147+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Birthdays are always special, but everything should be perfect when it’s your sister’s birthday. In wishing your sister, Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister is the perfect option. Every Relation is special but some of them are like have some non-minor or we can say a unique space in our heart. Our Relation with our sister is such a great example of this type of relationship in which there are no profits loss concepts, they are pure relationships.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Sisters are the persons in our lives who are our childhood companions and friends. She is the one with whom we can share all of our problems, all of our secrets or we can say they are the person in our life with whom we can share everything happening in our life. They are the pure caretaker in our life. They are the full edge support system in our life and it is said that they are like the second mother to us.

Happy Birthday to not only the sassiest but the coolest, and craziest most adorable little sister in the world!


Even though you will always be a little monkey to me, you have grown up, happy birthday Lil sister


You have indeed given me nerves of steel, Happy Birthday little sister.


Happy Birthday little sister, I may have always been the smart one, but you have always been a great sidekick.


No one has quite a little sister like you. You are not only crazy but funny at the same time. Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday to the most competitive person I came across in my life. I don’t know though, why could you never accept my win against you…..


Happy Birthday, dear one. I love you and will love you until the very end. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that you are any better than me. Love you.


Happy Birthday little Sis. No matter how much you’ve grown or matured, you will always be the silly Lil sister to me.


Happy Birthday, Sis, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do the chores….


Happy Birthday, dear younger sister. When will you ever grow mature?


I look at people growing apart as they grow up. Then I always feel fortunate to come home to a lethally annoying sibling, you. Happy Birthday, kiddo.


Let’s not forget all those holidays spent together, …and all the lazy days we’ve had in each other’s company. Happy Birthday, I can’t wait for what’s ahead of us!


Although we’re usually laughing at each other, I’ll always be laughing beside you. Take a deep breath and keep slaying! Happy Birthday, Sis.


You know you get the most attention, right? So what exactly is the point of a whole day dedicated to you? Anyways, happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to you! You look like a Chimpanzee, and you belong in a zoo! There you go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!


Happy birthday, Sis, I hope you can wear those diapers yourself now because I am not helping.


I never thought that having a little sister would be similar to taking care of a tiny monkey, but I would never have it any other way.


Happy birthday to a sister who should be grateful for having the best sister in
the world already.


It may be your birthday today but even if your 100 years old, you still always going to be my little monkey. Happy birthday, Sis.


Happy birthday little sister, now that you’re older I hope that makes you less evil of a bit of devil.


Happy birthday Lil sister, you have genuinely been a never-ending patience test.


Happiest Birthday to the wildest creature of our family. Stay crazy and wild throughout


It’s time to celebrate the day of my freaky weirdo with loads and loads of joy


On your special day, I want to confess that I could never find a better crime partner than you. All of my cray ideas are implemented successfully just because of you. I’m so lucky to have a cute little baby sister


Be thankful that I remember your day. You owe me a tribute for remembering this mishap of your birth. Happiest birthday to the youngest and spoiled member of house

Sisters make you smile and be pleased when you are upset about something, she motivates you when you are down, she understands you more than anyone, she guides you in her best way, in simple words she will do everything or anything she can do for you. So knowing about all of these facts, being a brother, she also deserves something special from your side that makes her feel like you also care for her, you also have to make her feel special.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Bossy Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Bossy Sister

On normal days, you always have to take care of her and make her happy in any way but occasionally you have to do anything for her to make her feel special. Among all occasions, birthdays are the ones on which you can show your love to your sister, Birthday is the perfect day for this. On her day, firstly, you must uniquely wish her, that wish can be of many types but Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister is the perfect one for this relation.

I used to miss my childhood but it seems like you’ve rewind the whole story.


Thank you for being my support system and the best crime partner. I could never imagine of having someone else as my best friend. You’re the cause of my smile, sister


At times, things might get difficult between us but eventually it all turns out fabulous as we have a strong bonding and the same mental disorder


Since I’m not left with any option besides of accepting a creature like you as my sister, let’s make it considerable. Happy Birthday to the prettiest alien.


My sister is the best and most special sister… because we’re the same size and so I have double the wardrobe! Have a lovely birthday, Sis!


Many times in my lifetime I’ve found myself wishing you weren’t my sister. But on today, I send you the sweetest of birthday wishes. Enjoy your day!


