110+ Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends

Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends

Birthdays are always special but when it’s about your best friend’s birthday, you just can not compromise with it to not celebrate it at its peak. One of the best times to let your friends know how much they mean to you is during their birthdays. You may not have money or other luxurious gifts to give them on that day, but Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends can be valued more than money and the most precious material gift you can think of.

You can skip or forget many events or occasions but the birthday of your friend is a day you just can not forget, you will always remember the exact date of your friend’s birthday.


Nowadays, Birthdays of friends are the most awaited occasion in between two friends. This is the day on which you show or make realize your friend that how much you care for them and how much he or she is important in your life.

Many people express this or we can say that many people wish their friend by just saying “Happy Birthday”, much people wish their friend by simply expressing their love for him/her in a warm, decent manner by heart.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

                              Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friends

But most of the friends, nowadays wish their friend in a very unique manner, they make hilarious jokes on their friend whom they are wishing to. They make their birthday wish to have fun and make it much funny that puts a huge smile on the face of his / her friend. It is now being top trending and the most favorite way to wish your friend, his / her birthday.

Happy birthday, dear friend. A friend in need is truly a friend; I need your car, to have it as mine, can you give it to me as a friendship badge?

Happy birthday, my great friend. I wish you long life and I am sure you will like this wish. But, let me warn you; the day you start buying aging creams you can achieve the desire for a long life because getting old is the only way to live long!

Happy 45th birthday, my friend. Do not worry about growing wrinkles, instead, you should be grateful for your blessings.

 Happy birthday my dear friend. The best face change when you get older is to smile all the way through.

 My dear friend, how old are you today? Regardless, I already know the answer as always, +1. All the best greetings on your birthday.


 They said that time healed all scars. So as you get older, you expect your scar (emotional and other) to heal … But it still does not include wrinkles. Wrinkles get worse with age. Happy birthday dear friend.


 There is one thing that can make you live a long and enjoyable life, and that is getting older. So, do not be afraid of getting old, it is the best prescription for a long life! Happy birthday lovely friend.


No need to ask for what you need for a birthday present, dear friend. Since you are obsessed with chocolate, I invited the chocolate factory for your birthday, so you can do too much. Best birthday wishes to a lovely friend.


If you’re having trouble swallowing your new age, just add a little … Tequila!
If you’re having trouble swallowing your new age, just add a little … Tequila!


 Happy birthday to the only person I want as a refugee driver !! May we still have many good times and unforgettable adventures together.


 A great friend is like your favorite pair of underwear. They’re comfortable, you’ve had them for a few years, and they make you feel confident.


 Happy Birthday, my dear friend. I hope you don’t mind that I invited Sir Robert Mondavi and Sir Yellowtail over for dinner tonight.


 Cheers to you on your special day! I hope your day is as memorable as the day you were born.


 Happy Birthday to my dear friend. I hope when we’re old and our future children put us in a home, we’ll be roommates or at least across the hall from each other. Our coffee & gossip dates will continue!


 Facebook reminded me it was your birthday today. So let’s take a moment and think back to our 21st birthdays… and be thankful Mark Zuckerberg was just a pimple-faced middle schooler & there was no Facebook.

I think we’re lucky that, unlike these later generations, our kids won’t be able to scroll thru our tagged photos from 20+ years ago! Oh the shenanigans that they will never know of… happy birthday you, you lucky old fart.

You’re inching closer to that 50—Shades of Grey, my friend. I hope you remember when you were 13 Going on 30. It wasn’t like you were a 40-Year-Old Virgin or anything.

Enjoy your special day. Celebrate like it it’s Independence Day but I hope you don’t suffer from The Hangover tomorrow. Happy Birthday.


 Happy Birthday to someone that is still my friend even though she knows how many bodies are buried under the house and how many skeletons are in my closet. I find you one disturbed woman. Happy Birthday, my dearest and weirdest friend!

Happy Birthday. May you live long and prosper!
Happy Birthday. May you live long and prosper!

