101+ Happy 4th Birthday Wishes For Boy And Girl

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes



4th birthday of a baby is the most important day for the parents. Birthdays are the greatest blessings of God. This day make us realize the real meaning of life. We took the very first step of our life on the date of our birth. This day is very important for the family and the birthday person. Some people enjoy this day with full celebrations and the other side some of them celebrate it in simple ways. This is the most special day for a person because it is wrapped up with different of memories and excitements.

We expect a lot of prayers, blessings and gifts on this day from our friends and family. We wait for our birthdays the whole year. It is the most special day from the 364 days of our life. This day teaches us the real meaning of life and we become thankful to God for giving us this beautiful and amazing life. We thank God for the little happiness and joy that are life is filled from and this is all because of our birthday. This day holds a special place in everyone’s heart and we feel really blessed while celebrating our birthdays.

4th Happy Birthday Wishes



I might miss July 4th, but I can’t forget your fourth birthday. Have a blast, love.

Four now!! How quickly you’ve grown! Tell me your formula code.

You’re four!! The Amazing Four! A terrific year awaits. Nice birthday!

You were three yesterday and now you’re four! To be magical, how does it feel?
3rd birthdays are overrated, the true bargain is the 4th. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Just guess what? No job today, because your birthday is yours. Congrats today on turning 4.

Fourth Happy Birthday. With four-year-olds in it, life’s so much more enjoyable.

Good morning honey. 4 looks very good on you. Will your 4th birthday be happier than the third of yours. Now, will you always and forever continue giving us that gorgeous smile?!

Happy birthday to the last four-year-old in the area! Welcome to the major leagues for youth.

I can’t believe how tall you’ve grown, happy 4th birthday boy. It’s a day for your friends to eat sweets and cake.

There are many reasons for us to be happy, and you, my precious boy, are one of them. Wishing you a great fourth birthday.

You’re the coolest kid that’s deserving of the cutest party.

Keep developing into the courageous little guy you are, and now you’re turning 4, and that’s amazing.

You’ll be the most loved, the most valuable, the most amazing kid I’ve ever met, forever.

You grew up too soon! My, my, time flies when we have so much fun! Happy 4th birthday!

Happy birthday to the coolest 4-year-old pre-school boy. For your 5th year on Earth, I wish you all the best!

Create 4 wishes, because today you’re 4 years old. Happy 4th birthday!

 Today, you turned four. Are you sure of what it means? You’re a little lady four times over! Happy 4th year!

Today is the particular day of yours. Today, every second is for you. It’s your birthday after all, now let’s hear you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4, I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th year!

It’s your day today. All is about you. You can do so many great things! Nice birthday!

It’s your day today. All is about you. You can do so many great things! Nice birthday!

If your birthday is super awesome and you have a special time, then every wish on this card has fully come true! On your birthday, have lots of fun

Congratulations to the four-year-old child! You should enjoy yourself today as a great queen on your unique B-Day. Wishing you and your friends a great deal of fun!

It’s your fourth birthday and I have to say in so many ways that I’m so fond of you. Happy 4th birthday!

For a four-year-old boy, more birthday wishes!

Guess what today makes you special? Your birthday—you are four now. Happy 4th birthday!

Could your birthday cake be packed with icing and sprinkled with four blowing candles. That’s the perfect way to celebrate a 4-year-old man! Nice birthday!

Uh, one! Two!-Two! Uh, three! Oh! Four! Waiting at the entrance, instructor. I’m sure you’ll be a good student.

Nice to have little friends of yours around. My only buddy at your age was my dog, but it was a nice kid. Happy Fourth Birthday, baby!

Happy birthday to my two cute little child. This is the best blessing that any mother might have. I love you, my pretty twins, more than anything in the world. Happy 4th birthday!

Clocking 4 is not a reason for 4 AM to get up. Go back to bed. The party begins at dawn.

Happy 4th Birthday to the kid who loves to break it all.

The birthday is very memorable one from the whole year. We are very excited on this day because we was born on this day. When we talk about the birthday of our child then we come to know that is the post important day for us. A lot of happiness and joy has taken place at this day. The birth of a child means a lot for the parents and the entire family. A child is the one who opens the door of happiness and joy for the parents. Who makes us stronger to face the different realities of life. He loves us unconditionally and the love for our child is also very pure.

