117+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son


Every parent always loves their children, unconditionally. But parents’ love for their son is priceless, as his birthday arrives they do their best to make him happy. They use their humor to make their son laugh and to show their never-ending love for him by wishing him through Funny Birthday Wishes For Son. They notice every single inch and each habit of their children. Even they are the only persons in children’s lives who saw them from a crying baby or we can say as from his or her birth to a grown adult even after that. When we talk specifically about the son, they are the persons in his life who love him from his birth.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

Thank you, son, for allowing us to give you the best parents in the world. Have a very happy birthday.


Son, we raised you, paid for you and supported you. Now you’re an adult, it’s about time you returned the favour. Have a great birthday.


Happy birthday son, from a very nice mother who deserves love and respect.


Happy birthday to a much-loved son, from, even more, loved parents.


Son, you are kind, handsome, thoughtful and smart……just like your dad. Happy birthday!


Wishing our son a very happy birthday that is filled with joy and happiness, well, of course, it will be, we will be there.


Son, you may be growing older but don’t change too much because I love you just the way you are. Happy birthday.


They say don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow, this seems to be the case with cleaning your bedroom. But we will let you off since it’s your birthday.


Son, you are so special that your birthday should be a national holiday, I will be the first to take the day off! Happy birthday.


Son, don’t you think you ought to get your mom a gift on your birthday? It might be your day but it is her mother’s day. Happy birthday!


Did you know that there are some really important people on your birthday? We don’t mean you, we mean us, you wouldn’t be having a birthday if it wasn’t for us. Happy birthday son!


We always knew that a miracle was one in a million, so when you got us as parents, you became one in a million. Have a miraculous birthday son.


Son, I am seeing more and more of myself in you every year, but be careful it’s hard being this good looking! Wishing you many happy returns on your birthday.


Son, you may be one year older but that means that you are one year wiser. Have a wonderful birthday.


For my son on his birthday, lots of love, lots of presents, lots of fun and most of all lots of cake!


I know I’m the coolest dad because I allow you to party on such a special day ONLY. Ha! Happy birthday, son.


Happy birthday, boy! Now as you are growing old day by day you are making me feel old too but I’m so young.


Wishing you many happy returns of the day to my only son. You are lucky to have such a cool dad like me. Isn’t son?!


Happy birthday boy and I love you. And no more telling ok because I hate getting sentimental.


They say you look like you Mumma but trust me, son, you look like me cause you look smart like me. Happy birthday, son!

They are the persons who want him from god even before his existence in this world. They always appreciate little single moments of their son, like when he starts to crawl, when he puts his first steps, when he smiles or laughs, when he runs, plays, in simple words, they have appreciated everything he did from his childhood to an adult boy. They love their son’s journey from a baby to an adult boy. Parents know everything in nature of their son whether it is his anger, his happiness, his comfort, his joy, or his humor.

Stop growing up so fast. You are making me feel old and you know I’m not. Kidding. Happy birthday my boy!


Happy birthday, cupcake! Mamma knows you hate being called by this name but you also know that I love you also that I know that you SECRETLY love getting called cupcake.


Hey Prince, happy birthday. Also, don’t forget to bring chocolates from the market for your royal birthday cake.


On this birthday of your son, I’ve bought you a car. So, happy birthday son and I hope you’ll like your new toy car.


Happy birthday son. My only handsome boy. Like father like son.


We know how innocent you are a son. So don’t just thank us we want a treat. Happy birthday, son!! We love you.


Happy birthday boy! Guess what I got to know your another secret.


Happy birthday, boy no matter how much you go the gym and grow for me you will always be a little chicken. Love ya son!


I know all your secrets son but I just don’t say anything because you know I’m the coolest mum you’ll ever have! Wish you the Happiest birthday sweetheart


Happy birthday to my precious and really well-behaved son. Still, we love you.


Happy birthday, baby. I know it sounds like your girlfriend is wishing but it from Mumma. Luv you my child.