                         Funny Birthday Wishes For Male Friends

 Happy Birthday. I am finding it impossible to convey into words what your friendship means to me. I am either linguistically challenged or else our friendship is just that extraordinary there are no words. I hope you have an incredible day!


 Happy Birthday, ya filthy animal… & a happy new year too!
Let it go! Let it go! Age can’t hold you back from having fun… Happy Birthday. Just remember wine tastes better the older it gets.

This can’t be the actual birthday gift!
This can’t be the actual birthday gift!


 If you were a Wonka bar, you would be wrapped in the golden ticket. Happy Birthday, my fabulous friend.


 If you were cast on a reality tv show it would most definitely be the Real Housewives of Glowing and Youthful. I hope you have a great day and get to spend it with family and friends. Happy Birthday, beautiful lady.


Happy Birthday to someone else who grew up back in the day when we only knew the # sign as a ‘number’ sign and not as a ‘hashtag’ sign. What does hashtag even mean anyway?? We’re getting old! #itsyourbirthday #youareawesome #haveagreatday #Idontgetit #gettingold
Jeepers. Creepers.

You are getting old! I think you’re almost old enough to be accepted into one of those assisted living facilities. I hear those places always have free coffee. Did you want me to pick you up an application–just think of the people watching what we could do!


 What are all those flashing lights outside? That’s only the fire department. Afterward got out about how many candles you were having on your cake this year they weren’t taking any chances. Happy Birthday!


 Happy Birthday from one old hag to another! I hope your day is full of fun and you’re surrounded by family and friends.


 My name is Inigo Montoya… you’ve killed my father… allow me to sing to you before I must kill you. Happy Birthday, good sir.
I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money.

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you….I will look for you. I will find you. I will wish you a happy birthday and that will be the end of it.

I will go ahead and make your day. Happy Birthday, my good friend. I didn’t even log on to Facebook to be told it was your special day. I hope you make it a great one.
Oh my dog, it’s your bday!
Oh my dog, it’s your bday!


 Happy Birthday. Love & Hugs!
Happy Birthday. Love & Hugs!
Hakuna Matata! I hope you enjoy your special day! Happy Birthday to you and what a wonderful day.

To have no worries and brush your cares away. Hakuna Matata!
I have one important piece of advice to give you on your special day.

Being a year older now the one piece of advice I feel obligated to give you…don’t EVER pass a bathroom without making a pitstop. Happy Birthday.


 Friend, is your old age getting to you now? Well if it will make you feel any better just know that it won’t last that long. You can’t be old forever! Get out and enjoy your day. Happy Birthday!


 So I picked you up a bunch of real estate brochures for Florida. They say once you get to be your age…you get the itch to start heading south. Happy Birthday to someone who will let me sleep on their couch when they become snowbirds!

Happy Birthday!… But take it easy on birthdays. Scientists agree that…too many of them might kill you.

Happy Birthday!… But take it easy on birthdays. Scientists agree that…too many of them might kill you.


  Age is a number, but life is your calculator.
A happy birthday to a person who in dog years would already be dead.
A lighter? We’re going to need a flamethrower to light up your candles. Many happy returns!

                        Funny Birthday Wishes For Aged Friends

Wishes can be of many types but funny birthday wishes are the ones that are remembered for a long interval of time.

The fact is that it is obvious that you must love your friend and you can present him or her with many expensive gifts on his or her birthday but the thing is, how much your gift is expensive but in the end, it will be used up and at last have no worth.

But memories are priceless gifts that can be cashed for a lifetime. The best memory in my opinion is, you can make laugh your best friend at his or her peak, make him laugh as much that he or she just doesn’t want to lose this beautiful memory with you.

Moments like themselves are never special, friends are the persons who make them unique or special.


Pure moments are priceless in this era of a fake world where no person is the same inside out. Here people hide their feelings and create some kind of face mask or cover on their outer appearance. It is very difficult to find out the pure moment with someone.

