100+Heart Touching Happy 14th Birthday Wishes For Girl

Happy 14th Birthday Wishes

Happy 14th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are the highlights of our life. This is the most important part of our life. We wait for this day whole year just to spend some special moments with our friends and family. Moreover, our birthdays give us a beautiful throw back of the past years of our life. This day holds a special place in our heart and our life. People celebrate this day with their loved ones but some of us wants to celebrate this day all alone. When we talk about the birthdays of our child we come to know that it is the most special day of our life. This day is filled with blessings and love.

We love this day because a lot of beautiful memories are covered in this day. The birthday of our child take us to the throw back of the past years of our life when our child entered our life and made it the most blessed one. We feel really happy to celebrate the birthday of our child because it comes with different beautiful memories and good incidents. Our child is the greatest blessings of the Lord. Moreover, if our child is a daughter then it becomes a cherry on the top. Daughters holds a very special place in the heart of the parents. They love us unconditionally and makes us feel relax and comfortable even at the hardest period of our life.

The importance of our child can  not be explained in words or sentences because our child is the greatest blessings of the Lord and we are in complete without it. She makes us stronger to face the different realities of life. A 14th girl old girl is grown up enough and she understands the different values of life. She expects a lot from the parents and as well as the family specially on her birthday. More then birthday presents your 14th year old girl needs your support and courage to handle this teenage life with strength and love. Our girl needs us with some beautiful and amazing piece of advice.

When it comes the 14th birthday of our girl she becomes confuse more then happy because she is now stepping into the big world with a lot of responsibilities and worries. When you treat her with love and care on her 14th birthday then she really feel happy and comfortable on her big day. Your child needs your love and wishes on their big day more then the birthday presents. For sure they will love your birthday gifts if they are wrapped up with beautiful and amazing birthday wishes and prayers that will surely give them strength and courage to face the teen age of life with strength.

Short 14th Birthday Wishes For Girl

happy 14th birthday wishes

It’s your fourteenth birthday! Making the best of this from dawn till night falls. With a strong mind and a joyful heart, begin your new year. There is a bright future ahead of you. Wish you the best birthday my girl!

Thank you for being one of the reasons why we’re happy. I’m praying that today you will be a lot better because it’s your birthday. Your dream TV shows will be appreciated. Best birthday to my sweetheart who’s just turning. Happy 14th birthday!

My sweetheart, you were a gift to us, and one of the reasons why you should be grateful to God. Enjoy your 14th year of life. I hope you will become as stunning as Belle. Happiest birthday there! Happy 14th birthday my girl!

How could I forget when I laid my eyes on you for the first time and touched you? Your first scream, to my ears, was like poetry. You’re 14 now! Each year, you grow prettier. Happy 14th Birthday, honey!

Maybe I’m not the greatest dad and I’m sorry about it, but I still wish you happiness and prosperity. I might be far away, but I think of you all the time. Happiest birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy yourself being 14.

My girl is 14. Don’t forget to brush your teeth or the candles on your cake are going to blow you out. I know you’re a teenager, so you need those updates every now and then. Happy 14th  best birthday!

Happiest 14th birthday to my dearest. You turned me into a proud dad. Let the love of God envelop you and may His mercy be enough for you. For your good health and great success, I will always pray.

When you were young, you were such a crying infant. You even cried out for something ridiculous. You’ve mellowed now that you’ve evolved. Have a happy 14th birthday, little sister of mine!

We really are sisters and we have memories of relationships of love-hate, arguing for toys, and fighting for who is going to do the dishes. Whatever, whatever. I always love you at the end of the day. Get a marvellous 14th birthday!

It was great watching you grow up to be a lovely girl. Enjoy yourself being 14. You’ve got a marvellous life ahead. I hope that when you make your decisions, you will have wisdom. Happy 14th birthday my girl!

