death and as well bring back the lovely and deep memories you have both shared. Collect from this bank of lovely Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven to enjoy your late daughter’s happy birthday, who is at the bosom of the God in heaven.

Happy Birthday my baby girl! I feel so blessed to have you in my life, even though short. We love you dearly and always will. Missing you today with all my heart. Happy Birthday – the first of many we’ll celebrate together. My love goes with you always, wishing we could be having cake and ice cream together right now! Hope your day is as special as you are, full of laughter and plenty of fun. Your mommy and daddy

. Her birthday is a reminder of the love that she brought to our lives. She adored spending time in her garden and we often frolicked in it when she was little. I loved watching her laughing with glee as the butterflies would flutter around us. She was such a beautiful baby, like an angel who was sent down just for me. Although it is hard missing her, I know she is up there celebrating her birthday, exactly how she wanted to.

. Dear daughter, I remember the last hug we had before your departure. It is a moment I carry in my heart till my life ends, you are so dear to me. I know many of your friends have been wishing you a birthday, but I do not feel happy when I am away from you. Though this card may not make it to you, as soon as you get a chance, come home to your mom and dad.

. Darling daughter, I hope that this letter will reach you wherever you are. It has been five years since I last held your hands. Remember how we would just sit and cuddle? We would laugh, play and tell each other stories about happiness, dreams, and peace. I miss all of that dear but for some reason, I am happy to know that you are in a better place where you can be free from the pain and misery of life. I hope that you have fun there and know

. I am celebrating your birthday for a lot of reasons. You were the most loving and caring daughter any mother could ever wish for. You always brought joy and happiness to my life and there’s nothing that I need to do to try and replace that love. So, on this day I honor your memory and pray that you are happy wherever you are today. Wish you a very happy birthday!

. I know you’re gone, but your life and memory will live on as we carry on with our daily lives. We will not be able to escape the pain, but we can help each other get through it. I am a better person because I had you in my life, and I will keep you alive in my heart! Happy birthday! I love you.

. To the universe, a child is the best thing. You have been very special to me. I might not have had you with me physically but I will always have your spirit burning in my heart. Happy Birthday!

. Dear Mom, today I will have so much to say but no words to express it. Your daughter is already growing up and you can say a part of you lives on in her.

. To my sweetest daughter in heaven, though you are not around, I know you are watching over us and giving joy to our hearts. You taught me how to be a better woman, Mommy, and a better human being. I miss you every moment of the day and night. But the moments that I get to spend with you walking among the angels make up for it all. Happy Birthday baby daughter in heaven poems

. Happy Birthday baby daughter, I pray that you are in heaven today surrounded by love and care; a beautiful place where angels watch over you and take care of you. Your first birthday in heaven is here. Even though we miss you very much, we still wish you all the best. We keep you in our hearts forever, and always welcome you back to our arms!

. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday in heaven. I remember the joy in your eyes when I gave you that cute doll. You were so happy! Today I miss that happiness. It’s been one year since you left us; your smiles and laughter are still fresh in my heart. You are not gone, you are among us, everywhere we go. Your memory is forever engraved on our hearts; it will remain there forever. We miss you and wish you a happy birthday!

. Baby daughter, my life is incomplete without you on earth. I am so thankful to have spent the precious moments we had together before you had to leave us. Today, we celebrate your birth and look forward to meeting you again in heaven, until then I will continue to pray that you are being taken care of by our dear Lord. I love you!

. I know it is difficult not having you beside us. It was hard to accept that you are no longer around, but I guess this is how life goes. As a mom, I know how much it hurts not to have my only child close to me. You both had this magical bond and beautiful friendship which cannot be broken. I miss your big blue eyes full of love on your face and your laughter the most. You will always remain in our hearts and minds, rest in peace baby angel!

. Congratulations to my Baby Daughter, a birthday is a very rare and special occasion. May your life be filled with joy and love in abundance. As it is for you, for all the memories that you were a part of but never able to experience. Love, Mommy.

. Mommy, today is your birthday. I wish you the best day of the year. Anything that happens is an accident because you are too special to me. On this special occasion, I hope in heaven you are having a great party with all my sisters and brothers who have been taken by God. Happy Birthday!

. You are the true winner, even if it seems I am winning all the time. You always won my love and my admiration by being you, the way you are: strong, beautiful, intelligent, and kind. Even though you passed away before you could say your first words or walk on your own feet, that has never stopped me from loving you and accepting every part of you. Today I will celebrate another year of life because my daughter is still with me in my heart and making me live through her.

. Daddy, there was a time you gave me the biggest hug when I needed to hear that big “I love you”. Now that I am grown-up, I wish you a birthday full of toys, colors, and fun! Wishing all your wishes come true and I pray that Lord gives you everything that is meant for you!

. Though I cannot be with you on your birthday, I want to wish you a wonderful birthday full of love and joy.