But nobody can laugh out loud with fakeness. When a person laughs at his or her peak, so it is the moment where he or she is just pure and enjoying the moment.

Laughing with someone on anything is the purest moment you can have in this short life. So when you laugh with your best friend on jokes or can be said on birthday wish that you presented him or her, recognize it, it is that pure moment you both are having.

Making someone smile is the most precious gift you can present to your loved ones or your best friend. You should mean these moments as the pure moments are rare.

 The Best Birthday greeting for you… sorry but that was all I could afford :).
Happy Birthday. Enjoy, have fun. It’s your special day!
Happy Birthday. Enjoy, have fun. It’s your special day!



 They say you are who you surround yourself with and I guess that makes me an incredibly intelligent beautiful human being because that’s what you are my best friend. Happy Birthday to you and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!


 Lucy and Ethel. Bonnie and Clyde. Sonny and Cher. Ernie and Bert. Batman and Robin. Tom and Jerry. Thelma and Louise. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Simon and Garfunkel. Peanut butter and Jelly. You and me! Happy Birthday to my favorite sidekick and best friend.

I know if anyone heard us talking they would probably think we had escaped from a mental institution. Happy Birthday to my best friend! I hope we have many more years of crazy wild adventures together!


 Can I come over to go shopping in your closet? They say ‘vintage’ is trending this year. Happy Birthday, my fashionable old friend.


 Today is someone special’s birthday. Someone as selfless and compassionate as they are beautiful and bubbly. Someone who lights up a room with a 400 Watt smile. Someone with grace and poise and has a wicked sweet tooth. Could that someone be you?! Happy Birthday to my very best friend.


 Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You smell like a pig and you live like one too! I love you and I hope you have the best birthday yet! I’m so glad we’re best friends! Oink! Oink!


 Nobody knows where the years have gone, it seems like it’s only been a short time. How have you not aged a day when the years have left me all gray? It’s your party, I’ll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. You would cry if gray happened to you! Happy Birthday, my beautiful friend! May the years continue to be kind!


 Happy Birthday, bestie! Always remember that I appreciate you—-almost as much as Kim Kardashian appreciates herself! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday my Dear Friend
Happy Birthday my Dear Friend



 Happy Birthday to my best friend! Please keep in mind that I only surround myself with people that I find awesome. I hope you have a great birthday.



 Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard! I bet your house is filled with many leatherbound books… and stinks of rich mahogany!!!


 I would volunteer as a tribute like Katniss in the Hunger Games if it meant I was saving your life… AND starring alongside Josh Hutcherson. Happy Birthday! May the odds forever be in your favor.


 Ferris Bueller was right. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in an awhile you could miss it.” Happy Birthday. Don’t forget to stop and look around at all the wonderful things and people that surround you.


 Happy Birthday! I hope this birthday is your greatest birthday yet! I want you to know how much I treasure our friendship. “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you cause you’ve got a friend in me.”-Toy Story


 I invited Christian Grey to your birthday party… but since he didn’t RSVP I will have to dole out the birthday spankings myself!! What are we up to this year?? Happy Birthday–now bend over!


 Happy Birthday to my best friend. May we grow to be the hottest cougars around.
Happy Birthday to my best friend. May we grow to be the hottest cougars around.



 Happy Birthday to my best friend. May we grow to be the hottest cougars around!! I hope your day is as fantastic as you are.



 I find it sad that the older we get, we have more candles than cake!! How is that fair? I think to compensate we have 2 pieces instead of 1. Sound good?? Happy Birthday! Now blow out the candles before the fire alarm goes off!



 Happy Birthday to one of the very few people whose Facebook statuses don’t make me want to pull my hair out and deactivate my account. I hope you have a great day surrounded by your friends and family. Now…I must solidify our friendship by wishing you a happy birthday on your Facebook page.


 Happy Birthday! Now when do we get to gossip about all the people you don’t know that wished you a happy birthday on your Facebook wall?!


 So because you are my best friend I feel it is only right to tell you the truth. YOU. ARE. OLD. Get over it already. Happy Birthday! Let’s get to the good stuff—cake & wine!