Happy birthday, son. Come home soon we are missing the beast of our home.


Happy birthday, son. Hope that at least you’ve grown old enough to know how to iron properly now. Love you, Son.


Happy birthday my baby boy. Now as it’s your day grow up some and try to watch horror movies without getting so scared


Wake up, son. It’s your day today. Don’t still be a child mamma needs you to grow up despite you’ll always be a child to us. Happiest birthday to your son. We love you.

They even love to celebrate their son’s birthday from his childhood and every time from his childhood they do their best to make their son feel special and happy. Being a parent, the very first thing which they do on their son’s birthday is to wish him in such a manner that he remembers their loving wish all day long, and that wish worth him very much in comparison with the wishes of others.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Young Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Young Son

After that, they celebrate his birthday at their best by throwing a huge party, grand gifts, a tour to some special place as a gift, etc. But the most important thing is to wish him in a special way that he could never be able to forget that.

Dear son, may you get married pretty soon and give birth to a baby boy exactly like you so that you can understand the pain of having a notorious and feral son. Joke apart, may you have a cool birthday celebration and enjoy hard with your friends. Happy birthday, son!


Happiest birthday to once one of the biggest blessings of my life. It seems like that once a sweet blessing is slowly and steadily turning into a terrible curse. Jokes apart, may you get showered with all the joy of the universe.


May you relish every moment of your life till you are unmarried. Because once you are married, sooner or later, you will have to rub off the word happiness from your dictionary. Happy birthday to my dearest son and have a blissful day!


Thanks a lot son for giving the gracious honor of giving birth to you to your parents. We feel like we have created the most ingenious marvel of the world that will shape the future of humanity. Happy birthday to you, my little pal!


Hey son, you are so special and dearer to us that we would have declared an international holiday in the whole world if it were in our hands. Enough fun, go back to school, and study hard. Happy birthday son and god bless you!


Some sons are loving, some are supporting, some are protective, but you are the combination of none. May God bless you with enough intelligence so you can do something meaningful with your life. You have all my support, blessings, and son. Wishing you a cheerful birthday son!


It is certainly right that miracles don’t happen often. Hey son, we are a rare miracle that happened in your life so that you can relish all the possible pleasures. If you don’t come on the right track, we can ensure to vanish the miracle as well. Happy birthday to my successor!


Hey son, I know you have turned old enough to take all the decisions by yourself but not old enough to cover up your expenses. So better keep quiet and do what I say. Heaps of love and birthday wishes to my piece of heart!


With each passing birthday, you are getting bigger and taller but neither your grades are positive nor your attitude towards life. I guess the best birthday gift for you would be cutting down your pocket money. I am just joking pal! Happy birthday, lanky man!


Most of the babies stop whining, crying, and being stubborn when they grow up. However, the case with you is totally different. Yours have increased exponentially with age. Wishing a joyous and blasting birthday to my grown-up baby!


Hey son, you are approaching an age where you have to get out from the house and make a name for yourself by struggling day in and day out. I hope you know the meaning of the word struggle. I love you son and have a splendid birthday!


You are the eldest and the wisest of all siblings but you haven’t stopped playing with their toys and stealing their chocolates. For the love of God, when would you grow up actually? Happy birthday and have a memorable celebration!



I thank the lord every single moment for giving me a wonderful son like you otherwise I would have forgotten the meanings of headache, horror, and hell. God bless you and happy birthday son!


Out of all the marvelous and priceless things in my life, I have acknowledged that you are certainly not one of them. I mean you could be a fantastic liability and you play that role pretty well by splurging my money. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, my lovely son!


I have literally banged my head everywhere to find a perfect and ingenious birthday gift for you and I found the one. It’s I spending time with you for the whole day. I mean there is nothing more valuable time, not even a Rolex watch. Happy birthday, son! Be happy and stay blessed!


Having a son is like eating a burger with white mayonnaise that you don’t like. It slips a lot! Happy birthday son! May you live upto what you want!


