100+Lovely Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

The 16th year of life is the most exciting and lovely year. Specially for girls the 16th birthday is a big deal. They are allowed for different things from the family when they turned 16. This year is full of love, excitements and life different challenges. When we talk about the importance of birthdays in life we get to know that this is the most special and worth waiting day of our life. We celebrate this day with full excitement, love and joy with our friends, family and loved ones. Our birthdays are wrapped up with some beautiful throwback of our life.

This day is very special for everyone because it comes with some beautiful highlights of the past years. We are really very blessed when we celebrate our birthdays with our friends and families. People wait for this day the whole year because the importance of birthdays in our heart is very much. Moreover, the birthdays of our girl when she is 16th year old is very special and exciting. We come across the different changing in life that our little princess is now turning into 16 year old young girl.

She is the one who changed our boring life into the most blessed one 16 years back. She is the one for whom we stay stronger in life and work hard to give our child the best future. When it comes the 16th birthday of our girl then the parents and as well as the child is very much excited. She is expecting a lot from the friends and the families. She wants to make her 16th year more special and blessed one with the help of the care love and support of the friends and family. It is the most important turn over of her life because your 16 year old girl will now surely get permission of many thing such as driving, dating, hanging out alone with friends and many more.

Along with the love and excitement we need to teach her different important things on the 16th year of her life. You have to comfort her first on her big day and with some of the good pieces of advice you can make her 16th birthday the most special one. You can make her sit near to you and by holding her hand you can easily let her know the different changes that life will give her on her 16th birthday. Your support will make her a strong young girl and nothing will be more beautiful then this as a birthday gift on her 16th year of life.

Short 16th Birthday Wishes for Girl

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes

As you enjoy your big day, Best Wishes! Sweet 16-I have barely any idea what to say?! Let this year be your best year yet and may an abundance of blessings be given to you! Happy 16th birthday my girl!

You grew up as a really sweet young lady. I couldn’t have been prouder of you. Might your 16th birthday be wonderful and unforgettable. Happy 16th birthday my princess!

Happy birthday to the sweetest 16-year-old I meet! You’ve grown into such a lovely young lady, both inside and out!

Hip-hip-hooray! Hi-hip-hooray! Your big day is here! Might your 16th year be the best year ever for you! I know it’ll be a big success! Happy 16th birthday sweet heart!

16 years and you’ve accomplished so much already! I can’t wait to see what will be brought by 16+ more! With your wisdom and intellect, you are constantly impressing me; you are far too mature for your years! t happiest 16th birthday to you !

From me to you, Happy Birthday! May your year be full of surprises around the corner and wonderful stuff! Enjoy to the fullest your 16th birthday!

From me to you, Happy Birthday! May your year be full of surprises around the corner and wonderful stuff! Enjoy to the fullest your 16th birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday to my dear girl!   I can’t believe that the year has actually arrived-I didn’t think we’d survive those pre-teen years of fear! For your big day, much love to you!

Happy 16th Birthday to somebody so beautiful and delightful that without them I really couldn’t imagine life! You are, inside and out, an amazing human being! Several blessings have been sent your way!

Happy 16th birthday sweet heart! Lots of love and lots of positive wishes are sent your way. You’ve got a lovely life ahead of you and it’s just beginning! Enjoy a very special day here!

happy 16th birthday! You look and smell like a monkey! You smell like a monkey! Love the one one who could get away with your sibling saying that! Having a nice day… at the zoo!

No, I’m not in my pocket with the keys to your new car. No, I haven’t parked your new car in the driveway. Yes, I have a huge ole ‘whopper for you with a birthday wish! Happy Birthday to an Incredible One

It would be to hold you the confident, dazzling, perfect human being that you are right at this moment for all the years to come, if I could owe you something. You’re never going to be 16 again. Enjoy this wonderful, enigmatic, complicated, enjoyable period to the fullest!

Happy 16th birthday sweetheart. In a vast sea of laughter, affection, family, and friendship, may you be engulfed and all-embraced. You really are one sweet one,. happy 16th birthday my girl!

My wish for you today is easy, to have the best day and make the most of your special day! When you turn 16, please get out and enjoy the hell out of it!