 Happy Birthday to someone else who remembers the sound of the computer connecting to the AOL phone line….and remembers the sound of the VCR rewinding the VHS tape and the feeling of pure happiness when it would finally ‘click’ and be at the beginning again. I love you, best friend! I hope your birthday is heavy–and no I don’t mean the earth’s gravitational pull.




 Happy Birthday to someone else who remembers the sound of the computer connecting to the AOL phone line….and remembers the sound of the VCR rewinding the VHS tape and the feeling of pure happiness when it would finally ‘click’ and be at the beginning again. I love you, best friend! I hope your birthday is heavy–and no I don’t mean the earth’s gravitational pull.



 Happy Birthday to someone else who remembers the sound of the computer connecting to the AOL phone line… and remembers the sound of the VCR rewinding the VHS tape and the feeling of pure happiness when it would finally ‘click’ and be at the beginning again. I love you, best friend! I hope your birthday is heavy–and no I don’t mean the earth’s gravitational pull.



 Happy Birthday! Did you want to go tour the old folk’s home and pick up an application? I hear BINGO is on Tuesdays and wheelchair races are Saturday at 2 pm.

I don’t think life is like a box of chocolates. I think life is like an Almond Joy. You bite into it and get a mouthful of flakes and then you have to eat thru the flakes to find those 2 perfect and delicious nuts. You and I are the nuts!! Happy Birthday from one nut to another.



 Leaving Las Vegas and the Casino to head towards Philadelphia has me feeling like I’m in The Matrix. I had Great Expectations that this wouldn’t be As Good As It Gets and making a U-Turn to go board the new Titanic to head towards Noting Hill would be the absolute Full Monty and wouldn’t be the Misery you thought it would be.

I was imagining more Thelma & Louise than being a couple of boring Sleepers. Well, I am going to use my Basic Instinct and head off to my Junior suite on the grand ship. Don’t forget…You’ve Got Mail coming–I sent it yesterday from when I was suffering from the Heat and Sleepless in Seattle! Happy Birthday to my fellow 90s movie-loving friend!

                      Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Friend


 Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you celebrate your day! Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you drink and dance and play! Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!



 If you were milk or cheese I would have to throw you out but since I don’t see an expiration sticker on you and you don’t seem to smell…I’ll just assume you’re alright. Happy Birthday, my old but well-preserved best friend!


 It’s a well-known fact that cake and ice cream are 100% fat-free, calorie-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, and contains no high fructose corn syrup… on your birthday. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!



 They say age is just a number…..but I think that’s a load of crap. With age comes saggy skin, wrinkles, and thin hair. Don’t worry though, you’re a few years away from all that. Happy Birthday, my friend!

When you want to send funny birthday wishes, think of your friend’s personality, his/her likes dislikes. People have different kinds of humor. If you know your friend well and his or her sense of humor, then it will be easy to spot his/her smile. Creating a funny birthday wish can be sometimes a bit difficult but on the other hand, sometimes it can be very easy for you to make laugh your best friend.

Friends are the persons in our life that are very close to us, moreover, we know almost all of the secrets of our friends and we also know the things that attract our friends the most, same as we know about the humor of our friends that what kind of jokes our best friend will love the most. So if you know about the humor of your friend, it will be easy for you to make him laugh.


On the other hand, if you just don’t know about the condition of humor of your friend, then it will be a bit difficult to make him enjoy and laugh at your jokes. You just have to make him laugh at the things he likes the most, you just have to put some effort to know about the humor of your friend and what kind of things can make him smile.

At that time, when you are able to understand the humor of your friend, it will be very easy to make a unique funny wish to him or her. Moreover, you have to be careful while selecting or creating a joke on your friend. If the joke you are creating is already cracked by someone so he or she will take no interest in your joke at that time and your effort will be wasted.

Make sure that your joke is unique and nobody, other than you can crack this joke on your friend.


