100+Unique Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for boy

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes


Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for boy is the most important year of our life which changes our lives in many ways. This is the year of independence and freedom. When we talk about the importance of our birthdays we come to know that birthdays play a very vital role in our life. It gives us a beautiful throwback of our life past year. We celebrate this day with full enjoyment and love. Some people love to celebrate their birthdays with their family and friends and on the other side, some of them love to celebrate it all alone. Birthdays give us beautiful feelings to go back to the past years of our life.

Heart Touching 17th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Heart Touching 17th Birthday Wishes for Brother


You want to celebrate your 17th birthday with your closest friends and classmates. Be sure to invite them to your birthday surprise party that we throw for you!

Happy seventeenth birthday my boy! You are quickly reaching maturity, and we can only presume that you and your teenage years have loved your childhood before that, too!

Happy birthday, our most cherished one! If you just know how to pause, look around and enjoy them, life has so much to give to you and everyone else around you. May you have a happy 17th birthday ahead of you!

Who would have known that our family’s most mature boy is just 17 today? Happy birthday, our little kid, to you! To no point, we love you!

Happy seventeenth birthday! You may only be a high school grad, but you’re surely behaving more sophisticated than that! So proud of what you have managed so far to do!

Happy seventeenth birthday, dad! You are growing up to be a promising grown-up, and we hope you know how proud we will all be of you.

It’s today, your 17th birthday! We know how overwhelming high school can be at your age, and we hope you can relax with this birthday party we’re throwing for you! Happy  Birthday Son!

In high school, every boy deserves to have a memorable birthday party. Let’s hope you will be made happy by this one! Cheers, New-Boy-17!

Happy seventeenth birthday, dad! You’ve made us the proudest parents in the entire world, and it’s only right that we wish you everything that you’ve ever wanted in life!

Happy seventeenth birthday! We know that we weren’t the easiest parents for you, but you always remembered and knew our motives were good. Brother, we love you.

Happy seventeenth birthday my boy! In my world, you’re the one bright light. And I would love to see you around here for a long, long time.

Thank you very much for being a wonderful friend, an understanding spouse and a patient partner, but happy 17th birthday most of all!

My dearest friend, happy birthday! In making my high school days memorable and fun, you definitely played a strong role. Without you, I couldn’t have done it!

I held you for the first time in my arms seventeen years ago today. I’m starting to keep you a little less close as you move into maturity, but I will never let go of you, my precious son.

Grandson, ever since Day One, you’ve held my heart. Will your birthday be packed as you celebrate 17 years of laughter and love.

Only by being part of it, grandson, you have enriched my soul. To give love and happiness to you on your 17th birthday.

Grandson, it’s beyond me how you matured into a man of 17 so fast. You make me proud every day. The happiest birthday ever is here.

A grandson is a rare gift, and you’ve brought me more pleasure than you’ll ever realize. Happy birthday to the world’s biggest seventeen-year-old.

In life, you gave me my favorite title: grandfather/grandma. Thank you for these 17 years of being such a gift, and may your birthday celebration be great.

Your new age looks amazing on you, and I wish that you will always be so sweet and sexy like this. Happy birthday to the most attractive 17-year-old boy!

Unique 17th Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Unique 17th Birthday Wishes for Grandson


May all your dreams become true, and may the truth become a beautiful dream. Happy seventeenth birthday, buddy. Oh, congratulations!

 you are the Lovely mate, best friend I’ve ever had, congratulations on your big day, turning 17! For your special day, to give you love and joy!

To see you playing with your toys in diapers, to be a single step away from becoming an adult. I’m proud to have seen so much development in you. Happy 17th birthday!

I cannot imagine that my son has grown up! Happy 17th birthday to my imposing and handsome son!

My friend happy 17th birthday! It’s too early to wish you happiness and wellbeing… I wish you an unforgettable and amazing period! Oh, congratulations!

Today is somebody’s 17th! I hope that today you have a happy celebration and that in the coming year you will strive to be the awesome person you are. From the bottom of my heart, best wishes.

I just wanted to remind you, as you turn 17, how much your friendship means to me. Thank you for being there for me at all times. I hope that the smiles, the stories and the fun that we share together will continue for a lifetime. Happy Seventeenth Birthday my boy!

Happy 17th birthday to a special friend of mine! I hope you love your day and wish your 17th year nothing but good luck and happiness.

I wish you the most gorgeous morning, the most lovely day and the most thrilling night of your 17th birthday!

Happy 17th birthday, most lovely son of mine! You changed my life absolutely 17 years ago, but I’m the happiest of all. Thank you for being your favourite son, and don’t skip the remaining 365 days before your 18th! Oh, congratulations!

17 years of joy, passion, fun and, of course, terror, battles and tears. But, you’re an incredible kid, my birthday boy, and all these years have been the best of my life. So, today, have fun! Happy seventeenth birthday!