If you’re as rare and awesome as your Sweet 16th Birthday, you’re going to have one truly earth-shattering, amazing, wonderful birthday!

Wishing the absolute best to you! Enjoy this big day, please. Three more years before you turn into an adult, you just get to be a true adolescent and not enjoy stuff like water bills, auto insurance, and taxes! happy 16th birthday!

You’re the bravest, bravest 16-year-old I’ve ever seen! Can this 16th year of your life squeeze the hell out of you! Happy 16th year of your life!

Hey, Hurray! Finally, you’re 16 years old. On this special day, may all your dreams take off. You’ll soon be able to partake legally in all activities that make life incredibly enjoyable. Happy Sixteenth!

 happy 16th birthday! You are a great friend, and in my life, I am so fortunate to have you. Thank you for being a wonderful friend like that. I hope this year you can have even more fun trips and have me come along.

On this day, my wish for you is that exciting and happy stuff still comes your way. Live life and have a happy birthday to the fullest, buddy.

In your lifetime, you just turn 16 once, so make sure you get the best out of this very thrilling stage of your life. Happy Sixteenth, Bestie!

Happy 16th birthday to a special friend of mine who knows me from the inside out. Can the seas of peace and love fill your day. Get a terrific one.

I feel so blessed, dear friend, to have you in my life. On this special day, my advice to you is that you can never stop being you just because you’re awesome. Get a super duper sixteenth birthday. Today, we will definitely have a blast!

16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 16th birthday wishes

Sending my amazing friend on her 16th birthday a bouquet of happiness and gratitude. I wish you a magical day brimming with joy and wild fun. I can’t wait to set fire to your sweet 16th band!

Happy sixteenth to my bff. Thanks for making fun of my life. I sincerely think my life without you would have been incomplete. Your 16th birthday, I hope, is as enjoyable and as wonderful as you are. Oh, loving you.

Know, when you mark your sweet sixteen, you can only live a year like your sweet sixteen, so I hope you love every single moment of it. Happy 16th birthday!

Turning 16 is such a big deal, which is why you and I are going to have a party today and have fun like there’s no tomorrow.

Can every sweet moment taking you closer to your dreams being fulfilled. And may your life be made sweeter by these wishes. Happy sixteenth birthday my girl!

Wishing you a life full of magic, curiosity, good luck and friendships. On this special day, that is what we wish for you! Happy sixteenth birthday my princess!

May this birthday come to you with wealth, affection, and happiness because you are the sweetest girl  and you deserve it.

You grow up into an incredible, one-of-a-kind human. Have a blast in your new age of leisure. Happy sixteenth birthday!

You have brought more fun to my life than I could ever have expected. I love you so much, and I hope that your day will be fabulous. Happy 16th birthday, baby!

Happy birthday to my 16th year old baby girl. I would like this birthday to be your happiest and your most unforgettable. A great deal of love and best wishes to you, my sweetheart.

I can’t imagine that this little guy is doing sixteen tuning today. From the centre of my bones, the best birthday wishes. You are going to rock the planet, I’m sure. Enjoy your 16th  birthday.

Sweet 16 Teenage Girl’s Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day to go nuts. Do stuff and things that will make you smile. Happy 16th birthday!

Happy Birthday to a great friend of mine who never ceases to cherish me. You really are wonderful, and I wish you all the joy, because you deserve the best and more. Happy sixteen sweet ones!

It feels like you were a little girl just yesterday, and now you’re a gorgeous lady. Wishing your 16th birthday all the best for you.

Cute and pretty, lovely and stunning. Bubbly and charming, naive and friendly. Dear baby, you are both of the above. Our love is infinite for you. Happy 16th birthday my girl.

Happy birthday to the girl who today is 16. Through these years, you’ve done a lot. In every moment of your life, I hope you find peace.

So many fun things come your way at 16. It’s all right, even cool, to be thrilled with life! Enjoy this year every second! Happy sixteenth birthday!

You wonder why it’s nice to turn sixteen? All this independence you get, but still no accountability. Happy 16th birthday!

A star was born inside you, I feel. Of such brilliance, the internal illumination sparkles. May your 16th birthday shine brilliantly!