I hope that Allah will keep you safe and will teach you on earth His wonders. Will all good stuff, such as good health, joy and prosperity, be upon you. Get a marvellous 14th birthday!

Fresh beginnings are outstanding and it’s a sign that you will continue to improve, become stronger and not look back on your past mistakes. May you, my dearest, remain good. Happiest birthday on the 14th!

You’re such a sweet inspiration to us, our dearest. You genuinely make us proud. I hope that, with His infinite blessings, God will shower you and your kin. Love you, child of mine. Best Fourteenth Birthday!

It’s a nice day to have fun and toast, because my daughter just turned 14 today. Having you in the house is a joy, dear. Keep living your time as a youth. Happy 14th birthday!

Yes, my dearest, all the good times we’ve enjoyed are treasured. To me, they are precious. For your life, thank Goodness. Hugs and kisses on your birthday from Grandma. Happy Fourteenth birthDay!

Are you now 14? I couldn’t imagine it. Where has time gone? I suppose I’ve got to learn how to make time stop. Happiest birthday, sweetheart. Get a marvellous year ahead! Happy 14th birthday my girl!

It’s a mystery how children grow up so easily. Now, as a teen, you are in your second year. Happiest birthday on the 14th, dearest sibling. You will stay away from poor influence, I pray. All the time, may God lead you. Happy 14th birthday!

Dearest, I know you have many dreams, and I hope that God will make these things possible. Will he be kind to you this year. Have a fun fourteenth birthday my girl!

May the course towards your objectives be smooth, my dearest. You are striving for grandeur, and I know you can do it. Have a great 14th birthday, you young girl!

I am so grateful that I have a child. I thank God that He has entrusted you to me, baby. You turned 14 today. Enjoy a special day and maybe you will have the best year ever. Happy 14th birthday!

Lots of people say you are my mini-me. They’re just not sure how proud I am of you. Have a magnificent 14th birthday, dearest daughter. I’m so curious about what the future holds.Happy 14th birthday!

Today is an exceptionally joyful day because it is my precious daughter’s 14th birthday. Thank you for giving me a reason every day to get up and do my best. You’re my pleasure and my life. WISH YOU The best 14TH birthday!

I never knew how, when I got you, I could feel so much pleasure. Your birth has changed my life and it’s a reminder today. Happiest birthday, most favourite child! May God be merciful to you. Happy 14th birthday!

When I look at you, and particularly on your birthday, I always thank God. You are a wonderful reminder to me of how amazing God is. I wish you a year of prosperity. Happiest birthday on the 14th year!

My sweetheart, you are such an adorable kid. You’re everything I was looking for in a guy. God, through you, has rewarded me. The happiest fourteenth birthday. For your friends and family, celebrate your special day. Happy 14th birthday!

You became Mommy’s cool little girl who grew up as a teenager. You have been the sunshine of my days. Have a great time, darling, on your 14th birthday!

Long 14th Birthday Wishes For Girl

Happy 14th birthday wishes

You look just like your aunt, my lovely girl. I respect both of you. Today, on your 14th birthday, I pray that as you travel through life, God will lead you and lead you to better roads. Wish You The best 14th birthday!

Happy 14th birthday to the sweetest girl in the world. My prayer is that you’ll be able to make a difference by using your full potential. I know success is waiting for you. Oh, go for it!

No precious stone, my love, will ever be equal to your value. You’re shining far more than they all combined. Do not let the sparkle dull everyone. Happiest 14th birthdaY!

My precious daughter, you shine the brightest for me. Keep on being a beacon that shines for everyone. May your life, even though you are still young, be a positive influence. The happiest fourteenth birthday. A tonne of Mum’s love. Happy 14th year of your life!

Happy 14th birthday, girl. Know that you’re a special guy. You have unique abilities that you can use when you drive towards accomplishment.

Your 14th year is going to be an interesting year. Learn fresh stuff and try new things. I pray that, as you rise, God will protect you against hurt. Have a splendid 14th birthday, dear!

