100+Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes


Birthdays are the most important and special days for everyone. This day comes up with a lot of blessings and love. We go to the throwback of the past few years of our life on our birthdays. Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for Boy, this day holds up every special memory of the boy’s life. We celebrate this day with love and excitement. Some of us love to celebrate our birthday with our friends and family and on the other side, some of us love to make it more special all alone by recalling our beautiful memories and the amazing time. Birthdays signify the beauty of our life.


Short 12th Birthday Wishes for Boy

Short 12th Birthday Wishes for Boy

12th Birthday Caption


Twelve cheers are here for you. Now that you are 12, make sure that every second of this special age is enjoyable. Happy 12th birthday!

Big boy’s happy birthday! Now that you’re 12, now that you’re actually old enough to hang out in town with the big boys, enjoy your day!

Someone as special as you sure deserves a big celebration on your special day… Happy 12th birthday!

There are probably many wonderful stuff that come with a year, hours in a clock, a dozen eggs, zodiac signs, and flowers in 12 months! And significantly… YOU!

My dearest boy, Happy 12th birthday… May you see life through the eyes of a boy, but with the heart of an angel.

Somebody shared with me a very important saying on my 12th birthday that I also want to share with you… May you have a very happy 12th birthday!

I was never so excited like I am today for your birthday at all. My little boy’s happy 12th birthday!

Happy birthday to you, my dearest son, you hardly look older than an eleven-year-old boy somehow. Yet it is a wonderful thing that your young looks have been made up for by your maturity.

Oh, birthday, happy! One year more, and you’re going to be a true teenager.

Happy twelfth birthday! You’re not a big boy, you’re a young adult, though. For just the way you are now and whoever you become, I love you my boy!

Happy twelfth birthday to you! I hope that today you’ll feel really special. It is not every day, after all, that you celebrate your birthday.

Happy birthday to you. You’re finally old enough to have a blast on your birthday at the age of 12, but you’re still too young and broke to be in serious trouble, so be very careful!

Turning 12 is a rocking age too. So bring all your mates together, jump back, sing, dance, rock & roll! Happy 12th birthday!

Happy twelfth birthday, big boy! You truly made me incredibly happy ever since you were born. This day, I am planning to make your day to become even more special and happy.

Happy birthday my big boy. You may be a grownup now, but for me, you are still that cute boy I know.

You only turn 12 once in your lifetime, so you have to make the most of this special day. Happy birthday!

Happy 12th birthday to you! You now have all the power in your hands to use it well.

Birthdays are like shooting stars and, in the blink of an eye, they are spectacular moments in our lives where you can make wishes. Enjoy this time, your happy twelfth birthday!

Birthdays, particularly if they result in someone as incredibly special as you are, are so special. Happy twelfth birthday!

Happy birthday! I hope your 12th birthday is so special that before the next one, you will recall any and every wonderful moment.

Happy birthday! Hope your birthday is going to be 12 times better than you ever imagined. Really, you deserve a huge party, so get up and have a blast!

That your birthday should be a national holiday is truly special to you. I bet all of your friends and family, whether they have a day off school to celebrate your special day, would think so, too. Happy 12th birthday!

Remember, the older you get, the more I love celebrating your special day with you. That is because, every day, I love you more and more. Happy 12th birthday my son!

My boy, happy twelfth birthday to you. One more year and you’re going to be a teenager, so this year, enjoy becoming a kid.

12th Birthday Wishes for Son

12th Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 12th Birthday Son Messages


My son Happy 12th Birthday! I can’t imagine that for 4382 days now you have been around. You are really getting old… enjoy yourself and be comfortable!

Being 12 is genuinely underestimated. Look at exactly how cool you are! Happy 12th birthday!

In specific, now that you are 12, you are so cool. So here are 12 cheers for you… Hip hop hooray on your birthday! Happy twelfth birthday!

To me, you are so precious. You’ll be famous someday. Maybe you’re going to be a successful soccer player or a fire fighter. Regardless of what the future holds, You will always remain in my heart. Happy 12th birthday!