Sister, happy 16th birthday. You are surely growing up and exhibiting intelligence. Seeing what wonderful stuff you are accomplishing is cool.

You’re the bravest, bravest 16-year-old that I’ve ever met! Can this 16th year of your life squeeze the hell out of you! Happy Sixteenth Birthday!

Good birthday to my wonderful daughter. May God fulfil all your desires and I pray that in your life, this birthday comes with happiness and prosperity.

My precious little girl’s Happy 16th Birthday. You have grown up both inside and out as a kind, superb and lovely human. I wish you all the best and remember that I am always there for you.

My stunning baby, Happy Sweet Sixteen. You’ve never failed to make mom proud and happy. I wish you the best and I love you. Happy 16th birthday my girl!

You know, girl, I still feel proud and grateful to be like you, the mother of a daughter. I want to tell you on your sixteenth birthday that you’ll never stop smiling. When you smile, you look like an angel. Happy 16th birthday!

16th Birthday Wishes for Granddaughter

Happy 15th birthday wishes

You’re the most valuable girl ever. A visionary and a total thinker at all times! You are the most beautiful 16-year-old girl to deliver with a smile! Happy 16th birthday!

Sixteen candles, one for every wish you make, on your cake. It’s your birthday and you’re the star, and that’s what you are, sweet sixteen. Happy 16th birthday my princess!

Now I can’t imagine that you’re 16. And you’re always going to be the little girl I adore. You’re always the little kid I’ll love forever, no matter how old you get. Nice birthday!

Ever since you were a little kid until the day you become an adolescent girl, you’ve always been your mom and dad’s love. Happy birthday to Sweet Sixteen.

As long as I can keep showering my love for my daughter, now and forever, I will be happy. Happy 16th birthday.

For my precious little 16-year-old girl, what I want is the sweetest one for you, beginning with your sweet 16-year-old… and all your life. Happy 16th birthday!

The world’s most beautiful flower doesn’t belong to a tropical rainforest or remote grassland, it belongs to a family, and it’s my daughter. Happy 16th birthday.

It’s taken 16 years for you to become the exquisite lady you are. On this momentous birthday, congratulations and best wishes. Happy 16th birthday!

How fast time goes, I can’t believe it. You’ve turned into a stunning young lady in the blink of an eye. Wishing you all the best for this special day, and for all that is yet to come.

You grew up being such a phenomenal lady! Wishing you the most beautiful celebration of the Sweet 16.

The little girl is a lady now. Might your 16th birthday be a happy one. Happy 16th year of your life!.

I still remember cuddling you in my arms and humming a lullaby to you. Yet it makes me understand how time flies to see you all grown up. Happy 16th birthday to my daughter.

Life is strange, because at funerals, a man does not weep and a man does not cry at all, but I did it today because of the love I have for my daughter. Happy 16th birthday!

The best years of your life are these. Make the most of it if you really want to enjoy it, and never misuse it. Happy friend’s 16th birthday!

Dear best mate, Happy 16th birthday. For me, you’re more than a friend. Love and best wishes to you. Happy 16th birthday my girl!

To the most amazing human being, happy birthday. I always think of myself as being lucky to have a friend like you. Enjoy the big day of your life and never forget to smile. Happy 16th year of your life girl!

Happy sweet sixteen to my sweetest friend. I have never seen an amazing and positive friend like you. You’re really making me learn smarter. Thank you for all this and enjoy it until the last time.

Happy 16th Birthday to my amazing friend! I hope your special day is perfect and you get everything you ever wanted and more!

16th Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy 16th birthday wishes

It’s easy to express my wish for you, but it’s not so easy to do: I hope you live a complete life… full of fun and wonder, full of caring families, full of trustworthy friends at last. Happy Sixteenth!

This is a special day of mine, your birthday. Whether it’s as special as you are, it’s going to be exceptional. Happy sixteenth birthday!

Hoping that your visions will take flight today, so that you can soar with laughter in your heart and the breeze under your wings through life’s storms and sunshine. Happy sixteenth birthday!

You just can’t call yourself a teen. Other than that, you are. You are nearly an adult at 16! I respect you a lot. And I am so proud of you. Happy sixteenth birthday!