Dearest, on your 14th birthday, I hope that when you make big decisions, God will continue to direct you. I don’t want you to have big regrets. If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy 14th birthday!

It makes me feel proud to have a son like you. And if you’re a kid, thank you for not causing me headaches. Happiest birthday there! Now that you’re 14, celebrate your big day.

I always pray for you, particularly in whichever area you chose, for good health, long life and prosperity. As God blesses you, do not forget to be a blessing to others. Happiest birthday on the 14th year of your life!

You’ve just turned 14, so you have the face of being a grown-up. I am grateful I raised you well. You’re making me feel happy. Happy birthday, dearest daughter of mine.

My sweetie, even though you’re a kid, I’ve never experienced being stressed because of you. You are a polite and loyal son of that kind. Hey, thank you. May God bless you ever more. Happiest birthday on the 14th birthday!

Now you’re 14 and I know that eventually you’re going to be an adult. My dream is for you to have the greatest time of your life, and for you to have done many lessons to prepare you for adulthood. Happiest birthday girl!

It’s your fourteenth birthday, dearest brother. I thank God that he has made me an amazing brother. Thank you when I’m weak, for being my strength. Enjoy the particular day of yours.Happy 14th birthday!

They say what you are doing in the moment is what you are going to do in the future. But don’t ever stop pursuing and striving hard for your dreams. Get a marvellous 14th birthday!

I know that in the area that you will pick in the future, you will excel because you are hard-working. Happiest birthday on the 14th! Will today be packed with your loved ones’ surprises and God’s thanksgiving.

Time has gone too easily, and I thank God for leading you to be a responsible and mature teen. Enjoy the joy of your 14th birthday.  Wish you  The greatest birthday!

For making us meet, I thank destiny. It’s easy for you to get along, which is why people are quickly drawn to you. Thanks for being a pal of mine. Have a happy 14th birthday!

You’re one of the only 14-year-olds who’ve got people’s hearts. Continue to be a positive example for youth. Respect yourself too much! On your special day, have a blast!

Be the person you can be, and your hard work will be appreciated. Let’s have a cool celebration on your brother’s 14th birthday. You could have more to come.

I pray that our Father, the Lord, will protect you from harm. I hope that, every day, you will taste triumph. On your 14th birthday, have fun, my sister.

Throughout my stay on earth, I have encountered distinct things. You’re one of the joys I like to hold in mind. I’m proud that we’re sisters. Enjoy your birthday on the 14th!

You are a kind soul, and I hope life is going to be kind to you. Will the Lord Almighty bless you with stuff that you can’t picture. Get a fun 14th birthday!

That poise and the aura of a strong model, you have it. I know that you can be one that you want to try. We’ll be here to help you, whoever you want to become, sis. Get a fabulous 14th birthday!

Hon, I know you’re doing the best that you can to get decent marks. Congratulations on a well-done work. I pray that God will provide you with the skills to understand each lesson well. Get a marvellous 14th birthday!

Dearest sister, now that you are respected and loved by all for being such a good guy, please. Before blowing out the candles, you should make a wish. I know such wishes will be fulfilled by Heaven. Happy Fourteenth Birthday!

You may still be young, but big things begin with small things. Begin working on everything you wish to do. To cheer for you, I’ll be there. Happiest birthday on the 14th year of your life!

14th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy 14th birthday wishes

When the sun rises on this particular day of your life, it is a symbol of the new age, a happier path. I wish you all the best. Happy 14th Birthday, enjoy it.

Mickey Mouse, happy birthday! Today you have turned 14. Can your birthday bring you as much pleasure as you’ve always brought us. Keep cool and enjoy the cartoons you make. Happy 14th birthday!

Since you came into our lives, you’ve been a blessing. Happy 14th Birthday to you, my dear doll. Can you grow up to be the prettiest white snow to meet your prince.