 I bought you an iron for your birthday. I know they say as you get older you start getting a few creases…I wanted to make sure you were prepared. I know. I know. I am a very thoughtful friend. Happy Birthday!!



 Happy Anniversary of your 29th Birthday! How many years have we been celebrating this birthday now?? Happy Birthday to my very best friend. I cherish our friendship… even if you are staying the same age and not getting any older!


 Here’s to another year of laughing until we pee, crying until we have snot dripping from our nose, and talking until our voice goes hoarse! Happy Birthday, my best friend! Cheers to another year older!




 Happy birthday, my bosom friend. I long for you every day as I would long for food. Please, are you available for my next meal?



 My sweet girl, I thought of the best gift for you on this special day and only one thing could cross my mind – to paste 25 hot kisses on your tender cheeks. But, that’s only if your cheeks won’t be in flames! Happy birthday to my special girl.




 Dear sweet friend, my special wish on your birthday is that you will live long. Well, that may also mean having long wrinkles on your face. How about that?


 Sweetheart, the older you are, the wiser you become. How about expediting your age, so that you can become the wisest person on earth? Best wishes on your birthday.



 My dear, as you celebrate your birthday today, forget the ugly past because it is past, and focus on the present since it’s here with you. So, don’t expect any other ‘present’, it’s already here with you! Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.



 My sweet pie, I have just one request on your birthday – can I watch you all day instead of us going to see the movies? That will surely make me happy on your birthday. Happy birthday to my beautiful babe.



 My darling friend, I don’t want to give you a flower as a birthday gift because it will wither. There’s a special gift from me that will surely not wither – my undying love for you! Sweet wishes on your birthday.

                               Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends


 Dear, do you want a GETAWAY birthday gift? Oh, I’m not asking you to Get Away from me, you will remain my dearest friend forever! I only mean a time alone with you, away from everyone else. Happy birthday, dearest friend.



 I started rhyming the alphabets I wrote down this morning and discovered that I missed ‘U’. Then, I suddenly realized it wasn’t the letter U that I missed, but YOU, my darling friend. Happy birthday!



 Sweet friend, the older you become, the wiser you get. How about getting older by the day, so that you will become wiser by the day? Have a swell time on your birthday, my dearest friend.




 On your birthday, my new nickname for you is “Methuselah”. I guess you never thought that someday you’d become an old fart?! Happy birthday!


 You might be tempted to feel sad about the fact that you have become older today, but you should take comfort in the fact that you are still blessed with hair on your head. There are many out there who can’t boast of this. Happy birthday.



 As you age, your heart is probably screaming, “Why God? Oh God, why?!” But buddy, there is no point screaming. You’re old, and that’s a fact! Happy birthday!
Happy Unspecified Birthday!
Happy Unspecified Birthday!



 We weren’t friends until you gave me the Wi-fi password. I guess we must be best friends now because now when I come over it connects instantly. Happy birthday, cyber partner.



 When life gets crazy, you need to have someone to lean on, laugh with, and do stupid stuff with- I’m glad I found you so I can do all those things. You’re the best! A year older but still the best.

 Happy birthday to a friend who is lucky to be blessed with the most phenomenal friend in the world! Dang! I envy you!



 You might be a little bit disappointed that you are older today, and rightly so. Becoming an old woman isn’t the easiest of things for a woman. Happy birthday.


 Wishing you a super-duper birthday celebration. My advice for you is this: Please be mindful of your dentures as you blow out the forest of candles covering your cake.



 Sweetheart, on your Big Day, I am a little bit worried about how you are going to act your age because you have never been this old before. Happy birthday.


 Happy birthday, bestie. I swear I didn’t notice your birthday on the upper right corner of my page on Facebook!


 On your birthday, I hope you get everything that you chase after – including that cute crush of yours. Happy birthday.


 Honey, if your money were to grow as fast as your age, then I have no doubts in my mind that by now you’d be competing with Oprah Winfrey for the title of the richest woman in the world! Happy birthday.