. I miss you so much and it is becoming unbearable. Every day, my heart breaks a little more, and I feel the loneliness hitting me like a big boulder. I try to hide it through smiles, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do it. It’s been four years now, and I am still trying to cope with your untimely death. But it has been a happy journey seeing you grow from childhood till adulthood even after your death. Happy Birthday

. I know, I cannot make up for all the time we had to spend apart. But I promise you this; the next year that we share together will be much better. Let’s work on this together and make everything perfect. Tomorrow will be the start of a wonderful year our family can look forward to! I love you so much Baby Daughter in heaven Poems!

. Every day I still miss you, baby daughter. You are not gone, I see you in my dreams and thoughts. I wish we could spend this precious day together. My child, you were an organ donor and saved the lives of four men and women. What a beautiful heart! Wish you have the most magical day in heaven, baby girl. Love you forever!

. Mommy sent her flowers today, I know she misses you so much, baby. You’re always in her heart and as she told me, you both will meet again someday. Dad and I love you so much and we wish you a happy birthday in heaven.

. To my sweet little angel daughter heaven, I wish that you are as happy and joyful today. You have suffered greatly on earth but now you have finally gone to be with the angels. Happy birthday!

. Happy birthday my baby daughter, I know although you are not here with us, you are always in our hearts and the memories of that lovely voice will never be forgotten. Thank God for having given me a child like you to love so much!

. You are my first child daughter and I have promised you from the start that I will always take good care of you. Your smile is the first thing that breaks through my day, and your happy laughter is what makes me love you more. Now, you have gone to a better place and I still miss you after all these years. I pray that you are happy wherever you are now and hope to be with you again someday. As we celebrate your birthday, I wish you a long life ahead and

. I know it has been years since you have breathed your last in this world of ours. I am sorry for all the sacrifices I made for you. I remember with joy the happy moments we spent together, and I am sure you smile in your little heaven up above. I hope in the meantime, you have forgiven me and can relieve my troubled soul. My precious daughter, our dance as mother and daughter will surely be resumed someday. Meanwhile, here’s a birthday card to show how much you mean

. I still could not believe that you are no more by my side. I long to hear your voice, see your smile and hold you close to me. I wish that God hadn’t taken you away, stealing your innocence and childhood. But now, I have to learn to live without you, I hope loved by our relatives and friends. Though life is no longer the same without you, I try to cope with the fact that you are in a better place. Happy birthday, darling daughter!

. On your birthday, I remember our time together and the beautiful moments we have shared. My favorite memory was when you were a baby, I used to tickle you on your ribs and watch you laugh until your tummy hurt. You are my daughter and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday!

. Dear Mom, today is your special day. I know you already have a special place in heaven. But I wanted to send you some wishes of love and happiness and especially to let you know that I love you very dearly and miss you very much. Have a great birthday!

. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! You were the most special person who entered my life. My world revolved around you even though I have been absent for nearly / of your short life. Being too far away from you and not being able to protect you, makes me cry. I miss how our laughter used to echo through the house. Today I want to be a source of laughter in your life again.

. Darling you are my baby daughter in heaven, and even though I shed countless tears for you, my love for you will never die. You were taken away from me so early that life has never been the same. But I know that you are up there laughing with God and guiding me as your mother in heaven. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

. Today, I think about heaven and try to ignore the pain that your absence brings. The pain that has torn my soul into pieces. I miss you so much, baby daughter. I wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday with me and fill this whole world with your beautiful smile.

Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world, I miss you every day and that is why I am so thankful for you. Even though you are no longer with us physically, having you in my heart will always make me feel better. My love for you will never diminish and your memory will always be cherished and lived by. I wish we could have spent many years together to celebrate your birthdays but now it is just through written words and thoughts only.

A special heartfelt prayer just for you. I know you’re in a better place but I miss you so much! No amount of time can heal my broken heart caused by your absence in my life. On this special day, let’s celebrate your short time on earth. You are missed and loved, especially by me! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday dear one! I labor with your tears and the pain you left behind. And for today I thank God for you, I will always miss you and I’ll never forget you. May you Rest In Peace!

Happy Birthday! You are as precious and beautiful as a flower. Today, I wish to tell you that you are the finest thing I have ever had in my life. Wishing you a really pleasant day!

My dear mom, I know your birthday is also the day I lost you. I miss you and my baby girl so much. I know it is hard to believe that we will meet again someday. I know you will always be in my heart and soul. I have lots of pictures and photos that I look at every day but the hole in my heart will never be full until I see your face again. Thank you for giving me a chance to be a mommy for my beautiful baby girl.

Certainly, the nice angels in heaven will deliver your wishes to heaven. Go for it! And celebrate your late beloved daughter’s happy birthday. It takes a lot of courage and heart to get over the death of a daughter you love the most. For parents, there is no one endearing and dearer than their children. When a young lovely daughter bubbling with pleasant energy, life, and ready to make a big name for herself bids adieu to the world at such a low age, the hurt parents shatter from outside as well as inside.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven

The grief is immeasurable here and the loss is quite unbearable. However, we have composed heart-melting Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Heaven that you can share with your beloved daughter to enjoy the special birthday of your beloved daughter and express gratitude towards her and pay respect to her.