I was packed with tears and smiles when I first heard you sob. You have grown in the middle of all the roses to be my golden rose. Enjoy your homework on your 14th birthday.

I’m so sad that I wasn’t the best dad that you expected me to be. It’s your 14th Birthday and I’m not close to making you smile. I say, from my heart, Happy 14th Birthday Daughter.

Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth while blowing the candles on your cake. So the cake will not be tainted by you. Enjoy this band.Happy 14th birthday!

It’s so crazy how quickly you have grown up. Crying boy. You were still moaning for my milk and my ice cream. Today, I can’t believe you are 14. Your dear sister, Happy 14th Birthday.

There are small battles we have for our toys. But that’s not going to stop me enjoying you, my partner in crime. Oh, today we have a job. Candies and desserts from the process.Happy 14th birthday!

Life is so amazing, insane sometimes, and enjoyable sometimes. Your childhood was enjoyable and crazy. Today you hit 14! Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy and pleasure. Happy 14th birthday my girl!

With all the wonderful things in creation, may Allah bless you. All I ask in my prayers for you is good health, prosperity, happiness and a long life. Blissful 14th birthday!

A sign of a fresh start can still come with love and laughter. I always wish you a happy 14th birthday, my kind sweetness. Will your new age be enriched with all the needs of your spirit. Happy 14th birthday my child!

Our prayers are with you still. Can God shine upon you and your family with his face. May God grant you wisdom and good health. Have a good day. I love you, my granddaughter.

You are not yet an adult, so stop feeling more important than reality. Wonders can never cease to exist. You are 14 years closer to extinction. Happy 14th birthday my child!

Your 14th birthday is the day when you get to start on another ignorant 365 days of your wretched life. Hope this time around, you survive. Happy 14th birthday!

It’s a day of celebration today, because it’s my daughter’s 14th birthday. Every second, every day of your life, enjoy it. My sweetest apple pie. Happy 14th birthday to you.

Precious moments that we spent with you together. For me, they’re more precious than money. I want to wish you a joyful birthday. It’s your God made day today.

You’re as sparkling as a morning star, as stunning as the valley roses, and as awesome as a child. Happy 14th birthday to you, my sister. Let it be a special year with a great deal of affection.

Today is a wonderful day for this team, as we celebrate our special and fast-growing 14th birthday. Enjoy your  special day.

Let the beginning of fresh and exciting things be your 14th birthday, may you remain blessed, content and so safe. Can you continue to make this family a happier one. God bless this new era of yours.

If there’s something that I’m proud of, it’s just having you as a kid. Happy birthday to my fourteen-year-old girl!

Goodbye to childhood. You are an adolescent today. I wish you all the best that could come out of it. Happy birthday, my fourteen-year-old friend!

When you have optimistic entities surrounding you, life is beautiful. You are young, and full of energy and experience. Happy birthday on the 14th year of your life!

Today is not only your birthday, but a big day of celebration for us all. We are so proud of what you have become and wish you perfection in everything you do, as you turn 14 today. Happy 14th birthday my girl!

Your 14th birthday will mark better marks, distinction from your peers and achievement in the pursuits of your life. Get a wonderful friend throughout the day! Happy 14th birthday my princess!

I say happy birthday to an incredibly cool, young and ambitious person. I hope that your birthday gets you closer in life to your greatness.

14th Birthday Wishes For 14 Years Old Girl

Happy 14th birthday wishes

May the Lord continue to bless you and, as you turn 14, keep you safe. Having a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful girl’s 14th birthday!

I can’t be on your 14th birthday, but I hope my presence will be felt by this card, my love, have a wonderful birthday, you are special! Happy 14th birthday my girl!

It’s time to live like there is no tomorrow, have so much fun on your 14th birthday that you would regret it on your 15th, happy birthday darling!

Happy 14th birthday to a special 14-year-old kid, you’re rising so quickly, but I’m glad that I don’t miss a moment of your remarkable transition! Have a wonderful 14th year of your life my girl!