Dear, dearest these are the past adulations for sons that used a lot earlier. Today’s sons are internet fed and they remain in trends which fade as early as possible. Happy birthday son! So funny sarcastic it is! May you have no hate in your heart!


These days boys find their match on tinder that often out like tinder that mostly crashes! Wishing happy birthday son! Find your match wisely! I wish you find a true love!


These days having a son is not a blessing while it is scary! Wishing happy birthday son! May you be a successful man and sincere son!


May you have love of your life dear son but not with the cost of mine! Wishing you happy birthday dear boy!

As we all know that fun always remains between parents and their son and their bond is very much a touch of humor. So Funny Birthday Wishes For Son is the best option to wish your son to make it memorable for him. Watching a son grow from a baby into a successful adult is a very beautiful experience.

May you never be angry son because you look like a fried omelet! Wishing happy birthday lovely son!


Nowadays boys are often confused having so many options and not focusing on anything one. Don’t be a driver of your girlfriend! Wishing happy birthday!


I like your dressing sense, son but would you mind putting your underwear in pants! Happy birthday son!


Having you as my child was so beautiful when you were a little boy. Now you are a nightmare. Wishing happy birthday dearest son!


You are giving your birthday party. It is good, son. Pay back some moments later. May you earn a lot in your life and deposit everything to your father’s account! Happy birthday son!


May you always be beautiful but don’t use girls’ beauty products! Happy birthday son! Be a man!


Don’t be sympathy of your friends. I wish you are not. Wishing happy birthday son!


Why you talk like a cock these days! May you have the voice of a man! Wishing happy birthday son!


Don’t weep like girls. I know you laugh like them! May you be a man of your words! Happy birthday son!


Nothing is as expensive as raising a child. I want everything back, son! Wishing you happy birthday!


To my son, I wish you a very happy birthday! Every year as you grow older, I thank God for I don’t have to baby you anymore. Have an amazing day.


Happy birthday to my beautiful son. God has given you yet another chance to live your life fully. Or annoy everyone around you since that seems to be your favorite thing! Have a good day.


As you grow old, I don’t know about anything else but your ability to irritate us is getting better and better each year. I love you! Keep up the jolly spirit! Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to my favorite son. Don’t tell your sister I said that! Don’t believe her if she tells you that I called her my favorite too. I wish you all the happiness in the world! Have a great day.


Happy birthday to my dearest son! We were putting candles on your cake and we just realize that soon we would have to get you a bigger cake because we’re running out of space! Happy birthday to my oldie!


Happy birthday to my son! You are getting old but you’re still not old enough for me. So, shush and listen to me now. I love you. Happy birthday. Here’s to tons of more years of celebrating your birthday.


Happy birthday to my lovely son! It is your birthday again and each year you keep getting taller and taller. Let me just remind you that being taller does not mean you are getting wiser as well! Have a great day, love.

All the birthdays that take place throughout a son’s life should be spent showing him just how much he is cared for by his parents but it is not always easy to find the words to express how you feel for him. In our day-to-day life as parents, it gets really hard for us to express to our children how much they mean to us.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Tall Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Tall Son

But if it’s your son’s birthday today don’t miss the opportunity to let him know how much you love him. It’s a special day for your son. And make him feel more special by wishing him on his birthday by using Funny Birthday Wishes For Son.

Happiest of birthdays to my lovely son. I can’t believe you’re growing up so quickly. I can just see you running around in your diapers like it was yesterday! Here’s to more years of listening to you whine like a baby at the most minor inconvenience.


You may be growing up and getting out of your teens but for me, I am still going to take you as a three-year-old and scold you every step of the day! Happy birthday to my beautiful son. I love you.


To my son, Happy birthday! You are yet another year closer to being older and older. Take a moment out and enjoy for time is going to pass quickly and you will be ancient soon.


Happy birthday to my dearest son! You are one year older and another year closer to be the age when you move out of this house! I love you, have a great day!