Have a fabulous birthday, boy! You’re almost a grown-up guy, so I just want to wish you a good year ahead and maybe a girlfriend. Love you today and be patient. Congratulations on your 17th birthday!

Brother, thank you for giving me all these seventeen years of joy. You actually grow up so soon that I can’t even keep up with you. So, happy 17th birthday, my boy. Hope the next year is going to be great!

Happy seventeenth birthday, dear boy! It is a great day today to say that for every minute you make us happy. All you do is fantastic! Thank you for being such a wonderful child!

To my special baby, happy 17th birthday! I hope you love your day and wish you nothing for your 17th year but good luck and prosperity!

Wishing my dearest friend a very special 17th birthday. Keep laughing, enjoying life and being the great person you are!

It’s impossible to imagine that you’re already 17. I’ve known you for 10 years, and now, without you, I can’t picture my life. You, dear, are part of me. Hope. Our relationship is still going to be so good.

Happy 17th birthday to the best and most incredible friend in the whole world! Thank you for all these wonderful years together, because the person you are right now is really incredible! Oh, congratulations!  Love you!

You are celebrating 17 years of your awesomeness today, sweet one. So, like never before, let this day be wild. Don’t hesitate to take me with you, too! happy 17th birthday my boy!

It feels like we began kindergarten just yesterday. It’s your 17th birthday today, and I can’t believe the time is going so quickly. Yet, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my best friend!

I’m giving you 17 kisses and 17 hugs, because it’s your day today, dear, to feel how much I love you and appreciate you. Let your 17th birthday be the day before your 18th, the warmest and the best! We’ll be one team all the time!

Heartfelt 17th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Heartfelt 17th Birthday Wishes for Nephew


Seventeen years ago, a fine stone was born; I wish you had all the nice things life can afford. Happy seventeenth birthday. Get some fun.

Happy 17th birthday to our wonderful boy, we’re proud of you, the best is yet to come, and we have total faith in your ability to carry our family good name.

17, since it marks the end of puberty, is an appropriate number in counting age numbers. Can the days when you enter into adulthood get stronger and brighter. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

You’re a special child, and I hope I can be there anytime you need me, even when you don’t. No matter what someone does, you matter to me. I love you, I love your seventeenth birthday.

I’m happy I said yes to a young man like you, and not only are you young, but you have an old spirit. Happy 17th birthday, my crown of yours. I wish you all year round peace.

May your 17th birthday be more graceful than the last one, may you share your friends with your cake, and may you get all you desire. Oh, I love you.

Happy seventeenth birthday. The sky will be your foot-stepper. Get a gorgeous 17th birthday.

The 17th year of your life is today. I’m going to wish a huge Happy Birthday to an amazing guy I’ve never met before.

All I want to do is wish the best to the most brainy, most humorous, and most extraordinary 17-year-old in the world. I pray that we will forever be friends.

No father would wish for a better son than you, I don’t think. You’re the perfection paradigm. On this road, I hope you will continue to expand. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

They said our relationship began way too soon, but I promised myself that I would never meet a girl like you again. I’m glad you trusted me. Happy 17th birthday my boy!

I hope that in your life, your new age will bring forth a new and glorious leaf. Happy seventeenth birthday.

Hi, it’s your day of freckles. Enjoy and be grateful that not everyone born with you on the same day is still alive. I’m joining you in your celebration of your 17th birthday.

Happy 17th birthday to the one who gave us so much pleasure as we can imagine. As your parents, we will continue to help your life path.

Your progression to the age of 17 is wonderful news for those of us in this home, you mean so much to us, and when you rejoice today we wish you all the best. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

There was a lot of strain from any perspective when I was growing up, which later influenced me, but now you are 17. Live under no burden and fulfil your wishes. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

That’s all I can say and I wish you many happy birthdays. Get a handsome 17th birthday.

Before you came down my way, I never had an interest in ladies. I’m happy we could be together as lovers. You were all mine. Happy 17th birthday to my girlfriend. Remain blessed.

I can never find the right words for you to say that you matter, that you mean everything, and that you have a lot to look forward to. Enjoy your seventeenth birthday, have fun and be happy.

May this birthday remind you more about who you are, what you will do, and what you can do. Remember, you’re always going to be cherished. Happy Brother’s 17th Birthday!

I will tell you all you already remember, happy 17th birthday; it’s not that I enjoy nagging; it’s that I care so much not to repeat myself. Have a blast love.

Short 17th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Short 17th Birthday Wishes for Friend


I want these words to be remembered by you, so I wrote them down. Have a sincere 17th birthday brother; please note that no matter the trouble you’re in, I’m here for you. Happy 17th birthday my champ!

May the stars shine exceptionally bright for you, may your direction be crystal clear and may today become everything that you wish. Happy 17th birthday wishes my boy!

This is a wonderful time in our lives, you’re getting old eventually, I think you’re going to grow in experience and understanding. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

Birthdays are only once a year, so it’s not just a day to celebrate you, because my good son is celebrating you every day. Enjoy the particular day of yours.