Birthdays are always special to me because it’s the only thing that we didn’t have to share as kids! Enjoy your birthday. It’s all about you!


The best part of being your sister is having a best friend that is almost as pretty as me. Best wishes on your birthday!


I used to think that you were just born bossy, then I realized you were just born first- so I guess you’re off the hook since you were just being a big sister. Happy birthday to the bossiest best sister.


No one can make me laugh like you do – especially when I look at your face. Happy Birthday!


I could write a million songs about your grace and elegance – but mother always taught us not to lie. Happy Birthday!


Out of all of siblings life has blessed me with you’re my favorite because only you can see the humor in receiving an empty box as a gift. Happy Birthday!


I had a real funny joke about you prepared for this special occasion, but then I realized I didn’t want people to see me get my ass kicked by a girl. Happy Birthday!


You possess all of my good qualities but better, if such a thing is even possible! Happy Birthday!


“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you belong in a zoo! There ya go, little sister. I hope your birthday is absolutely bananas!” Keepinspiring.me


“Sister, at times you could be the thorn in my side, the worm in my apple, and the pimple on my chin…but through thick and thin you will always be my sister! Happy Birthday to someone silly, spontaneous, beautiful, and witty! I love you to the moon and back!”


“The most heartfelt wishes to my incredible sister! You mean so much to me, cutie, I wish you all the happiness in the world!”


“Pharmaceutical companies should take a few swabs of your DNA and bottle its chemical composition to create a product called Emotional Healer. Happy birthday sis.”


“How incomplete would one earring look when worn without the other? That is how I would look without you. Happy birthday.”


“Some people command respect, some admiration, some jealousy, some competitiveness and others unconditional love. But you command all these things at once. Happy birthday to my perfect sibling.”


“BFF means Best Friends Forever but do you know what SBFD means? It means Sister but Best Friend in Disguise. Happy birthday.”


“What would the world be without bright sunshine and the morning dew? That is how dark and dull my life would be without a sister like you. Happy birthday.”


“My childhood would have been incomplete and imperfect without a sister like you. Happy birthday.”


“When I look at you, I feel like I am looking at myself in the mirror. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see you. Happy birthday sis.”


On your big day, I wish that your failures be as few as the teeth of our grandfather!


On your birthday I wish you to be as lucky as a gnat in a nudist colony.


Usually, wisdom comes along with age. It looks like you haven’t reached that age yet, so celebrate your birthday as crazy as it is possible! Happy birthday, sister!


Take two pieces of cake, one in each hand and you’ll be on a balanced diet. I wish you always be happy and skinny, my lovely beautiful sister!


Happy birthday, sis, I am political enough to remember your birth date but to forget your age.


It is obvious that you cannot stop having your birthdays and more precisely you can’t stop being my lovely sister. Both these things are really good. I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Sister is that person with whom we share every happening of our life. Whether it is about a funny serial, an emotional drama at school, or a beautiful love story. She knows all our secrets. In short, she is the one with which we have the funniest time. When we sit together with our sister, the time spent on laughter is a beautiful thing. Indeed the fights with them are endless, but the love between our sister and us is also unmeasurable.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

When it comes to cheering up, the sister is the ultimate source of it. Fun and laughter is the one thing that always stays between us. Everything becomes boring without no enjoyment and no laughter. Imagine celebrating no party and no birthday for a year. Suffocating? of course, it would be. We celebrate everything together and so the birthday. Your sister’s birthday would be coming, that is why you are here.

Thank you for reminding me that I am 40 years old now. All you know, forty is naughty, so I am back
“Sister, it’s your birthday. Keep calm and eat cupcakes!”


“There are some people in life that just drive you crazy. Yet you still find that you love them. We call them sisters. Happy birthday!”


“Sis, you drink way too much. You cuss way too much. You have somewhat questionable morals. You’re everything I could ever want in a sister. Happy birthday!”


“Today, we celebrate the birth of Mom and Dad’s second-favorite child: my sister. Happy birthday, sis!”


“Sister, happy birthday. Thank you for making me remember that I, too, am one year closer to gray hair and missing teeth.”


You have officially gotten past the teenage years. It’s time to be mature and stop expecting birthday gifts from people. Happy Birthday!


If I’d had the chance, I couldn’t have picked a better sister than you. Have a great birthday and I’m so glad you’re in my life!