Happy birthday to my son! you may be the oldest out of all my children, but you certainly aren’t the wisest! I hope this is a good day for you.


Happy birthday my dear, lazy son! Thank the Lord for he has given you yet another day to lounge around in front of the tv and blast your horrible music all over the house! Enjoy.


The fact that you’re my son is probably the best gift you could’ve ever gotten in this lifetime. happy birthday to my dearest son! I hope you have a great time.


With this new year upon your head, I wish for lots of new and good things for you. among these new and good things, I wish for you to get better music taste as well! Happy birthday, son.


Happy birthday, son. you are one step closer to having wrinkles on your face. it’s time to welcome those grey hair! you’ve got this. Have a great year ahead.


I was thinking of a gift to get for you but then I couldn’t think of anything better than a loving mother/father like me! That’s the perfect gift ever. here’s to many more years of being each other’s gift. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to my son! Even though your jokes aren’t very funny usually, but I still can’t imagine my life without you in the background cracking stupid jokes. I hope you have the time of your life.


Happy birthday! This birthday I am allowing you to treat your mother/father with a nice and lovely dinner. Won’t that be a nice ritual to maintain for the rest of your and our lives? Have a great day, son.


Happy birthday to my boy! I know birthdays are your favorite time of the year because you get to collect tons of presents and then not talk to those people for a year! Have a good day, you lazy boy!


Happy birthday! Some days when I see you lounging on the sofa playing video games it is hard me to accept that you’re my son but then I look at your beautiful face and I see so much of me in you.


Roses are red, violets are blue, we get the “parents of the year” award, and it’s all thanks to you.


Happy birthday to an awesome son who has a beautiful mother, handsome father and rock star parents!


One thing you can look forward to as you get older is that you’ll look as good and amazing as your parents. Happy birthday son!


We are forever in debt to you for giving us so many opportunities to learn tolerance and patience. Happy birthday my son!


Happy birthday to my SUPERSON, it takes one to know one.


Every year, you are becoming more handsome, more smart and more awesome. It almost looks like you are trying to become like me! Well, hope your wishes come true.Happy birthday, my lovely son.


Every year, I notice you growing taller and taller. At least in some aspect, you are “growing up”. *sigh* Well, I am happy nonetheless. Happy birthday, son.

What’s a birthday celebration without some quirky pranks, birthday puns, and funny elements that pull the legs of a birthday boy perfectly. Yes, you can augment the excitement and grace of a birthday party for your son by having the perfect arrangements and gifts but nothing can beat the sass of funny greetings.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Naughty Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Naughty Son

To make sure your adorable son’s birthday party seems perfect from all angles. If your son is a funny little man that adores pranks and unconventional stuff, he will more likely appreciate a funny message for his birthday. You already have a powerful connection with him so make sure that on this special occasion, he constantly has a big smile on his face.

Tell your son that he is the joy in your life, the one that makes you feel accomplished as a parent and that you hope he’ll keep his jolly spirit all the way. You can also make fun of how much he talks, his infinite energy, or how much he loves to prank and irritate you, all on a funny note.

Do you know who was a luckier father than me? Well, my father. But I am lucky enough too, so thank you. Happy birthday, dear son. May the force be with you.


You have been a great son to us so far. But you know, there is still some room for improvement. So try, will you? If not, it is fine too; we are great at adjusting. Happy birthday, son. Live long and prosper.


My life was going great without having to change your diapers and waking up at midnight to put you to sleep. But, it is not that bad now, either. Especially since you have learned to poop yourself. So, all is well. Happy birthday, my lad.


Remember the times when you used to try to hide your browser history, or the texts from your “female” friends, or the secret night outs by climbing out of the gate? Well, I knew all about them. So here is the coolest dad in the world, wishing you a very happy birthday.


My son, you are definitely best for another world. That’s why we think you are the bee’s knees. Have a great birthday!