From the day of his birth to the end of life our child becomes the most important part of our life. We feels incomplete without him as we really love him like the most precious thing we ever have. He is the one for him we become stronger to give him a nice future. He makes us easy to deal with different matters of life. Our life is complete when we have a cute little angel in life who makes us feel okay whenever we are sad or depressed. He knows how to create a smile on our face and how to make us feel okay when er are stressed out.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes to my Son


You’re a liar and you took my heart. Wish your mom and you all a sweet fourth birthday.

Happy 4th birthday to the future guy who, by being a really cool boy, made my present

The true power that touches many hearts is your adorable cuteness. My precious little boy, celebrate your 4th birthday.

It’s very fun to play with you. After your 4th birthday bash, let’s spend 4 hours playing. Yeah. Love you, my bro.

Your four-year-old ridicule is angelic. Can Heaven eternally hold you laughing.

For 4 years! Slowly, you seem to grow. Will you grow up easily and play with me? Happy 4th Birthday to the footballer of the future.

My love for you is 4 times larger than your cake for your 4th birthday. 4 of my precious son’s kisses.

My boy, I hope you’ll read “Always stay cool” one day. You know, girls love cool people. You should ask your mother what she loved me for. Enjoy the celebration on the 4th.

WOW!-Wow! Get your muscles tested! It makes you four times stronger than other boys. Proud of you, my boy!

Nothing can be contrasted with the joy you gave to us with much love from your [mom/dad]. Nice 4th birthday, dad!

Happy fourth birthday to your sweetest four-year-old boy!

Wishing a happy birthday to my son! When it comes to you, your daddy and I are always happy, particularly today! In this one, very special day, we get to see the one we love very much! Son, we love you!

It is the best thing in the world to be your mommy! I love having some time with you! You make me grin so much that it looks weird on my forehead! Nice birthday, baby!

Your teacher always tells us how sweet you are, and that in pre-school, you are wonderful! It’s good to hear all the things you already know about your mom and me! We are proud of you so much! Happy birthday to this big kid of ours!

Our child is the greatest blessings of the Lord and we are very lucky when we have a loving and caring child. He helps us in different problems of life. Whenever we are standing in the bad phase of life all alone then our child makes us feel relax and happy just in a sudden.

He or she is our source of happiness and joy. We feels secure and adorable in the love and care of our child. He is the one who knows everything about us. Our child is our best friend because we share everything with him without any worries and tension. He becomes so much close to us that we can never hide anything from our child. He understands our unspoken words and make us feel proud to have him or her in our life.

Happy 4th Birthday to my Daughter Wishes


Tiny angel, happy birthday. You came into my life four years ago, and I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am now. Enjoy the day to the fullest, girl.

I sing to let you know how special you are to me today, and how much you changed the world when you were born to me. It’s your birthday. Happy 4th birthday, darling. Get a fine one.

Sweetheart, happy 4th birthday. I hope that your big day is full of passion, laughter, cookies, desserts, and happiness.

Go out and stretch your arms, Princess its your 4th birthday!

I would do something, my sweetheart, to make you happy. I’m going to safeguard you and show you right from wrong. The day you were born, I secretly vowed this to you but now I vocally promise you this on your birthday.

You get bigger and bigger one step at a time, one day at a time, one month at a time, one year at a time, taller and taller, older and older. Happy 4th birthday, angel of mine.

May God send you more days, months and years to grow larger, bigger, older and more beautiful. Thank you, thank you for your love my princess! happy 4th year!

You are the prettiest girl that I’ve ever met. When you sing, a youth sounds like he’s talking. You’re so cute. I wish you a happy fourth birthday.

Four years already!! How proud and happy you make me baby, grow up, enjoy more and have a nice time kid!

I hope the great storey of your life will begin today and we’re sure you’ll start writing soon. Will this year be a lovely one for us and for you.

Happy 4th Birthday, I hope that your birthday cake will be half the size of your birthday cake so that you can enjoy it a little more.

Today, you’re just four, but you show the characteristics and character of an older person. I can’t wait to see these wonderful things that you will do in life.

Long live the Princess of this wonderful family, and today she turns four. As you keep adding age, I hope that you’ll experience wonderful things in your life.