I think you’re the biggest 14-year-old who ever lived, you love, you hurt, but most of all you pick up and smile, I love you, have fun! Happy 14th birthday!

Happy 14th birthday, can you make life’s best decisions, life isn’t difficult, people make it difficult. Enjoying yourself when you are still young. But still try to be respectful even to your elders.

Hugs and blessings to grace your sweet 14th birthday. Giving you kisses. I present you, as your lovely dad, with the best gift of all, unconditional love. Can health and prosperity evolve with you. Happy 14th birthday!

When you’re getting old. There is one thing I wish you; prosperity and progress with all your efforts. Happy birthday to you on the 14th!

I thought we would have a wonderful friendship together right from the first day we became friends. You’re bold, funny, and intelligent. Happy 14th birthday!

I thought we would have a wonderful friendship together right from the first day we became friends. You’re bold, funny, and intelligent.

As a youth, you have demonstrated an exceptional character deserving of an adult. I am proud of what you truly are. Happy birthday on the 14th year of your life!

You were not only an obedient kid, but you were a great source of inspiration for us as well. I wish you all the best things, happy 14th birthday my girl!

You are slowly going from becoming an adolescent into adulthood. I hope that you have the happiest days as an adolescent for the rest of your life.  Happy 14th birthday my girl!

Much as yesterday, fourteen years came and went. You’ve really grown into a loving, clever and gentle human. Happy 14th birthday!

Wherever you are, people can fall in love with you at any moment. You are a very sociable person and one of the greatest people I have ever known. Happy birthday on the 14th year of your life!.

I’ve been looking, and I doubt I’m ever going to find a 14-year-old with a heart like yours, make your name, and be scared to be you. Oh, I love you! Happy 14th birthday!

Big dreams begin with modest beginnings. When you mature into maturity, I am sure that you can learn more about life and achieve your full potential.

Days like these take me back to when you were just a little baby and I held you in my arms, you are now 14 but I still see the little fragile kid that I loved from day one, have fun on your birthday!

You’ll always be the 14-year-old I’m proud of, speak your mind, have fun, and most of all, understand what you can, no matter what happens. Happy 14th birthday!

I may be old, but my heart will always pound to see you evolve into the amazing young adult that I know you are going to be, my love’s happy 14th birthday!

You may have taken your mom’s heart for a wonderful time at your 14th birthday, but you will always have my spirit, a jolly good time! happy 14th birthday!

You are more valuable to me than everything I have ever possessed. You are my 14-year-old hero, and I pray you will last forever than all the stars in the sky. Happy 14th birthday my girl!

Can passion, dedication and good fortune accompany you, have an amazing birthday dearest, all the days of your life. Happy 14th birthday my girl!

Both of us are delighted to have you as our classmate. You were a true friend to all of us and we would like to wish you a happy 14th birthday.

Have a wonderful 14th birthday, a great legend was born on this day and cherished and cared for him by all those around him, you can never miss as long as we’re all here: remember that!  Happy 14th birthday my girl!

Might this 14th birthday teach you to enjoy what you have and look not at what you don’t, have a wonderful 14th birthday my dear, I love you! happy 14th birthday!

Unique Happy 13th Birthday Wishes For Boy

There are different ways of celebrating the birthday of a 14th year old girl. The best and most amazing one is to celebrate it by giving her the surprise birthday party with her friends, family and loved ones. Making her strong on her 14th birthday can be the most important and special birthday gift. Telling her the past beautiful incidents of her life can also be the most beautiful gifts. You have to make her feel happier on her 14th birthday and make her more relax and comfortable with your love, wishes and prayers.

This content is filled with amazing, heart touching, lovely and supporting happy 14th birthday wishes for girl. You can choose the best one to make the birthday day more beautiful. Along with this you can select these wishes to make your girl feel stronger and happier in the 14th year of her life.