Happy 12th birthday, my little darling baby. I wish I could walk into your shoes just for today, just like a celebrity, because you’re going to be treated like a princess just because you really deserve the best!

You have a magical twelfth birthday. When you blow your 12 candles, gobble down lots of cake, and open up as many presents as you can, it will be a wonderful day. Love you my boy!

On each candle you blast, twelve wishes come true. If 12 is way so many numbers, then I’m going to give you some of my wishees. Happy 12th Birthday!

Number 12 reflects a dozen roses per year and twelve months per year. Now that you’re twelve, you’re actually going to join that club twelve years into your life. Kiddo, happy birthday to you!

Happy 12th birthday, my little darling baby. I wish I could walk into your shoes just for today, just like a celebrity, because you’re going to be treated like a princess just because you really deserve the best! Happy 12th birthday!

You have a magical twelfth birthday. When you blow your 12 candles, gobble down lots of cake, and open up as many presents as you can, it will be a wonderful day.

On each candle you blast, twelve wishes come true. If 12 is just too much of a total, then some of my wishes will be sent to you. May you have a joyous twelfth birthday, my dear!

Number 12 reflects a dozen roses per year and twelve months per year. Now that you’re twelve, you’re actually going to join that club twelve years into your life. Happy birthday!

You deserve to have the greatest group of all time. Know, just once in a lifetime can you turn 12.

Happy 12th birthday. Can your twelfth year be as wonderful as the previous years of your life!

Happy birthday! The more you praise and enjoy life, the more worth praising for that there is in your life. May you be as great as you are on your 12th birthday!

Take the time to enjoy your life this year, because it is completely awesome.

Happy twelfth birthday to my son! I can’t believe how easily time goes! It’s your twelfth birthday, so have a blast and enjoy it!

Birthday wishes for a fabulous boy. Happy 12th birthday to you… Next year, you’re going to be a teenager, so love being young and having fun.

Terrific, wacky, passionate, faithful, flexible and amusing… that spells TWELVE and that spells you too! Happy birthday!

Any single candle you blast is going to make a dream come true. Happy 12th birthday to you!

Happy twelfth birthday! Just as yesterday, it appears that you were just eleven. Love you my boy!

If I had to guess your size, I would never have thought that you were 12. I assume you’re about 144 months old, I suppose. Happy twelfth birthday!

12 can be a daunting age. This year could be the season for bullies, stern parents and even puberty to be dealt with. Don’t panic, though, because the great thing is that you’re growing up in the Internet age. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Here’s a wish for all of your hopes and wishes on your birthday to come true. Don’t hesitate to have a blast, ever!

Happy twelfth birthday! My wish is for all the wishes for your birthday to come true!

Just as yesterday, it appears that you were a year younger. Slow down… do not grow up so soon, my little one! Happy birthday!

12th Birthday Wishes for Nephew

12th Birthday Wishes for Nephew


Your birthday marks the beginning of a glorious year in the life of a human. So we’re going to celebrate and have a blast! Happy twelfth birthday!

It doesn’t feel like 24 hours is a long enough time to mark your birthday. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dearest son of mine.

Are you still confident that you’re older? You never look older than you used to be a few years before!

Since it’s your birthday, you can certainly do anything you want, as long as you are your size… Happy twelfth birthday to you!

I’d like to wish you a very happy 12th birthday, but I’d rather ask for a happy 12th birthday!

Your birthday is truly a wonderful occasion to celebrate, in my experience. I have celebrated times of less significance!

Just imagine, if you weren’t born in our house, what it would be like. You’ll be out of room for sure by now, my little brother’s happy twelfth birthday!

Maybe you can’t change your age, but you can still change your hair colour. Happy twelfth birthday my son!

If I advise you to have a really happy birthday, are you going to take my advice, actually? Nonetheless, I wish you would have a wonderful 12 birthday my son!