Now your ideas will begin to transform into a man’s thinking, where something is more important than just messing around. Happy son’s 17th birthday.

I can guarantee when I’m 17, that I don’t know half of what you know now; it reflects the exponential development in our culture today.

I was too busy to pay too little attention to you, my rising boy; I hope our relationship will be moved to a new stage by this age. Happy 17th birthday wishes!

Can this special day bring you special joy and endless possibilities for you to become what God wishes you to be. My dear boy, Happy 17th birthday to you.

Truly, you deserve the absolute best. An abundance of love and accomplishment will fill your life. Happy 17th birthday!

Today, you’re not just a year old; you’re 17 years smarter than you were when you were born years ago.

Today, another 365 days of adventure begins, 17 of you have already existed, and today your trip takes on another level.

May your 17th birthday be an explosive one before the year after, and maybe the best you’ve ever had.

Your 17th birthday reveals how much you’ve come in life. Be delighted, smile and enjoy the rest of the way today.

When you turn 17 today, may your light never fade. Happy Seventeenth Birthday.

The date brings forth new things; you, my heart, are a true friend. Happy seventeenth birthday to you.

As God has added a year to your year, to live an easy and exemplary life, we pray for wisdom, knowledge, faith and patience. Get a nice 17th birthday.

A long time back, you always called for a birthday bash. You’re going to see it in a completely huge way now. I want to wish you well, just like clock 17.   Happy 17th Birthday.

It’s so special, you have all the courage you need to do whatever you want to do. One of the most special ages is 17. I hope you’ll make good use of your power.

Ah! My! Oh! Glorious that you are 17 today, the lawn will grow green forever. Your problems will shift to your benefits.

I’ll go to the ends of the earth with you, love you very much, and wish you nothing but the best when you mark this special 17th birthday. I love you so much, my darling.

For many people, this day means one to note, apart from your 17th birthday bash, you give us an excuse to get together and connect.

Be smart, my friend, and you will spend a long and prosperous life in good company. Have my love a heartfelt 17th birthday, I’ve always got your back.

I am attending the celebration of a rare 17th birthday of gems with much joy and happiness; you will continue to be a gift to anyone who sees you.

Be a responsible child, take life by the horn, be your mother’s delight, and your father and your life will be so dear to you. My cousin’s Happy 17th Birthday. I want to congratulate you.

Happy 17th birthday, my darling, you’re a beautiful child, and I can’t help but appreciate how quickly you grew up. Can you know right from wrong at all times. Oh, I love you.

I will always want to do the right thing for you, to give you what you want, but not to spoil you too much, to forget the power you have. Get a heartfelt 17th birthday. I love you.

Heartfelt Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Your child is now 17 years old and he is now big enough to deal with different issues of life. He is now permitted for different activities in life. So, when your child turns 17 you should make him feel supportive with your love and care. you should help him to find the right path in life.  Your 17th-year boy needs your love, care, and support on his birthday. He will surely feel more happy and excited when you will make him feel relaxed and make different things easy for him in the Happy birthday 17th-year-old boy of his life.

There are different ways of celebrating the Happy birthday 17 years of your boy but the best one is to celebrate his birthday with happiness and by giving him short advice for the 17th year of his life. He will keep your saying in his mind and for sure lead his 17th year according to your pieces of advice. You can gift him a picture collage of the past 16th years of his life and with each picture, you can attach some funny incidents.

He will love to see the beautiful gift and will feel happy by going back to the throwback of the past 16 years. The birthday wishes said my prayers and love are always loved by the child whether he is 1 year old or 17. Your child will love to celebrate his big day with your blessed and supportive birthday wish. Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for boy should be written with love, care, and different advice. The words said by love in the form of birthday wishes are surely loved by your boy.

This day holds us beautiful memories of our blessed years. Now, when we say the birthday of our child then it comes first in our life. Our child is our first priority. We love him and make him feel happy all the time. We are really blessed when we are having a child in our life. He makes us complete and makes us feel stronger to face the different realities of life. We work hard to give our children a blessed and positive life. The birthday of our child takes us to the throwback of the past years. The year was filled with love, care, and happiness. Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for boy of our child’s life is the most important year for the child and as well as for us.

This is the year when our child will have some responsibilities in life. On the other side, the 17th year of our child’s life changes his life in a very different way. He gets permission to perform different activities easily. In the 17th year, our child needs love, care, and support. He wants to get advised by the different matters of life. It is better to make the 17th year of your boy the most beautiful one by giving him different advice in life. With the help of your support, love, and care he can go through the different issues regarding the 17th year easily.

This content is filled with 100 plus happy 17th birthday wishes for a boy. These wishes are wrapped up with some emotional, supportive, funny, and exciting wishes. You can choose from them to make the 17th year of your boy the most amazing one.

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