Now that you are older, I’m sure you’ll think back to the days when I dressed you in pink, your favorite color. Happy birthday!


It’s true that you’re old enough to shower, brush your teeth, and dress. But when all the other kids are off playing, do you know what one thing is still in my job description? The bedtime story!


Though you are too old for a room in our house, you will always have a special place in our hearts. Happy birthday, my little prince!


I do not want a perfect son; I need an imperfect, wonderful, independent son, that will always be willing to change and that is you. Happy birthday, son!


Nothing can stop us from loving you but your growing age is making us worry that soon we have to kick you out.


I am out of words for the wonderful young man you have grown into. I still recall changing your diapers and feeding you. Have a great day and enjoy this birthday to its fullest.


Happy birthday, son! My nose can still smell your stinky diapers even if you are old enough for diapers.


I can’t believe another birthday has come. You are growing really fast but still a couple of inches shorter than me. Don’t worry, you’ll make it soon.


I know a lot has changed over the years. The most important thing that hasn’t gone anywhere is our love for you. That’s why we let you sleep in – because we can never have enough hugs and kisses from you!


Son, it must be nice to be young and independent. But we will miss the times we could all cuddle up in bed together and enjoy a book or two. Happy birthday!


No matter how old you get, you will always remain the small crying kid for us. Happy birthday, son!


For my amazing son, you are such a blessing to our family and we could not be more thankful for everything you do. Please enjoy your special day!


No matter how old you get, I hope that it will always be enough just to spend their lives with us – no presents necessary. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, little man! You’re getting so big and we cannot wait to see what life has in store for you. We love you!


Happy Birthday, son! Here’s to another year of you doing what you do best – being yourself.


Sometimes you forget to fold your clothes and do the dishes but I love you more than you imagine. Happy birthday, son!


I know it may be hard to believe, but one day you’ll look back on this photo and realize that mom was actually pretty cool! Have fun today, just don’t get into too much trouble okay?


I know it’s your birthday but today is my day to brag about all the amazing things you’ve done with your life. Here are just a few: You graduated college by 22, got married at 23, and got a promotion at 24. Wow, you’re such an overachiever! Happy birthday, son!


Today is your day – even though you are the one that does everything in our house, except the cooking. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!
Another year older and you are still not fat! Happy birthday, son!


I know you’ve always wanted to be a movie star but today is your day to shine in the limelight. So what are you waiting for? Hit the red carpet!


I hope your birthday is as sunny and bright as you are. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, son!


I don’t care how old you are, or if you’re already taller than me. You’ll always be my little boy!
The best dad deserves an awesome son like you. Have a super great birthday!


Being a father is challenging as well as rewarding. I want you to know how much I appreciate you on this special day son.


To my son, if only I could force you all the happiness of the world, I would have done it already. Happy birthday, son!

His birthday is the best occasion to spend time together as a family and to fill your house with laughter and happiness. Every birthday of a son is a reminder of how fast children grow up. Watching your little boy turn into an adult is a beautiful feeling. No matter how old a son is, he always needs to hear some loving words from his parents even if it is funnily. However, parents often hesitate to express their emotions to their children. But no more… take the opportunity of your son’s birthday and show your love through birthday wishes for your son.

Everyone knows that little boys are made of slime and snails and puppy dogs’ tails! Your son has been a bundle of energy, fun, and exasperation since he was old enough to walk and talk. While he has brought equal amounts of laughter and stress, there’s no one else you would rather claim as your child. On his special day, take the opportunity to show your son how proud you are of him. Share your favorite memories and proudest memories from his life so far. Celebrate the years you’ve shared.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Son

Show your son how amazing your life has been since he joined your family all those years ago. From mud pies and imagination-filled games to high school and video games, your son will always hold a special place in your heart. A special son deserves a special birthday, so choose Funny Birthday Wishes For Son that will show how much you love him and how proud you are to be his parent. You know that you will love your son no matter what, so use his special day to show him that he is an irreplaceable part of your life.


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