 Happy 60th birthday to you. I know the secret to retaining your glory as you age – don’t pick out your grey hair, it’s a crown of glory!


 Happy 50th birthday, my senior friend. I hope you’re counting your blessings, not your wrinkles.



 My elderly friend, don’t worry about those wrinkles, they help to make your eyes twinkle!
A faster way to enjoy the privileges of a senior citizen is to age faster. Happy birthday, senior friend.


 If aging were a criminal offense, then you’d be one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Happy birthday.


 Whenever life knocks you down, may you have the strength to pick yourself up and tell life the words: “You hit like a b****”. Happy birthday.


 Happy birthday, my beloved friend. May you achieve prosperity and fame without needing to work very hard.


 At this age, you are a fully-fledged old woman/man – there are absolutely no two ways about that! Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy every moment of old age.


 On your birthday, my prayer for you is that your wallet never is like an onion so that you don’t cry when you open it. Have a wonderful life, my dearest friend.


 Happy birthday, dear. The trouble with old age is that when you get down it can be pretty difficult to get back up. Dear friend, at this age, I hope you never get down. Happy birthday.


 Relax, dear friend. No one said that, just because you are older today, you are an old fossil. Have a blast! It’s your special day!
Old age is all one big joke until it hits you squarely in the face. Happy birthday.


 I can Google to find almost everything in this world, but I can never Google to find such a wonderful friend like you. Happy 30th birthday.



 Remember when you were a kid and you thought someone turning 30 was so old? Well, now is your turn. Some kid somewhere sees Methuselah in you! Happy 30th!


 Happy birthday, my dearest friend. Please be informed that effective today, your 20s are gone forever. Happy 30th birthday.


 Happy 30th birthday, dear friend. May your accomplishments be bigger than Donald Trump’s ego!



 At your age, Mark Zuckerberg was raking in billions of dollars. I hope you aren’t feeling bad about yourself if you aren’t raking billions. Think of it this way: At least you are raking old age, which is better than raking nothing at all. Happy 30th!



 Kiss your 20s goodbye and embrace your 30s. Now that you are thirty, I guess you must be thirsty. Let’s go quench your thirst in a bar.



 Abracadabra! Nope, it didn’t work! You’re still old. Enjoy your 30th birthday!



 Happy Birthday! The trailer load of candles is arriving soon.
Happy Birthday! The trailer load of candles is arriving soon.


 I can’t believe you are 40 already! I swear if old age had a face, I would punch it so hard for doing this to you. Happy birthday though!



 Happy 40th birthday! I can bet my bottom dollar that you never in your wildest dreams believed that you’d turn 40 so quickly.



 Don’t worry about getting older today. Look at the brighter side of life and take comfort in the fact that you are one of the youngest 40-year-olds in the world. Enjoy your 40s.


 They say you never grow up to your parents. However, at this age, I guess even your parents feel you are one heck of a grown-ass man/woman! Happy 40s.



 Happy 40th birthday, friend. I hope you’re not planning to blow off candles today, or we will need a trailer load of candles to represent your age.



 Happy birthday to my wonderful friend who is 40 years young today. Being 20 with 20 years of experience under your belt is nothing short of awesome!


 Today, it is with much regret that I inform you that that your thirties have just expired. Try to enjoy your 40s as much as possible. Happy birthday.



 It is your natural right to grow. It’s good to see you making use of this right to the fullest! Happy 40th birthday, my friend.


 Wishing a super-duper birthday to the coolest 40-year-old fart that I know. Don’t worry about turning 40, because in the world of Celsius you are just only 18. Enjoy your day.


One more thing that you must care about, making sure that you want to make your friend laugh with your joke and you don’t want to make a joke of your friend and laugh at him. Be careful while creating a joke for your Best friend, it must be of that kind that makes him happy over all of the worries and problems he got in his life.

Create such a joke that is worthy and that will not hurt his or her feelings and ultimately he or she enjoys your creation. The best people that one can be associated with are the ones who appreciate funny things in life.

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