Enjoy the princess celebration. Will she rule long.You robbed my heart; you, at the age of 4, are a total thief. Happy birthday niece and have a great day ahead of her and a wonderful life.

Let your fourth birthday be packed with lots of passion, laughter and cheer, may everything you keep tight be here to see you blow those candles out. Oh I love you!

I can’t wait for you to grow up to become my mate. One of the best things about life is to have a friend with whom you can share everything. Happy Birthday my girl!

When you are planning to wish the 4th birthday of a child then be sure that his 4th birthday is very special to his parents and as well as the baby who is now turning to a toddler. There are different ways of wishing a 4 year old child but the best one is to make him happier as a toddler.

Deal with him like he is a big boy or big girl now. He is now grown up enough to understand your wishes and the importance of your gifts. You can wish him in different ways. Planning up a surprise birthday party along with his school fellows is the best way. He will surely love your effort and make you feel appreciated for the wishes.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes Boy


Already 4th birthday?! Soon you will have more birthdays than the fingers of your [mother]. That’s WOW alone.

My heart melts with excitement whenever I see my 4-year-old nephew smile. Happy fourth birthday, favourite son.

A lot of gratitude, son, thank you so much for coming at the right time. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are gifts, but you are God’s greatest gift to me. Will you have thousands of moments of happiness and may you stay safe from evil eyes. Happy 4th Birthday.

The most important thing in my life, I call you, and I do it all to make you happy and relaxed. Might your life, as you watch 4, get better.

Can the angels that have so far protected you continue to do so at the age of 4 years. I love you and wish you all the sweetness that this world has to give you!

Don’t go anywhere while you’re looking for the coolest 4-year-old boy; don’t even pretend to look at another human other than a celebrant today. You’re so incredible.

My son’s Happy Birthday! Your family loves you! We are so pleased you are a son of ours! In the universe, there is nobody we could love more!

It’s a sunny bright day, because it’s your birthday, baby! It’s all better, so I’m going to dream about how you were born today! I get to smile, too, even more than you make me smile! Happy birthday to a decent guy and a beautiful son!

Our little son’s Happy Birthday! I hope that like you, your day is super fun! I hope that you and your friends will run about and play all day! I hope that you know how much you are loved by your families!

Moreover, if you are a nearby family member then you can wish him by giving a birthday card enrolled with a lot of birthday wishes and prayers and along with this a surprise birthday party. For sure he will love to read your birthday card with his childhood language.’

Another amazing way of wishing the 4th birthday of a child is creating a beautiful collage of his past 3 years and convert it in the form of pictures and videos. Along with the birthday wish your birthday gift of collage will be loved by the kid and the parents.

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter



We’ve had houses and cars before you come into our lives, but nothing compares to loving you, you are my most precious possession. I eternally cherish you. Get a beautiful daughter of the day.

Be always proud of who you are, for I am your greatest fan, and I love to see the lovely smile on your four-year-old face. I love you honey!

Be strong; never be a follower of your weakness, which has become your strength. May you have a day of blessedness. Happy 4th birthday my girl.

Words are not enough to express my thoughts that your birthday would make me proud. Can you have a happy life with fun activities for a long time. Have a stunning daughter of the day.

It makes me so proud to know that I gave birth to you because you look like an angel to me.

If in my universe you don’t exist, and I’m told there’s a four-year-old girl that’s so eloquent and so wise. I didn’t believe that. I hope this helps keep you going when you grow up.

I forget all my tensions when I am with you and I only keep content and happy. Get a sweet day. Fourth Happy Birthday.

Days always go fast, you’re already four years old, my precious girl, may the Lord bless you with all your needs and may my beautiful princess never miss a single thing.

This is your 4th birthday sister, I hope you make so many nice little memories that someday you’ll forget the days, you’re a happy girl, and I hope everybody’s going to do it.

My dear girl, it’s your fourth birthday, you’re developing too quickly, and I hope I never miss a second, you’re precious to me, have a good day.

The child is now turning into a toddler so you should wish him or her like that. For sure, the above given birthday ideas for a 4 year old baby will be surely loved by the family and the child as well. Along with this we are giving you a huge verity of different cute, funny, heart touching, memorable birthday wishes for a 4 year old child. You can surely select the best one from the below mention 4th birthday wishes to make the birthday of the cute little angel more excited and memorable one.

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