A birth is such a lovely thing, particularly if it results in such a lovely individual like you. My beautiful daughter’s happy twelfth birthday.

Happy twelfth birthday! Your birthday is a major reminder that you’re just a human being, really. Although sometimes, because of all the amazing things you can do at such a young age, I tend to think of you as a superhero. Happy birthday to my little son.

Keep ageing, young boy, just like a good wine… and make sure you celebrate your 12th birthday.

Every year that you find yourself alive is justification enough to rejoice. That is what makes birthdays much more special. Happy 12th birthday my son!

To a lot of people, your life has been such a great blessing. Your birthday is also a perfect occasion for celebration. Happy 12th birthday!

It is impossible to imagine that next year you are going to be a teenager! I hope your birthday will be one that’s extra cool. Happy birthday my boy!

If you strive on becoming an adolescent and growing up a bit more, I hope you appreciate the coming year.

Happy 12th birthday to someone who, on this particular day and every day of the year, should get what they want. love you my boy!

Every day, you grow up a little more and I hope you’re celebrating your 12th birthday!

You get a bit closer to becoming a teenager and then an adult when you turn 12… I hope your day will be extra sweet. Happy birthday my son!

I hope your 12th birthday is the kind of birthday you’re going to remember for your whole life. Happy birthday my boy!

I hope you’re surrounded by all those people on this, your 12th birthday, who mean the most to you! Enjoy your day my boy!

You deserve a birthday full of all manner of fun and I hope your 12th birthday is a memorable one. Happy birthday my son!

As you celebrate your 12th birthday with those who care for you, I hope you know how much you are loved. Happy 12th birthday!

May your 12th birthday be one that makes you laugh, and may you get all the presents you were expecting to get.

May you celebrate your 12th birthday with your family and may you enjoy every moment of this special day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 12th Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday Wishes for 12th Year Old Boy


 happy birthday son! We have watched you develop into an awesome man. May keep on beating your standards the year ahead! Enjoy your 12th year!

Happy BIRTHDAY Boy! Brother, maybe you’re a year older, but you are a year smarter, too. Wish you a happy 12 year.

Happy birthday to my incredible son. I’ll always be here, right behind you, no matter how tall you get or how far you go.

Happy 12th birthday. My birthday wish for you, Baby, is that you get every year: more wisdom; more dreams; more laughter; and more desires.

It’s all for you today and I hope you feel like everyone is celebrating your 12th birthday.

To someone who is really watching out for those around them and giving to those in need, happy 12th birthday.

Happy 12th birthday to someone who every single day is getting bigger and a bit more mature. Love you my son!

My incredible son’s happy birthday. In my life, you are the light that raises me up every day! Love you my 12 year old boy!

Happy 12th birthday. Sending a hug to my beautiful boy, lots of love, and wishing you lots of fun! Wish you a happy 12 year!

Happy Birthday to the greatest son of all time! You are an absolute rad, and you know it! Keep on partying. Have all this fun and note that we love you so much! Happy 12th birthday!

Happy  Birthday my son . Will joy always be known to you. May you choose hope still. May you still feel cherished no matter where you wander in this wonderful, huge, lovely world.

Happy birthday to my incredible son. I become more and more impressed by every passing year by the man you’ve become. You, and so many others, are a blessing in my life. To the maximum, live today.

My wonderful son’s happy birthday. For you, it’s still a nice day! With a million laughs, you made me laugh. May your birthday be full of fun, as you are!

Happy Birthday to My Precious Boy! With a boom, you came into my life and nothing has ever been the same! Without you, I could not imagine life, and I am so proud and grateful to call you my son and my friend.

For you, happy birthday. To My most cherished Son! Sending birthday wishes your way, along with the expectation for a bright and positive year ahead, on this very significant day!

happy birthday my boy! Sending love and sweet birthday wishes your way to guarantee a spectacular day for you! Hope you love your birthday and even your cake!