The Best Sister Ever deserves the Best Birthday Ever. Hope your day is simply awesome!


Happy Birthday, Sis! Growing up with you was the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Today, on your special day, I want you to know how grateful I am to have you in my life and in all of my memories. Here’s to many more!


Enjoy your birthday this year to the fullest because who knows, after a few years, you might feel ashamed of your true age. Happy Birthday!


When I look back at our childhood, I have only happy memories of our times together. It warms my heart to know that we have so many more years to enjoy together. Happy birthday sister!


We may not be sisters by blood, but we’re sisters by heart. Happy Birthday to one my favorite people of all time!


Happy birthday sister! With each passing year, I know you’ll continue to do amazing things. That’s just the kind of person you are. Wishing you a day full of celebrating from start to finish.


Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you older and uglier. Yes, that’s life, my dear. Don’t be fooled by the illusions. Happy Birthday!


You are my sister by blood and my soul sister for life. Congrats on another awesome year of being you!


Your birthday always reminds me of how lucky we were that we didn’t kill each other growing up. Have a great one, sis!


Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Sister. On this special day and every day after, I wish for you all the love and happiness life can bring.


I had a real funny joke about you prepared for this special occasion, but then I realized I didn’t want people to see me get my ass kicked by a girl.

The celebration is the name of fun and happiness. The same thing goes for the sister’s birthday. When we spend all our time in laughter, it is important to have some fun on my birthday. There are many ways to make your sister’s birthday full of fun and enjoyment. Giving surprise is the thing that surely makes everyone happy from the inside. Buying her flowers and gifts and doing something good for her is also going to add up the fun a lot. But can the birthday be complete without the birthday wishes? It is impossible.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Sisters hold such a special place in our hearts. Even if sometimes you can’t stand her annoying habits or get mad at her for wearing your clothes, you will still always be there for her and stick up for her no matter what! And now it’s her birthday, which is a great time to bring up past inside jokes, make new memories, and send best wishes for another happy year around the sun.

Forget about your past and future, sis. Everything the most beautiful is waiting for you… near, next to the corner. And it’s me! Happy birthday, my darling!


A very happy birthday to my dearest sister! Wish you always to be the best part of my life no matter how selfish it may sound. I’m without you as a sandwich with no bread. Love you.


Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! On this important day I just want to wish you one thing – to find a sacrifice for your life, who has come up with your unpredictable character. I can’t do this anymore. I’m joking. You’re amazing. Congrats!


Have I ever mentioned, how wonderful and comfortable your clothes are? No? Ups, sorry, they really are. Thanks! Happy birthday, sis, and hope your closet will always be full.



Congratulations on birthday, dear! Wish you always to get what you want, no matter what it is – even my last candy or bite. I‘ll try not to be very angry. Love you and happy birthday, sister!



Do you know, you are the luckiest person in the world, sis? Wondering why and how? Just because you have ME. I know, I‘m cool. Wish you to be the same. !


Have you ever thought about how happy you are, sis? No? Now is the right time to do it and praise me for being a good sister. Sorry, is your birthday. Wish you always to be as wonderful as you are.


No one could know that my life will be so unpredictable and I‘ll have you. A sister! Wow. Today is your birthday and the only wish for you – no such surprises in your life. Ha, ha. Happy birthday, sweetie!


Happy birthday to the biggest our family warrior, because only your character can be so strong. Nobody knows what you are like. Maybe adopted? Just kidding. Love you, sis, you are the best.


Enjoy this day, sister! This is the only time of year when you can eat everything you dreamed all year round. It‘s amazing. Wish you always to reach your goals, it doesn’t matter if it is a candy party.


Happy birthday, sis! I love everything about you, no matter you’re with makeup or not, because those panda’s eyes are right for you. You look sweet. Congratulations!


Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror, sis? OMG! I can’t believe is you! The most beautiful and wonderful sister I have. Congratulations on your birthday, my dear!


I didn‘t have a chance to choose you. I didn‘t have a word to say I want you or not. But, don‘t worry, you‘re my most beloved and the sweetest sister I‘ve ever could wish for.


I’m so excited for this day, sister! It’s your birthday and do you know what it means? You‘ll be a few kilograms heavier than me, finally. Happy birthday, my little bubble!