So many fun things come your way at 16. It’s all right, even cool, to be thrilled with life! Enjoy this year every second! Happy sixteenth birthday!

So many fun things come your way at 16. It’s all right, even cool, to be thrilled with life! Enjoy this year every second! Happy sixteenth birthday!

Say farewell to dating, spin the bottle and say hello. Say goodbye to hidden messages and say goodbye to the bull sessions. Say goodbye to the bus and say goodbye to your bike! Yeah, 16 sounds fantastic. Happy Sixteenth!

May you go farther than you ever expected, push the envelope and break new ground as you can only do as someone as unbelievable and special as you can! Happy sixteenth birthday!

You were never scared of transition. You know no fear. You are the bravest 16-year-old that I know. You’re making me feel happy. Happy 16th  birthday!

Turning 16 has its responsibilities. To be the sweetest you can be, you have a responsibility. Mostly, at your sweet sixteen, you have an obligation to have a sweet time. Happy Sweet 16, honey!

“Sweet” just starts representing you. In more ways than one, you’re an amazing daughter! We’re so lucky to be parents to you. It’s you we hug! Happy sixteen sweet ones!

The 16th of May is a sweet year. Can every sweet moment taking you closer to your dreams being fulfilled. And may your life be made sweeter by these wishes. Happy sixteenth birthday!

Wishing you a life full of magic, curiosity, good luck and friendships. On this special day, that is what we wish for you! Happy sixteenth birthday!

There aren’t many cute 16-year-old girls like you, I suppose. I’m also willing to bet there aren’t many, darling, as rare or as stunning as you are. As good as your 16th birthday, may your life be!

Will you be surrounded by an abundance of happiness, fun, cake, presents, good wishes and loved ones on your special day! Happy sixteenth birthday!

Take the opportunity to celebrate your 16th birthday and every day of this year, even though you’re on the cusp of growing up, seeing what adults experience. Just once in your lifetime are you 16.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone at 16 to embark on a lifetime’s adventure… your existence. Yeah, it is time to get to show the world what you’ve got. And what you’ve got is a bad lot. Just make us happy! Happy Sixteenth!

You aren’t just a teen anymore. At 16, you’re so much more mature. May you appreciate wonderful things, for on your special day you can just get the best (every day, for that matter). happy 16th birthday my girl!

At 16, you think about life and love too much. You continue to look past yourself and notice the world that is around you. You’re starting to see all the marvellous stuff ahead of you. Starting with your birthday, taking one day at a time. Happy Sixteenth!

Happy 16th birthday. I can’t believe that 16 years have gone so soon, but as I look at you, I can see that you have matured into a stunning young man with an ancient character.

It’s a sweet, sweet moment here. Since you’re the sweetest guy I meet, a girl turning 16 should have the sweetest birthday she could ever wish for (and more).Happy 16th birthday!

May you not only have wings for each of your 16th birthday wishes, may they even take you to a happier spot. Happy 16th birthday!

I hope you’ll get to have and eat a birthday that’s sweeter than a birthday cake. Happy 16th birthday my girl!

At 16, you did more than I could ever have expected. It is not enough to just say “I’m proud of you”. I’m stunned by you. Happy birthday, star!

Best Happy 15th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Your 16th year old girl is now grown up enough. She needs your love, support and care more then the birthday presents. The gifts wrapped up with some beautiful, heart touching and worth reading birthday wishes will surely get appreciated by your 16 year old girl. Life is taking a beautiful turn in your girls life. The way you support and love your girl on her 16th birthday will always be remembered by her and in addition to it all of the support and the good advises for your young girl will surely make her excited and happy on her big day.

Every child needs your love and support on their big days. They want to make this special day more special by celebrating it with the friends and family. Surprising your 16th year old girl with a good and exciting birthday party along with her friends will surely make her happy on her big day. The young girl will always remember her 16th birthday as it is the most important year of her life. Your love, support, care showed in the birthday wishes will make the 16th birthday of the your girl the most amazing and exciting one.

This content is filled up with 100 plus happy 16th birthday wishes for girl. You can select from it to make the 16th birthday of your girl the most amazing one with your sweet, heart touching and amazing birthday wishes.