Happy  birthday boy, it’s your big day! Thank you for being the greatest son for whom anyone would ever dream. Wishing you the day to win and the year to be amazing!

Happy  birthday  To My Beautiful Baby! We have watched you evolve into the man you are today over the years and it has helped us appreciate how lucky we are to have you in our lives. Wishing you a very unique birthday. It’s you we hug.

Happy  birthday To the Sweet Son of Mine! Thank you for being such a good son and an incredible person. I am so proud of you for all that over the years you have done. We’re celebrating you today!

Happy  birthday. Thinking of you, my precious boy, and sending your happy birthday wishes your way on this special day!

Happy 12th birthday. I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have a great son like you after every birthday you have. You’re so precious to me, really. Wishing you the perfect birthday you deserve. Enjoy opening your presents!

My Special Son’s Happy Birthday! My love and prayers for an amazing birthday party are sent to you!

To My beloved Son! It was the happiest day of my life, the day you were conceived. With all my bones, I love you. Have a marvellous birthday and a great year!

My Spectacular Son Happy Birthday! Today is the day you were born, my dear boy! This requires a big celebration. Have a day of excitement!

Happy 12th birthday. Your birthday is here, baby! Go out with your mates and celebrate, have a few drinks, and have a lot of fun! All about you is about this day. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

The 12th Birthday of our son is the most important day for the parents and as well as the child. He is now a big boy. He is now capable to understand the different values of life. He is at the age of expecting a lot from his family and friends. He wants to make his 12th birthday the more special and excited one with the help of the surroundings of the parents, friends, and loved ones. He expects birthday wishes filled with prayers and love more than some birthday gifts. As we all know that a Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for Boy frowned up enough to feel the love and care by the family so we should make him feel special on his big day.

Our child needs us at birthdays no matter whether he is a toddler or a teenager he wants to celebrate and make his birthday the most memorable day of his life with the surroundings of his parents and the family. The Birthday wishes wrapped up with blessings, love, and care are more special and meaningful than a simple birthday gift. This is because a 12-year-old boy is now grown up and he wants to get wishes by prayers more than gifts. There are different ways and manners of celebrating the 12th birthday of a boy.

All you have to do is just remember that he is a big boy now and he wants more love and care. The level of expectations increases when our child steps into teenage life. You can make the birthday of a 12-year-old child more special by giving him a surprise birthday party along with his friends and family. This will surely make the 12-year-old big boy happier and when the surprise comes with exciting and lovely birthday wishes then for sure it will become a cherry on the top for him.

This is the most important day of our life because we stepped into this world on this date. A lot of special thoughts are wrapped up on the date of our birth. When we talk about the birthdays of our child we get to know that this is the most special day for us. We celebrate the birthday of our child more excitingly than our own birthdays because this day comes with a lot of blessings from the Lord. Our Child is the most important part of our life. He is the greatest happiness of our life and the most special gift given by God.

He is the one who makes us strong in life and with his support and love we can go through any difficulty in our life very smoothly and easily. He holds our hand in the darkest period of our life. We really blessed when we are having our child as the greatest source of happiness for us. When we have a son in our life then our life completes in every way. He is the one who becomes the best friend of the father and the mother as well. He loves us and supports us throughout his life. We work hard to give the bright future of our child.

We never feel alone when we are having a child in our life. He makes us smile in every matter of life. No matter what is the situation is we always feel happier and more relaxed with the company of our son. In old age, our son becomes the support for us. So, when it is the birthday of our 12-year-old son we have to become more conscious and excited. As our little angel turns into a toddler and then into a teenager so we find a lot of different memories come with the birthday of our son.

This content is filled up with 100 plus Happy 12th birthday wishes for the boy. You can select the best one to make the big day of your 12-year-old boy the most special one. As your child needs the wishes more than the birthday present so this content will help you to make his 12th birthday the most special one of his life. We have also highlighted some funny, emotional, lovely birthday wishes for a 12-year-old boy. So you can easily make the birthday card of a 12-year-old boy the most happening one. 

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