Happy birthday to my adorable sister who has even more wonderful sister! In truly, I‘m really love you and feel blessed having you. Congratulations!


Congratulations with another new wrinkle on your baby face, sister! You still look pretty, no matter how old you are. And I’m not sarcastic at all.


Happy birthday, my lovely sister! Hope you still feel as good as yesterday and don‘t feel any big changes in your life, because you still know, the year is doing its own. Congrats!



Take a power nap before your birthday party, sister! You’re not as young as you were yesterday, so think carefully about your capabilities. Otherwise, I’ll have to be an evening star.


Happy birthday to my special person, who I love the most. And the biggest thanks for being my sister, no matter there’s no other option for you. We’ll always be together. Best greetings!


Happy birthday from your mature and serious sister to you, young and unwise girl! Actually, I don‘t know which option is better. I‘ll think about it and will say it in the evening. Now, be happy, my darling, because you‘re the best!


One more step closer to Alzheimer‘s, sis? Don‘t worry! Sometimes it’s good don’t remember things you don’t want. With this thing I congratulate you.

It’s a person that you care about but often gets on your nerves. She’s admittedly adorable, but you wonder if you were trying a bit too hard during some of your childhood pillow fights. You would never let anyone hurt her, and then sometimes you simply feel like pulling her hair off. But, hey, that’s just a manner of speaking: it’s your sister, and sisters are forever, and you love and protect her, right? Sisters are the most precious relation in this world.

I wish that life was full of fun, like riding a roller coaster, that luck followed you on the heels, that you constantly pushed off the ground and, each time, reached your dream.


I wish you the absence of “deer” in your life, the presence of money, eternal good luck, unreal love and crazy mood.


May there be a worthy Mr. in your life who will fulfill all your whims, may your versatility allow you to be both a sweet girl and a fatal woman.


I wish you to be a sweet marmalade for your loved ones and a sour lemon slice for nasty personalities.


Sister, I wish you magic scales showing the ideal weight, a magic mirror reflecting the beauty and a magic wand that fulfills all other small dreams.


Let your nails never break, your friends never envy, your health never fail, and the love of your life be enchanting and beautiful. Happy birthday, my dear!


I wish you to live like a sheikh in the Emirates, to dream like a princess from a fairy tale and to have a personal goldfish in life.


I wish that life will be in chocolate, lips in expensive lipstick, that exclusive dishes splashed in the stomach, so that you would never be struck by a cold.


Sister! Be a sweet candy in a beautiful wrapper, so that the enemies would not get you even with a screwdriver.


Let the priest be like a nut, and let your head be like a box of bright ideas, let the waist be an aspen, and let the chest stand out.


Sister! I wish you more such routine work as recounting personal large bills. Let fate always prepare only cool days for your life!


Let the cockroaches in the head do not make a riot, let the “one, two, three” count your dreams come true. Keep your strength in your fist, achieve heights and take care of your health!


May your heart always be warmed by a handsome prince. Always remain such a cheerful beauty with the soul of a child.


I wish you a diverse life in which you will be either a passionate temptress, an evil genius, a highly intelligent clever man, or a good charm, but most importantly – never stop being yourself!


I wish you to be a mermaid in a sea of activity, a beautiful pearl in the ocean of love, a goldfish in a pond of luck and a stormy stream in a waterfall of happiness.


I wish to be either an angel in the flesh, waving wings of hope, or turning into a dangerous witch who will never give herself an insult and can conjure anything.


Happy Birthday Sister! I wish you to be a sweet marmalade for loved ones and a sour lemon slice for enemies. May everything be within your power!


My beloved sister! I wish that happiness in your life, like a bright carousel, always goes around in a circle and does not stop. Let life be full of fun and vivid emotions, like riding a roller coaster.


Sister, I wish you magic scales showing the ideal weight, a magic mirror that reflects a beauty, and a magic wand that makes all the other small dreams come true. Happy birthday, my dear!


Let your nails never break, your friends do not envy, your health does not fail, and the love of your life will be charming and beautiful. Happy holiday, dear!


Happy birthday to you. I wish you to live like the sheikh in the Emirates; to dream like a princess from a fairy tale; so that in life there was a personal goldfish, and there was always a smile on your face with all 32 teeth.


I wish that the money in your wallet multiplied like flies, so that your life allows you to wake up when you want, to do what you like and not communicate with those who you don’t like.


On this day you are supposed to congratulate and wish all the best. And I will not congratulate, I order that you have it all. And the sister’s task is not to disobey her relatives, and, I hope, her beloved ones.


I want to wish you to be a princess who sleeps not on a pea, but on a diamond, to always remain a beauty, only let there be a beautiful man instead of a monster. I love you.


I’m just wondering why you’re so beautiful and sweet? Perhaps because you are like me. Wait, wait, wait… that means I‘m amazing? Oh, no, it‘s your birthday, sis. Send you all my love and sense of humor. Congrats, darling!

Everyone shares a very special bond with their sisters. Either they are younger ones or older ones. Also, there is another side of this special relationship. And that is off fighting, teasing, and pranking with your sister. So for that side of the relationship, here are these funny birthday wishes for my sister. Funnily wish her by cracking jokes on her but keep in mind that it’s her birthday and you are making her laugh, not laughing at her.

Cinderella story is already over, because you‘re a big girl right now. Welcome to real life, sis. Hope you‘ll be smart and will not forget me, because I‘ll still be able to read those tales for you.


I’ve never dreamed about a person like you, sis. I was thinking about a worse option, but you surprised me, in a good way. Hope this new year will surprise you too, because you are absolutely awesome.


Dear, it doesn’t matter that I sometimes hate you or want to throw your stuff through the window, you’ll always be my little enemy, my most beloved sister. Congrats on your big day!


Happy birthday to my beautiful sister, who is one year older and maybe not as beautiful as I just said. Don‘t worry. You still are young and full of energy. Use it properly. Good luck.


You are so serious and caring, sister. It‘s good, almost like a mom. But, you still are not so old. so be crazy and enjoy your beautiful time. I‘ll always accompany you. Happy birthday, sis!


Hope your birthday is completely a mess and you can’t control it. Enough control in your life, relax. If you lack the lessons how to do it, contact me, I’m always ready to help my sister. Greetings!


Dear, it hard to figure out how many years you are my sister. Maybe it means you‘re older than me and older than yesterday? No way. You still are the most charming and beautiful woman and the ideal for me. Love you so much. Sweetest birthday greetings!


You’re a winner of your life and, of course, of me. You are the best and the most loving sister. I’m really happy for you, for this day, that I even would like to hang you a medal. Hug you and send you my warm greetings.


My lovely sister, although you not as lovely as you think, you still are my best sister ever! Love you, dear. Hope this birthday will give more fun than Monday mornings. Enjoy this day!


Dear sis, wish you to have fun on your birthday and much more fun in the next year. Now, your birthday cake is waiting for you. Hurry up! Congratulations!


If you still want to see your b-day present and to taste your cake, hurry up! There will not be anything to left after few minutes! Your sister is planning to come. Ha, ha. Love you, dear.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister in this planet. Did you trust it? Ha, ha! I’m just joking. But, I love you now and forever. Be happy, sis. Congratulations!


Roses are red, violets are blue, and my sister is wonderful, too. Let the flowers bloom and the sun shines for you. I’m almost the poet. Happy birthday, dear!


Forget about the past and the present, sis. Just think about your inimitable future. You are wonderful woman or maybe girl? Love you and wishing the best b-day.


I really care of you, sis, no matter what’s going on between us. Hope this birthday be free from curious situations and misunderstandings. I promise you, I’ll be good for you in all your next year. Have perfect b-day! Congratulations!


Happy birthday to my totally awesome, funny and fantastic sister. You are the only one person who makes me smile every time I see you. Always be the same. The sweetest greetings!


Sis, thank you for all our pillow fights and late-night rumours. It’s so great to have sister like you. Happy birthday, my dear. All your wishes will come true!


Another year older? I think it could be worse things…like “I ate your b-day cake”. Fortunately, for this time it’s just a joke. You’ll always be wonderful for me!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cute Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cute Sister

A sister protects you like a mother, cares for you like a friend, and loves you like a father. She is your best companion and friend. No matter how much you fight with her, she will always love you in the end. Wishing for a wonderful sister should be as wonderful as her. Sisters are life, the most important and beautiful part of our lives, and should be treated like a princess. Sister’s birthday is no less than a grand celebration as you got her in your life that very day. To make your sister feel special you must try some amazing and funny.